How can I improve the springs I visit?

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Help clean up any trash you see.

If the spring isn’t directly on the road, help with trail maintenance by clearing the path, or provide trail direction indicators.

Sometimes springs need maintenance or installation of new collection and piping infrastructure.

If you are inspired, you can also bring gifts to the spring as a thank you for the water you gather. It supports a feeling of reciprocity. You can see when a spring is cherished in a community as often it has flowers or special stones decorating it. Some ideas of offerings are flowers, crystals, rocks, honey, essential oils, or resins like myrrh.

You can also offer gratitude with your voice. Singing or praising the water while you gather is a wonderful way to honor the spring. Please make sure that whatever you offer to the water is of the highest quality. It’s important that the flowers you offer are wild or organic as the ones from the store often contain herbicides and pesticides that can leech into the water.


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