Caesars Well, Keston Ponds, Keston, Greater London, England


Posted: January 27, 2010

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Keston Ponds Keston
Greater London, England
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Great access. Beautiful woodland setting.

Additional info:

Nearest Address

Keston Ponds Keston

Directions from Nearest Address

From Keston Village ask for directions to Keston Ponds – its 1 minute away

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 140
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Caesars Well Map

Submitted by: Sally Harte

  1. Gregeory says:

    Is this water drinkable?It looks like a pond.

  2. Suki says:

    My friend & I drank from the spring today ~ we are both sick. I'd suggest having the waters tested before trying it yourself..

  3. dan says:

    Suki & Gregory, I have drunk water from this spring for an entire week and have a friend who only drinks water from this spring. Have you ever drunk spring water before? Cause if you are not used to it, your body making you ill maybe telling you something. Who said being sick is a bad thing?

  4. Suki says:

    Right! Having time to spare lying in bed cramping in pain, hovering over the pan waiting to puke or not being able to leave the house due to diarrhea is no bad thing.
    Yes I have drunk plenty of spring water before – all over the world. We only had a few mouthfuls of this..

  5. dan says:

    Sorry to hear that, that is not nice. Have you tested the water since?

  6. sally says:

    Theyve tried to build a little pond around where the spring comes up unfortuntely some leaves collect in it come autum. The springs constantly running strongly though – the water I fill into my bottles is as clear as a bell if I dont disturb the leaf layer – ive been drinking this water for a year without any problems at all. Im sorry to hear about sukis experience though

  7. Prem says:

    Anyone drinking from this right now? anyway i will try some of this, no other option near London it seems, its worth the risk and compared to the million of people who drink tap water how bad can it be, will let you know 🙂

    • Sally Harte says:

      Been drinking it for 2 years now – I love it – let me know and hopefully if you find it good too we can change the review : )

    • Jo_harmony says:

      There is a Spring in Wimbledon Common (my friend drinks from it regularly) and also one near Bisley (close to Woking, associated with the nearby St John the Baptist Church) which is very red from iron ore.  How easy is it to test the water and how?

      • bwilder71 says:

        Hi Jo

        May I please ask you for directions to the spring at wimbledon common?


        • Jo says:

          Hi Brian, I’ve only been there once with my friend and he led the way so I’m not exactly sure; I remember we entered Wimbledon Park near a Golf Course and when the path split into left and right I think we went left!  I did subsequently notice that there was a well marked on the OS map for Wimbledon in about the right place, so do have a look and I’ll speak to my friend and hope to get you better directions. Jo

          • Jo says:

            Hi again Brian,

            Here’s the response from my friend Christopher Street, his website is well worth looking at  He has a great book about the London Leylines (London Leylines: Pathways of Enlightenment) charting all the main leylines through the Capital and he has also mapped some amazing sacred geometry in London in his book Earthstars The Visionary Landscape, now re-titled as London City of
            Revelation. See Lulu website page.  Both books are also available at
            Watkins Books, 19-21 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ.

            Here’s what Chris had to say …

   looks interesting.  There are already sites like the Modern Antiquarian and Megalithic portal that list many sacred wells and springs, but of course they don’t focus on drinkability ! and some are not good anymore.

            Directions to the wimbledon well from the war memorial are;Head across the common to camp rd. Where it forks near the golf club, take the right fork to the end where there is a small car park and white cottage nearby.On North side of car park take the left path and the pine trees around the well will be visible in a couple of hundred yards or so.Also there’s –

            The Goodison fountain on Hampstead Heath. One of the sources of the river fleet.
            Chalybeate spring to the SE of Kenwood with fountain featuring a horned man ( green man of the woods). Follow the stream from the bathing pools north and you can get to it that way.

            Chris also runs an Earthstars SG1 Google Group for anyone feeling guided to work personally with the sacred sites, energies and sacred geometry; to join email Chris. 

          • Bwilder71 says:

            Thanks heaps Jo

            I let u know how I get on.


          • Bwilder71 says:

            Hi Jo

            Thanks for messaging me back.

            I eventually found the Wimbledon well but unfortunately it was dry (including the outlet 20 yards from it). Just wanted to see if you knew of any other natural springs in London.


          • Elidabob says:

            Hi. It dried up during the summer but I went yesterday and the water was great! It makes you feel alive.

  8. Kieranmurphy says:

    Prem, how did you get on?

  9. joseph94 says:

    Currently i know 5 people who are drinking this water regularly and thriving off of it – one review has made it sound like a bad spring unfortunately : ( – please go there yourself

  10. Lara says:

    I have collected water from this spring twice and have been OK.
    How often do you collect this water, is it OK to let it sit for a month?

    • Sally Harte says:

      I collect it monthly still but I store it in a dark cool garage under cover – i think thats the key – ive drunk it and its still been perfect after 3 months before – however just for caution i wouldnt go any longer than this and always check it : )  4 years drinking this water now – love the spring : ) no or very little calcium content in it – kettle looks brand new still : )

  11. Renee says:

    Sally introduced me to this well and I haven’t looked back since then (6months ago)…the water is crystal clear and tastes sooooo much better than anything I’ve ever tasted. This is my first time with fresh spring water and despite having a very sensitive digestive system, I’ve had no problems with it at all. The spring feeds to the two ponds so when you go make sure you fill from the running stream above the ponds.

  12. Joanna says:

    This water is incredible! Im on cloud 9 drinking it and feel more hydrated than ever….the well was quite easy to find but unknown but locals. Enjoy x

  13. Jim Coles says:

    Is this spring still good to drink?

  14. Jim says:

    Hi we took water from here last week (October 2012)

    The water tested for 195 ppm on a TDS meter and has a ph of 6.5 we hav drank a glass each with no problems.

    I say this review should be changed.

    It is worth noting that we collected the water at the flowing stage as opposed to the pool that collects at the source

  15. Melanie says:

    I discovered this spring 2 months ago and I have been re-visiting it every week. The water tastes lovely and I feel more energised and have clearer skin from drinking it. It does look like a pond but that’s where the water bubbles up into. I catch the water when it starts to flow. I’ve never had any problems with it 🙂 maybe the person who felt sick was having a bit of a clear-out?

    It’s a bit tricky to find: aim to get to the car park where Keston common is, and it’s just down the stairs in one corner of the car park

  16. Bo Wong says:


    Has anyone been to this spring recently and also the one in Wimbeldon?

    Thanks Bo 🙂

    • Umaymah says:

      Hi Bo,

      Have you had any luck testing out these springs? I’m trying to find a clean healthy source of water near me.

      Does anyone know any springs near to Harrow (Harrow on the Hill)?

      Thanks everyone 🙂

  17. Yuri says:


    I have been there yesterday, the water is fantastic! Pure magic. The best way to test it – try it and then try bottled water or a tap one!

  18. Abby says:

    I visited the well this afternoon. The water is very clear and there were only a few floating particles on the surface. I tasted the water and it was nice. I dipped my tds meter in the well and it read 146 ppm. I also tested the water further down that flows onto the steps on the way to the pond and it read 163 ppm (with some fluctuations). I did not taste the water there as it was not easy to get to and it appeared to have more sand/sediments within it. I collected two litres of water from the well. As long as you avoid the floating particles, there is little trouble collecting the water, though it is rather cold.

    I found the directions given difficult to find on Google Maps and I had to refer to another website (Megalithic).

    I took the 320 bus to Keston Ponds and I walked across the road to the car park (the bus stop itself is situated on the side of a narrow road with no pavement and only a broken curb). There are stairs to the right, just after the entrance, and the well is located at the bottom.

    For those wanting to visit other springs in London; I have been to Caesar’s Well and Spring in Wimbledon and the Goodison Fountain on Hampstead Heath this week.

    The Spring in Wimbledon (the well is dirty due to the spring beneath it having dried up over a century ago) is not flowing at it’s full capacity, I believe, however there is enough water to drink and fill bottles. The water has little to no taste and is clear. I tested it today and it was 97 ppm. That is lower than Volvic water which is 109 ppm. I collected over 6 litres this morning.

    The Goodison Fountain has a high iron content so there is a lot of copper coloured staining on the ground and drain of the fountain. It has very distinctive metallic taste and it also smells strong. I tested this water today, a day after I collected it, when it was orange, and it read 357 ppm. I read that it, like many other springs and wells, had medicinal properties. Iron is important for the blood, especially if you suffer from anaemia. The water did have some cloudiness when I collected it. I cannot be certain that it is good for drinking because iron is also used by bacteria. I intend to have the water tested further to see if there is anything other than iron in the water.

    I will submit both springs, with clear directions and images.

    • sophie stewart says:

      This Hampstead spring is near me and I stopped drinking as I was not sure it is safe- did you test it? I am guessing it can only be drunk same day?

  19. Gemma says:

    hey, i am new to spring water drinking and as yet have not done it in this country. I live in Richmond so pretty near Wimbledon common and was wondering if any of you could get in touch and offer me some guidance and advice?

  20. ANDREW TAILOR says:

    I’ve been visiting Caesar’s well since I discovered it while on a group hike. My friend, Attila, and I gasped when we came upon the cirulare stone structure and the etheric quality sparkling fromt he well. WE immediately bent downinreverence and spooned a few handfulls of water into our mouth. The rest of the group commented on how crazy we were to be drinking that water-we knew we were onto something! I subsequently confirmed our prediction asking a local named Bill who had drunk from the spring for many years. You can read more about it and also plan an afternoon out by clicking on this meet-up than I had organized in 2012:

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