Zamzam, Province 24231, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

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Islamic history states that the Zamzam Well was revealed to Hagar, the
second wife of Abraham and mother of Ismail. According to Islamic
tradition, she was desperately seeking water for her infant son, but she
could not find any, as Mecca is located in a hot dry valley with few
sources of water. Muslim traditions say that Hagar ran seven times back
and forth in the scorching heat between the two hills of Safa and
Marwah, looking for water. Getting thirstier by the second, Ismail
scraped the land with his feet, where suddenly water sprang out. There
are other versions of the story involving God sending his angel,
Gabriel, who kicked the ground with his heel and the water rose.

The name of the well traditionally comes from the phrase Zomë Zomë,
meaning ‘stop’, which, according to legend, was a command repeated by
Hagar during her attempt to contain the spring water.

According to Islamic tradition, Abraham rebuilt the Bait-ul-Allah
(“House of God”, cognate of the Hebrew-derived place name Bethel) near
the site of the well, a building which had been
originally constructed by Adem, and today is called the Kaaba, a
building toward which all Muslims around the world face in prayer, five
times each day. The Zamzam Well is located approximately 20 m (66 ft)
east of the Kaaba.

Minerals Mass concentration as reported by researchers at King Saud University:
Sodium 133 mg/L (4.8×10−6 lb/cu in)
Calcium 96 mg/L (3.5×10−6 lb/cu in)
Magnesium 38.88 mg/L (1.405×10−6 lb/cu in)
Potassium 43.3 mg/L (1.56×10−6 lb/cu in)
Bicarbonate 195.4 mg/L (7.06×10−6 lb/cu in)
Chloride 163.3 mg/L (5.90×10−6 lb/cu in)
Fluoride 0.72 mg/L (2.6×10−8 lb/cu in)
Nitrate 124.8 mg/L (4.51×10−6 lb/cu in)
Sulfate 124.0 mg/L (4.48×10−6 lb/cu in)
pH 8
Total dissolve alkalinity 835 mg/L (3.02×10−5 lb/cu in)

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