Wimbledon Spring, London, SW19 4UL

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Excellent quality water.


  1. This lovely spring is known as Caeasar’s Well and is in a really special spot next to a bunch of massive pine trees which produce glorious cones for painting at Christmas! The water runs into a sort of stone trough and is easily accessible.

    1. Can you take your bottles to fill up, is it easily accessible? Is it free? Is there parking near by and is it a long walk from the car?

      1. Hi Sasa,
        Did you ever visit this spring? I have the same questions as you and would like to go this weekend so would love to know whether you have already experienced it and what you found.
        Thank you

  2. Just filled about 40 bottles from standpipe just below the well, flowing beautifully and 3 mins or so from car parking so a good little workout;) don’t be deceived by the mucky well, spring is flowing just fine – glad I did a bit more research after reading comments here and gave it a chance!! Another website https://insearchofholywellsandhealingsprings.com/source-first-series-contents/caesars-well-wimbledon-common/ had a bit more info and I thought I’d chance it!

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