Barton Spring, Bedfordshire, England

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Encompassed in the heart of White Clay Valley, this springs boasts excellent, clean and constantly flowing spring water. Surrounded by woodland and grassland it is also a wonderful place to go for a walk and connect with nature.

No fees, absolutely free.

Never closed, it is completely natural.

Walking from the church is it a 10-15 minute walk on one path. The path that you connecto to just after passice the grave site is a direct access point to the spring. Variations are available and each is as lovely a walk as the next.

Public access.
pH 7.3


  1. Visited this spring recently. I would suggest taking wellies with you as it is very muddy walking down to the spring. The water is gushing out and in the middle of a nature reserve and I cannot think of a better place to collect water.

    There are signs next to the spring saying the water is not for human consumption but I have been told by natural england that this is purely precautionary due to the water not being treated.

  2. It sounds as though this isn’t the best spring if you have 3 x 23 litre glass carboys to fill. Is there any way to drive close to it?

  3. I tried this spring back in February. While this spring is definitely worth a visit – water gushing out of several areas of rock and pipe, beautiful area – it is not really practical for those wishing to use it to collect a large amount of water as it is about 10-15 min walk over uneven terrain from the road. In addition, the TDS meter reading was around 420 PPM which is getting a little too close to undrinkable (500 PPM) for me.

    I would recommend Ashwell Springs for those collecting large quantities of water for regular consumption.

    1. pretty sure 400 ppm is pretty good considering evian is 3.5. and ph is 7.2 that is pretty much as good as its going to get.

      1. i am going to check ph plus ppm(e.c) this weekend. if checks are good then i will be using regularly. i will also check for any other bad contaminants and let you know the result.

  4. As the stream outfall is located directly below some intensive productive farmland then it’s not surprising to find that the nitrate levels are high at certain times of the year. NE do not advocate the drinking of these waters, not due to the lack of treatment but for the chemical residue for the fertilizer treatment happening 200ft above! There is no vehicular access to the site so visitors have to approach on foot.

  5. Note that this Barton spring was featured in the Daily Mail newspaper in April 2018 (Google it) and independent lab tests found it to contain high levels of nitrates (possibly from farmland-fertiliser runoff).

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