Spring Place Paul Verlaine, Paris, France


Posted: December 13, 2013

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Place Paul Verlaine
Paris 75013
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The spring is right in front of the public swimming pool at 5 place Paul Verlaine. (Piscine de la Butte aux Cailles)

Get off at Metro Place Italie and walk down rue Bobillit. Place Paul Verlaine is right next to Square Henri Rousselle.
Also possible to get off at Metro Tolbiac or Corvisart. 
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  1. josephine mackerras says:

    Hello, there’s a fabulous spring in the 18th in paris. I posted all the details with a photo, but it’s still not on the site?
    could you advise please?

  2. josephine mackerras says:

    These spring in paris have been drilled for, so i gather this makes them well water? Although the water does not need a pump… I’m a bit confused as I know well water is not good to drink as it’s not ready like spring water. Wondering if this water is good..?

  3. LaSirene says:

    Both springs (13th and 18th) come from the same aquifer. I live in Paris and here’s what I learned. The Albian is not a common water table. It is exceptional in its size and the quality of its waters, to the point that it constitutes a strategic reserve in case of serious crises (100-year flood, nuclear accident). “Immense – 84.000 km² – it extends over the entire Paris Basin, from Champagne to Normandy and from Picardy to La Beauce. In the Paris region, it is 600 meters deep, protected by a layer of clay that secures a very pure water in exceptional quantity: 425 billion cubic meters “, explains Baptiste Lorenzi, head of the underground pole in the water department of Driee *. It is a very old water – 10,000 years – which, sandwiched in its gangue of clay and marl, is put under pressure and produces an artesian effect. Warm, between 18 ° and 36 ° C, it recharges very slowly. “Its great advantage is to be a living and sustainable aquifer that is renewed on a geological scale,” says Philippe Vigouroux, a hydrogeologist at BRGM.

    The tablecloth of Albien is unknown to the Parisians. Some observant Parisians, however, know that three fountains are fed by this wonderful tablecloth: at Butte-aux-Cailles, Place Paul-Verlaine (13th), square Lamartine (16th), square Madonna (18th). “At the Butte-aux-Cailles, many people fill their bottles with this fresh water drawn at 610 m, fresh on the surface, slightly mineralized and rich in iron.The fountains are equipped with a system that regulates the quantity in order to make water clean for consumption, “says Célia Blauel, Deputy Mayor of Paris and President of Eau de Paris.

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