Ashwell Springs, Baldock, Hertfordshire, England

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The name Ashwell comes from the Anglo-Saxon ‘Aescewellan’, “aesc” meaning ash, “wellan” meaning well or spring.

The water which rises from Ashwell Springs feeds the River Rhee,
one of the main sources of the River Cam, which passes through the
centre of Cambridge. At Ely the River Cam joins the River Ouse and
flows out to sea at the Wash, 65 miles from Ashwell.

This clean water rises from several holes in the natural chalk
surrounding Ashwell village. The average flow is one and a third
million gallons a day (1,300,000 gallons), falling to less than a
million in September and October depending on the drought of the
previous summers. It is at its highest level in March and April.

The natural rate of flow is now affected by the local Water
Authority’s pumping station at Slip End on the other side of Claybush
Hill – south of Ashwell close to the A505 Letchworth to Royston road

This clean, mineral spring water is never more than 52°F


  1. Not sure what you were supposed to find with the postcode given here. The easiest way to find the spring is to go to the “Three Tuns” pub (nr 6 the High Street, SG7 5NL), and on the right hand side next to it you will see the steps leading down to the spring. Also, the rare wild life should be mentioned here. Apparently there are ‘eight species of flat worms and several small crab like crustaceans, which form their food’, see

  2. Has this spring been tested and is anyone drinking regularly from it? Would like to know more details.
    Many thanks.

    1. Fordhams was the most successful brewery in Ashwell; based in Mill Street it used water piped directly from the springs The brewery started up in the 1830s and finally closed in 1966.
      Whitbreads the final owners gave the springs back to the village in 1972.

      Fordhams produced beer from the water as did Whitbread so the source is plentiful even if it is regulated by the local Water Authority.
      Once a thriving local brewery had enough water to produce beer for Fordhams, and that source still remains.

      thee tuns pub co-ordiinates
      52 – 02’29.85 N
      0 – 08’58.85 W

      the spring is virtually opposite the three tuns pub.

      have been there and collected water myself.

  3. I’ve taken water from this spring twice now, and me, my wife and our little girl have gone through about 70 litres with no ill effect. Quite the opposite actually we all seem to be doing very well since we started drinking it. I tested some of the water from one of my bottles today with TDS-3 meter and got a reading of 325. A little higher than I would like but certainly not a dangerous reading. My tap water in St Albans was 360.

    I would like to get this water properly tested. Please get in touch (j.alliban at gmail d o t com) if you would like to contribute to the cost of a test (£130). If we can get 4+ people that would be great.

    Lastly, I recently discovered on that you can find springs on ordinance survey maps. They’re all over the place! I’ve discovered dozens in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and SE Oxford areas. I’m planning to go on a “spring hunt” in the coming month or so with a view to expand the offerings here. If any other spring freaks would like to join me you are more than welcome 🙂

    1. Hi James, I am surprised because my tap water reading in Hitchin is 266…unless my reader is not a good one.Did you manage to get it properly tested?

    2. Hi mate!

      Great info, did you manage to find any other sources of good use and are you still using this one?

      Looking for a good spring to collect water from myself, live in west London but happy to travel an hour-ish to get some good water atleast once every couple of weeks


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