Bethesda Spring, Ontario, Canada


Off the side of the road on the north side. Two orange “attention” signs posted on two old wood posts. A wooden plank is visible on the side of the road. It’s this plank that you cross. A short walk on a small trail brings you to the spring.


  1. The map in the background is way off. This spring is between the settlements of Bethesda and Lemonville to the North West. It is right in the middle of farm country and is nested perfectly between Lakes Huron and Ontario Watersheds, meaning that this is the most uphill water in the area. Waters are coming out of a metal pipe and are very cold; of slight marshy flavour. Does neither seem to have any odour of minerals nor saltiness of flavour. On the road itself, there are pretty annoying ditches, meaning roadside parking for larger vehicles can prove tricky. The trail to the spring seems quite used. Sincerest thanks goes out to those maintaining the access.

  2. has anyone tested this water i am curious as to what the readings are? i used a pool tester to test the ph and if it had bromine and the results were better then tap water.

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