About Us

Core Team

Chris Sanborn

Spending time in nature sourcing pure food and water gives us the best sustenance. It simultaneously incentivizes us to examine how we can protect and restore the earth’s endless beauty. These fundamentals are what inspires Chris as Executive Director.

In 2014 Chris realized even spring water available for purchase was ultra processed and typically stored in toxic plastic. He started sourcing his own water through a local spring located on Find A Spring and felt an immediate increase in Vitality. He started the Alive Water brand by providing his nearby community with jugs filled by hand. The business has evolved and now delivers fresh living spring water in reusable glass to over 2,000 families and businesses. Alive Water also designs and manufacturers the world’s best objects for collecting, transporting, and enjoying water. A portion of all profits goes directly into funding the Find A Spring Foundation, which he formed in 2020.

Chris strives to live immersed in nature, deepening an ever growing relationship. Growing exotic fruit trees, spearfishing, and of course discovering and collecting from springs are some of his favorite things. He also enjoys learning and teaching about blockchain and crypto-currency technologies. He believes these technologies will provide financial sovereignty and countless other redistributions of power necessary for humans to fully thrive.

Dakota Chanel

Dakota Chanel is an ordained water priestess, writer and educator.

She founded the Water Priestess Mystery School in 2019 which is a 6 month program that teaches women about the sacredness of water, water priestess arts, and divine feminine rites of passage. It is a part of a larger ministry out reach program that is currently in development. She also leads international women’s retreats. She has supported thousands of women in over 15 countries.

Dakota loves to be immersed in nature, especially the water. She is a mermaid at heart and you can often find her swimming or free diving in the ocean at home in Hawaii.

Warren Hellerud

Warren Co-founded the Anandamide raw & handmade chocolates shop in Long Beach, Ca 2012 – 2019, where they sourced wild harvested Arriba Nacional Ecuadorean cacao, thus supporting many small communities in Ecuador to thrive, and doing this in a way in harmony with the rainforest as well. 

From 2017 – present day, he is the North American Co-Founder of the International Kairao / Centro Awavãna organization, an indigenous amazonian organization that holds space for the spiritual study and cultural preservation / continuation of the traditional ways of the Yawanawa tribe of Acre, Brazil. 

Present Day – Director Of Operations @ Alive Water and Co-Founder of the Find A Spring 501c3 Organization 

Instagram – @wildgaeanwaters