Shelley Well, Farnhill, North Yorkshire, Keighley, BD20

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May also be known as St Helens Well? This is the name of the stone trough fed by the spring. I don’t know the name of the spring itself if it has one. The spring is located in the village of Farnhill (just outside Keighley) on Main Street in front of a house called “Spout House”. I bumped into the lady who lives in the house when I fist visited the spring, she was friendly and didn’t seem to mind or be surprised by me wanting to collect water from the spring. Though she said she didn’t drink it because she has a tap in her kitchen!?! She said she’d lived there for years and never known it not to be flowing. She also said the house had been there since 1610 and the spring was there before the house. She said people often fill their bottles from it on the way past. The water tastes really good and clean, it’s very clear, though I’ve only had chance to drink around 10 litres so far. It was flowing at a rate of roily 4.5 ltrs per minute when I visited. There is also another just round the corner, in front of another house, I don’t know anything about this one but I have drunk around 5litres of water form of it and seems just the same. I’ll include a couple of photos of this one. As you look at Shelley Well it’s to the right and round the corner.


  1. Water was nice. Was a little difficult to locate at first. I got lost in a nearby village somehow, and then couldnt get on to the right lane for the well.

    Main issue was the flow, I had to leave without filling my main can because it would have taken too long. Might just have been the time of year.

  2. We went to find this, living in Italy previously we are used to springs everywhere , but this spring was a tiny trickle and couldn’t get any water from it, maybe it is faster at other times? would love to know of another spring near by where we can collect with bottles. Lovely area, we went on 1st may 2017

  3. Visited this spring after a period of heavy rain, September 5th 2017, and it was still only a trickle and not very clear. I spoke to a local chap who lived next door and said the flow or quality hasn’t been the same since utility works were carried out on the road above. He also mentioned rats. I fear this spring is no longer good to go.

  4. We went after a dry spell to find the water was a little trickle. On the advice of a local it’s best to go after a rain fall as it greatly improves the water flow. That being said the water is delicious and well worth a return journey.

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