Gorge Road Spring, New Brunswick


Posted: September 5, 2013

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Gorge Road and Front Mountain Road
Moncton, NB
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Not much parking, but not usually busy.

  1. Danielle says:

    We visited the Gorge Road Spring in Moncton in August 2016 and filled up our water jugs here. The pinned location on the map is accurate.

    There is a government sign in front of the spring that says the water is not tested which put us off at first, but we waited a few minutes and there was a steady stream of locals coming to fill up their water jugs who said they’ve been drinking the water for years with no problems. We didn’t have any problems after drinking the water either.

    Locals park on the same side of the road as the spring. There’s a wide shoulder across the street but there are no parking signs there.

  2. Tanya Roy says:

    I’ve been going to this spring my whole life(I’m 42) and so does my family. Its the most thirst quenching water you will ever drink and it tastes clean.

  3. Matthew says:

    Visit this spot frequently, appears it’s either shut down for the winter or it may have dried up.

  4. Paul says:

    Is there another spring arround Moncton? This one on Gorge Road is not working now.

  5. Annette Legacy says:

    The pipe is gone ????. I wonder if someone would know how to put it back in. Please

  6. J. Seritoga says:

    There are certain ones who have been trying over the years to stop locals and visitors from using the spring on the Gorge road..It seems that with the pandemic someone has gone up there and buried the pipe. They seem to think the lousy sour city water is safer to use in the pandemic….I mean come on saying the spring water might have Covid-19 is like saying everyone’s personal well would be contamated….Some of these people are as crazy as it comes…And so there is not more Natural Springwater on the Gorge road. But there is Dirty Moncton city water… If anyone know of another site where there is spring water like this please feel free to send my an email telling me where….And I will also let anyone know if I find another spring water outlet in the area.

  7. Grace says:

    Opened again!

    I was there about a month ago and it was running.

    Only a few minutes from hwy.
    Lots of room to park across the road in the pull-off area.

    I love this water… tastes fresh and clean

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