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Posted: November 7, 2010

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750 University Ave.
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 1A1
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Continuous. It is a bit of a hike (~10 minute walk) from the nearest parking lot at the trail’s entrance, so not the most convenient for carrying large water bottles.

Nearest Address

750 University Ave.

Directions from Nearest Address

Follow path along river until it goes to narrow dirt path through grass. Continue to follow this, and you will see spring on edge of forest.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 1000
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 7

Hours Spring is Open:



Submitted by: AndrewTDI

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  1. Springbird says:

    Anyone have and information on this spring? Is it sexy?

    • Dthoresen76 says:

      Follow the gravel trail until it reaches the wooded area, and trail loop.  There walk the wooded trail about 500 m up an incline, until you see a usually dry, rainfall run off stream bed.  Walk down the hill towards the river, it’s at the forests’ edge. 

  2. Mark says:


    I’m going to hunt this place down, I will take a picture and measure the Total dissolved solids with my TDS meter, then I’ll drink it until I pee my pants! WOO!

    jj I wont pee, but I will send you the TDS reading and photo Daniel!
    Thanks for this site what a great idea.

  3. Mark says:

    I went here today to try and find this spring but no luck…
    Can anybody help me out here!?
    A picture would be a great help..
    Once I find it I will take a video so Daniel can embed it for others to find.


    • jacqueline says:

      I used to go there years ago and couldnt remember how to get there. Found out …take University Ave N, just past lexington watch on the right for sign, you may miss it (a bit hidden) Can park car down hill at entrance. Will likely go there this month May 2015. Is a very peaceful spot to relax and enjoy nature, or at least it was years ago.

  4. Kyle says:

    I visited the spring yesterday and measured a TDS of ~1000 ppm and pH of 7. It is a bit of a hike (~10 minute walk) from the nearest parking lot at the trail’s entrance, so not the most convenient for carrying large water bottles from either. I haven’t done a compositional analysis of the water, but the high TDS coupled with the inconvenience factor does not make this spring an appealing option. Definitely a beautiful walk along the river though!

  5. Tomb says:

    I remember this spring from about 20 years ago, and haven’t seen it since.
    I was at Kaufman Flats a few weeks ago and remembered the spring, but thought it may have been taken out as there has been much development at the top of the hill.

  6. Seraph says:

    Please provide a detailed guide on how to find this spring. I was unable to locate it following these directions. A picture would be beneficial as well, thank you. And thank you to those who have included this spring on the site-I can’t wait to see it for myself!

  7. chrissie says:

    I know this trail pretty well. I’m going to check it out tomorrow to see if I can find the spring.. I think it may be in a spot much nearer to the bridge at the beginning of the stonedust trail.

  8. Tomb says:

    I found the spring yesterday, I brought my GPS but the battery died (next time I’ll be prepared).

    From the parking area, walk across the foot bridge to the gravel path.
    Take the gravel path to the end, you will see the path do a loop.

    Keep along the river there is a narrow grass path, follow that.
    On the river side you will notice concrete break walls or mounds (what ever you want to call them).

    Once on the narrow grass path you will pass two of the concrete mounds,
    at which point there will be a fork in the path.  Once you get to that fork,
    you will notice a pile of large rocks on the right side just inside the tree line.

    The spring is at those rocks.

  9. Tomb says:

    N43d 30′ 05″
    W80d 29′ 27″

    Look for the pile of rocks at the edge of the forest.

  10. DD says:

    I had the water tested in Nov 2012 by ALS labs in Waterloo. No bacteria and the water is high in calcium, magnesium, silicon, strontium and sodium. I tested the TDS and it was 745 and the pH was 7. I didn’t test the temperature but the water is very cold.

  11. Jessica says:

    Has anyone been lately? Is it still safe? Should the fact that there has been development close by be something to be cautious about? There isn’t any harmful bacteria or anything like that in it?

    • jacqueline says:

      I was there last yr but this yr couldnt remember how to get there…now I know: down University N, just past Lexington on the right. Hope ithis secret relaxing spot hasnt been taken over by loud people. Used to be perfect spot to sit and relax and enjoy nature

  12. James says:

    I was here like 2 months ago and I was fine drinking it. But I didn’t test it with anything to be sure.

  13. TOMB says:

    I was there this past weekend and had a drink. I’m still alive.
    I have a photo, will see how to post it.

  14. Kyle says:

    Took the family down today and found it pretty easily. Head out the south end of the parking lot across the bridge.

    Water looks and tastes great. Took 8L home.

  15. hugh says:

    I once was visiting some friends at a summer camping trailer park in the kitchener(?) area. Across the road from the seasonable trailer park was a spring where people would get water. This was ~ 15 years ago. This trailer park was adjacent to a river (grand, I assume). This was my first visit to the area and I no longer remember where the park or spring is – does anyone from the area know where it is? thx all

  16. Donna says:

    We found this spring today and took some photos. Temp was 7.4 ℃. Taking a sample to a lab to have tested. Stay tuned!

  17. Donna says:

    We found this spring and did some testing this past week. Temp was 7.4 ℃. TDS was 520 ppm. We took a sample into the public health lab and it came back 0 coliforms and 0 E coli. Thrilled to find this so close to home! If anyone is having trouble finding it my guess is they haven’t walked far enough. Looking at the satellite picture, it is at the edge of the woods where the river makes a 90d turn – quite a ways south from the Kaufman flats parking lot. I took a few photos I would be happy to submit … if someone can let me know how to do that.

    • Thanos says:

      Was the sample tested for any other contaminants/toxins?

    • Jason says:

      This is great. I drink this water all the time and was considering getting it tested. How do you get water tested?

    • daniela says:

      thank you so much for taking the time to test the water & post the results, donna! 🙂 … have you been drinking it since you collected it & have you noticed no ‘adverse’ effects? 🙂 thank you! 🙂

    • Tomb says:

      Just curious, which lab did you take it to? I was wanting do do the same with this spring, just didn’t know where to take it.

      • Donna says:

        Hi Tom. Public Health labs test well water for free, and you can use the same testing for spring water. In Waterloo Region the easiest location is 99 Regina. Pick up sample bottles (every one has detailed instructions) and drop off at the reception desk.

    • Rob says:

      Great to hear! My wife and I are moving to kitchener in March, and I was worried about whether I’d find a spring as good as the one at Chalk Lake and Lake Ridge in Durham. Will have to buy a wagon with offloading tires to get my big 7gal containers to it…

      Thanks for the info, Donna!

  18. Rachel says:

    Went to this spring today, go downriver and across the bridge. You’ll get to the end of the path, and see a pile of rocks on the right at the foot of another path leading up a hill. There is the spring. Water tastes great.

  19. Nick says:

    I just wanted to give an update on this spring. I had it tested this week and it came back 0 coliforms and 0 ecoli.

  20. Connor says:

    I just got back now from this spring. Wow I’m exhausted.

    I trekked up there from London. First I went to buy grass fed organic beef from a local farmer’s shop, which is 20-30 minutes from Waterloo. Then I went to collect my mail from my address in Waterloo last year (was a student at Laurier.) So much sadness going back. Normally when I went from London to Waterloo it was going back to a place I built many memories at and to continue on that same path after visiting my folks for a weekend. Now it was just to visit but not go to school. It was so weird like I was stuck in a time warp and there was nothing I could do about it. That’s the best I can put it. I felt like crying and a large part of that came from the fact that I had so much potential and could’ve had so much more fun, but I didn’t. Likely because of my deep rooted self esteem issues at the time. The thought of missing out when you didn’t have to had it not been for your own mental self which was always an uphill battle coming from an extremely physically abusive household is hard to come to terms with. Everyday I’d try to chip away a little bit I just wish it was fast enough that I could have thoroughly enjoyed university the way I envisioned. But then again time is the best teacher, can’t speed everything up all the time I guess. I wish I knew everything about this mental game that I do now. Especially at a place like freaking Laurier! Oh well still lots of good experiences and thoughts even while I didn’t do much in the way I envisioned on the extracurricular or fun side. Gotta keep things in perspective. I’ve improved lots in my effort to overcome my upbringing, and still look back positively on my time there.

    It’s because of all this I started this journey in the first place. So maybe with effort you can make the saying things happen for the better true.

    Ah right about the spring: I was honestly not expecting that much damn work. So first off to get there you drive past Lexington on University and take the first available right after Lexington. You’ll see in the parking lot a big board highlighting everything about where things are (which some doofus graffitied over). There’s a trail right along that board. Follow the trail until you see a tree stump blocking your path. Either go above or under it. Don’t have to jump or anything crazy. Then after that keep following the trail and the path will diverge, letting you go forward or to the right. Turn right and you’ll see the spring right away.

    So this whole ordeal of walking to the spring from the start of the trail takes 10 minutes. That’s a lot. Might not seem like much but read on. It doesn’t help that the path is a bit rough.

    I wanted my money’s worth so I took two 5 gallon carboys. I underestimated how difficult the logistics of this would be. First, there is not much space underneath the “tap” (is that the term?) making it impossible to fit a carboy under there. So then I tried to dig a little using a hand held mini steel rake which made a small difference but not nearly enough for a carboy. It made enough of a difference to make it easier to fit in my 4l bottle from Circle K a little easier. So I filled it, and dumped it into the carboy. That took a while but the water looked so beautiful as it flowed from the bottle to the carboy. We need to dig deeper in the area the water fall into so that someone can easily put a carboy under there. Who wants to take a 10 minute walk after getting there just to get only 4 litres of water, especially coming from far. Would require a shovel and at least two people.

    And then carrying it back. I’ll admit I seriously underestimated how difficult this would be. I’m a fairly strong enough guy (was gonna say healthy but most of us aren’t with the tap water we drink and the refined carbs and sugars we consume), used to go to the gym a lot though haven’t in a year, maybe two. Still in okay shape. I thought it would be easy carrying it back. Oh just a 10 minute walk right? I wish. I didn’t do the calculation until just now but 5 gallons of water is 40lbs and change! So I was carrying 80lbs of water, maybe plus a few. I also did not want to pollute so was carrying back my 4l empty bottle and my mini steel rake in my pocket.

    When you exercise what’s the weakest link? Your forearms/grip! I had no problem with walking with the weight or running with it. My legs are not sore. Your forearms are very tiny muscles compared to the rest of your body.

    So I’d walk with it a little but would have to set it down because my forearms gave out, meaning my biceps took over, and when they were giving out my traps were taking over. All very small muscles compared to the bigger muscle groups. It took me 40 minutes to carry the jugs back. 35 if very very conservative. Woulda been much longer had I not had the genius idea of running with the car boys instead of waking so as to maximize the amount of distance covered by the time my forearms gave out. Also have to watch your ankles.

    My legs are not sore one bit but I was struggling to turn my car on Lol! That’s how gassed my forearms were.

    10 gallons of water is about 36 litres of water though so maybe it lasts me a month which wouldn’t be too bad.

    As for the taste, it tastes good. It was my first time going to collect and sample spring water so I have no point of reference. Taste was good enough but wow did I feel really good when I put my hands under the tap and applied some on my face. It reminded me of how washing my face sometimes felt as a child. Everything is more fun as a kid so it’s nice to feel those feelings again.

    It smelled pretty good too once you actually bottled it and it wasn’t affected by the mud and rocks. Going to get it tested in London. Idk what place is quickest and easiest though for that. Have been drinking it a little and it tastes good.

    6-7 other cars, none of them were carrying jugs so I don’t think they knew about it. No one was at the spring.

    If I were to go again I’d probably take a toboggan and put the carboys on there to pull though that makes it tougher on the legs.

    Would I go there again? No probably not to collect water. It’s too much of a hassle even if it is the closest seemingly drinkable spring water from London.

  21. Connor says:

    Picked up test results today.

    12 coliform per 100ml
    1 E Coli per 100ml

    Not safe for consumption based on those results.

    Can’t say I’m that surprised. Didn’t taste the greatest and the way it was all set up I can see how it can come in contact with the external elements.

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