Elmvale Spring, Elmvale, Ontario, Canada


Hwy 27 (Yonge St N), just before Flos 10 Rd East.
Elmvale, Ontario L0L 1P1
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This is one of most desirable & valued springs in all of Southern Ontario. Elmvale is central to one of the world’s most pristine aquifers & this is considered by many to be among the finest, purest, cleanest natural spring water worldwide. The people in this area truly understand how lucky they are & are trying hard to protect it.

Currently, a developer is attempting to put in a waste dump site near the spring. This site consists of digging down and draining part of the aquifer to create space for more waste. This will ultimately lead to the contamination of the aquifer in the area, making not only this public spring undrinkable, but also the majority of the well water that people drink and use in the area. Regardless of whether or not you will drink from this spring, please sign this petition and keep Elmvale’s Purest Aquifer clean!!! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/stop-dump-site-41

Additional info here, here, and here.

Nearest Address

Hwy 27 (Yonge St N), just before Flos 10 Rd East.

Directions from Nearest Address

This is a public roadside flow, just past Elmvale, on the East side of Hwy 27 (Yonge St N), just before Flos 10 Rd East.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 142
  • Temp: 7.5 C
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:




Map Link: Elmvale Spring Map

Submitted by: Mo Rosati, Kevin

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Posted: July 27, 2009

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  1. Ken says:

    Has someone heard of and/or know the location of a spring located on Gill Road, north of Midurst, Ontario?


    • T. Tuttle says:

      Ken, Yeah I was just at the spring today, and trying to find out if there is any report on the water quality for it.

      We took a sample, I guess we will figure out how to get it tested. We live nearby. T. Tuttle

  2. sofreeroots says:

    I was so excited to get water from the Elmvale spring in Sept 09. I drank one glass and quite soon felt my stomach become unsettled. I had to take a few natural remedies (frankincense, oregano, lugol's iodine) the rest of the day into the evening before my stomach settled down. I'm afraid some damage has already been done to this spring by the Site 41 dump construction. I won't be getting more water from this spring, but heard there's another spring in Elmvale beside the zoo. I'll be trying this water this coming weekend.

  3. Bob says:

    Thanks for the review sofreeroots. Sorry to hear about your Gastrointestinal disturbance. Hopefully that spring you will try near the Elmvale Zoo will have no faecal coliform bacteria present. Good luck – just in case, you had better bring your natural remedies along to be on the safe side.

  4. Bob says:

    Thanks for the review sofreeroots. Sorry to hear about your Gastrointestinal disturbance. Hopefully that spring you will try near the Elmvale Zoo will have no faecal coliform bacteria present. Good luck – just in case, you had better bring your natural remedies along to be on the safe side.

  5. Kevin says:

    That's interesting to hear. I've been drinking from this spring from the spring – fall of 2009 and started again in Feb. of 2010 – with no problems. Actually with benefits of feeling much more hyrdrated and energetic.
    Hope you can access another spring that does your body good! Cheers!

  6. Dorothy says:

    I just tried the water at this site – it has a high sulfur smell to it, but otherwise the taste was fine. I've consumed almost 5 L of the water since Saturday with no G.I. complaints.

  7. Landy says:

    Visited this spring for the first time yesterday. Collected about 15 litres to take home. The water does have a sulphuric smell to it, but from what I read online, it’s typical. My household has consumed about 8 litres since yesterday, and we are all fine. Tonight, I discovered that ALL odor and taste can be removed from the water by simply bringing it to a rapid boil and then chilling it in the fridge. It’s wonderful to have access to such mineral-rich, natural water. I’m thrilled by the experience.

  8. Lawrence says:

    Is the so called sulfur smell from this water bad for you? and why would this be if Mo Rosati said this is one of the world’s most prestine and pure water natural sources?

  9. Landy says:

    Does anyone know if/where the spring’s test results are posted?

  10. Nate says:

    Can someone confirm that this spring is still in operation? And is as clean as is commonly discussed? I’d like to make a trip from Toronto.

  11. Arianna says:

    I found word about this spring on National Geographics website, which called this the purest water in the world. Article was written back in June 2011.


  12. Arianna says:

    Sorry, Canadian Geographic.

  13. Landy says:

    Nate, recently, this spring received a big update. It has all new taps and is now enclosed inside a much more accessible shelter that looks like a red barn. I was there this afternoon, and it’s going strong.

  14. Gillian says:

    I visited this spring in Sept 2014 and had the water tested – it came back with a score of 0 (no significant evidence of bacterial contamination; total coliform <5, E. coli = 0)

  15. Mark says:

    I took the drive up from Vaughan which was about an hour and the site was very easy to located, you can see just south of the pin location the shoulder of the road has been expanded to accommodate vehicles. There is a red barn as Landy mentions with three taps for easy filling. Will definitely be making the trip more often.

  16. R.G says:

    Filled up some bottles for the first time yesterday. I talked to a few locals who use the spring regularly. They swear by it. There is a small sulphur smell but by leaving the cap off the bottle for a few hours much of the smell goes away. I have been feeling wonderful since drinking this live water. My body must have been starving for the minerals. I will call the city tomorrow to get an update on the latest testing results and will post. If this spring had issues we would hear about it. Ontario has the strictest water testing in the world.


  17. Angel says:

    This spring is still flowing strong. I collected water from it 1 1/2 weeks ago. Have been drinking it the entire time with no adverse effects. Water is crystal clear. There is a sulphur smell initially but I just left the jars/bottles open for a day once I got home and smell disappeared. Water tastes great. Next time I go up, I will get a tds reading (my meter just arrived!)

  18. Shazz says:

    Elmvale Springs 🙂 has anyone tested it thos year…is it safe to drink?

    • Helen says:

      I live in Elmvale and think the dump site moved to East of Horseshoe. Its still drink able I guess. People still takes water from the spring.

  19. Roseann says:

    Love this spring water. It’s very easily accessible and has a covered roof for those rainy days. There are 3 taps flowing. I’ve talked to locals there that have been drinking it for over 20 years and swear by it. It makes for a lovely country drive too!

  20. BRAD says:

    Spring is still going strong just filled up 3 blue water jugs .water still has a high sulfur smell but still tastes great would be nice to get a report back as to all of the dissolved minerals Etc

  21. Sheila Calhoun says:

    I’ve been drinking only this water since September 2017. Haven’t noticed and smells and it tastes as delicious and pure as any water can be. I live in Orillia now but never use tap water for cooking or for drinking.

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