Hampstead Heath-Goodison Fountain, London NW3 7JR


Posted: November 13, 2014

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Kenwood House, Hampstead Lane
London NW3 7JR
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TRANSPORTATION:  25 minute walk from Hampstead Heath OVERGROUND, and 30m. walk from Hampstead TUBE (Northern or black Line).  Also bus 24 takes 35 m. from where Oxford street meets Tottenham Court Road (Stop C) (suggested).

The spring is NOT located at Kenwood House,Hampstead Lane, London NW3 7JR, but that is the closest Post code reference.  Use the seven ponds on the eastern side of Hampstead Heath as your reference.  The spring feeds these ponds and is uphill from them.  Make your way to the furthest NE corner of the park.  Follow the hedge thick with trees down hill or South.
Just before you hit tarmac you’ll see a clay colored “well-looking “structure around the spring, with water shooting out of a tube.  This is
known to be very metallic water.  You can see and smell the iron in it.  I’ve been drinking the water for 5 years.  Personally I think that
it could be unhealthy to live off drinking only this water due too its high metal content, though who does that?  I visit the spring 1-2 times a
month and bring back 10 L in 2 jugs.  I “cut” my water with this spring water 1:5.  So in a 5L jug 4 L will be filtered and re-energized water
and 1 L spring.  This is only my method that works for me, so please do what best suits you.  Other observations are that wild foraging is
amazing and lush just downhill from the spring.  Bathing in the ponds means you are bathing in the spring water.  During the summer I often bring a hose, connect it to the tap and spray my-self down after a nice walk in the Heath. Enjoy!


  1. Anne says:

    thank you for your feedback on the well! We were searching for one in London, and really surprised to see so few – actually only 1 in London (the other in Croydon!).

    So, thanks again.

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