Alive Water – Hierophany.

This was the first spring Chris and I harvested from back in around 2012, before we ever even knew what lay ahead for us on our path with the spring waters of the Earth. We would harvest 130 five gallons in the pouring rain and hail, freezing temperatures at 7500 ft above sea level… these memories we made are with me deep in my heart and I’m sure everyone who drank the spring water bak then as well were touched in this way. The Arctic Circle spring is super clean waters and ice cold! We recently went back to harvest from here for the Aniwa event, and was one of the most special things to do with Chris and Jens… we had a really good time those days and the water still coming out ice cold. Hopefully the community in Big Bear can have more access to this spring and can make it real clean and safe for others to harvest from. Give thanks! Deep bow!

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