Monte Prata’s Spring (Sibillini Mountains) Strada Provinciale 136 Italy

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Old spring located on the left heading towards Castelluccio coming from Visso. It is located at the highest point that the road stretches (1,496M). This fine specimen of a structured, living water has an alkalinity of 8.2, the TDS is 86 and measures a cool 3.9 degrees (celcius, which is 39 far) in the summer. This spring holds a dear place in my family’s hearts as she was introduced to us by my late, great “father-in-law” (I’m not married) two years ago with my daughter and partner who was 7 months pregnant with our baby boy who from before birth has been fuelled by this pure haven of health. It’s quite funny really because Rafael in Hebrew means “It is God who heals”, “God Heals”, “God, Please Heal” and he is the only baby I know like that, no vaccines and only ever has “sick” like symptoms is when he’s eating non-organic meats and/or dairy and has excess mucus from the anti-biotics and all the other junk that they get fed. Anyway if I do say so (I may be bias) he does look almost angelically pure and everybody who sees him say something along those lines I’m know that it’s the water.
Keep up the great work everybody out there on this big sphere of Love that we call Earth who is actively submitting springs and spreading the good word in their own way.
Love from the family Rafael, Zoe, Claudia and Gavin.



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