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Posted: November 4, 2009

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22 South & William Coulee Road
Longview, Alberta T0L 1H0
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From Calgary take the Okotoks exit from Deerfoot 2 onto 2A take it to 7 and go eight on 7. Turn left at the STOP sign in BlackDiamond (follow 22 south) then you pass Bar U ranch with the big cowboy sign! Then you will go for 10 min. Or so and you will find the 786 with the green William Coulee Rd sign you know that you’re at the right spot if you go over a cattle guard/ramp thing… The spring will be on your left side of the road up the hill a little bit. You will know you found it as there is a long pipe. It’s been piped and all I know is that I have talked to natives and lots of people and its been there all year round for 20 years or more… always ice cold.

Nearest Address

22 South & William Coulee Road

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Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Longview Spring Map

Submitted by: Tonya Cole Lightfoot

  1. Jake says:

    Anyone drink from this lately?

  2. Daniel says:

    Yes. I was there while it was -25 outside. Nothing but clean beautiful water was coming from the pipe… Enjoy 🙂

  3. Neda_h says:

    What kind of pipe???

  4. Moons57 says:

    it’s like a PVC pipe

  5. Lawrence says:

    Just headed out today July/3/2011. The pipe was running very cold, clean looking water. I filled up plenty of jugs. A few notes- the spring is only about 25-30ft from the turnoff inbetween the first and second cattle guards, I spent awhile searching further uphill and even found another spring used for horses/cattle-didnt look ideal for drinking though and was using a huge tire as a trough. 
    I also noticed the spring is near organic farming land and there are several signs reminding people not to spray pesticide because of that yay!

  6. M5E says:

    Has anyone accesed this lately? I am curious too? If there has been any visitors please let us know.

  7. Jake says:

    Hi Guys. Tonya, thank you very much for sharing this. I thought that I would add some more info here for those of you going to this spring. I also had the water tested so wanted to share it as well or if you wanted to add it to the spring profile. It is very good water!

    The road on most maps and GPSs is the Township Road 162. Here are the LLs for anyone who uses GPS (these are approx, and from google earth)

    GPS Coordinates
    Lat:  50°20’24.39″N
    Long: 114°12’34.64″W

    I had the water tested on July 31st 2011 and here were the results…

    TDS: 302
    PH: 7.6
    Hardness (Cal & Mag): 22
    Iron: 0
    Nitrates: 0

    Overall… a very nice drinking water!


  8. deborah carrier says:

    i was just there Aug 16 had a little trouble finding it so i thought i would post the exact directions for everyone take 22 south  go through longview till u see the big cow boy for bar u ranch then go 9.3 k on this road and look on the left for a small green street sign William coulee rd turn left on this road go 1.5 k up this road and you will see a turn off on the left you can drive down its really simple with the exact directions and the water is beautiful

  9. deborah carrier says:

    hey florence my name is debbie and i live in okotoks went to this spring for the first time yesterday and i would be interested in carpooling with you. get back to me 

  10. deborah carrier says:

    dont drink this water i was just a the hospital 2 day after i first drank it i started getting sick (if you know what i mean) by day 5 i was sick about 15 times in one day i am being sent for a stool test and was put on antibiotics for a parasite called giardia and believe you and me  it is not pleasant. so dont drik
     it unless you have it tested

    • Guest says:

      Hi Deborah. Are you sure it was the water? Did you have your water actually tested? Remember that Giardia is also commonly spread in food by infected food handlers. Its very rare for Giardia to make its way into underground aquifers. I would send a sample of the water to be tested along with your stool sample and see if it is from the same source. Please keep us posted on your test results. Thanks.

      • deborah carrier says:

        who is really sure of anything!!!! cody has me on a really strict diet i have been on this diet since feb of this year and my health has improved 100 % only after drinking the water  i got really sick again he said it could be because my imune system is still weak and not able to fight this parasit but someone who is healthy could, my results should be back today or tomarrow. i also have dogs and they to are sick after drinking this water their stool is being tested today.i am just send a warning for anyone to test it befor you drink it. i will keep u posted on the results. have you drank this water, im pretty sure its the water cause the meat i have been eating has been the same for months i buy larg amounts at a time and all my vegies are orgnic and washed well befor eating them

  11. Shane McGowan says:

    I went to this spring on May 31st/2012…  Pure, clean, cold water. Easy to miss the spring though…  This spring is on your left down the small hill just before the “Welcome to M.D. of Willow Creek” sign.  The old iron pipe has been replaced with a plastic pipe that empties into the trough. As well, there are a few other springs as you drive along.  There is one to your right just as you drive over a drainage ditch.  Water flow is about 1-2L/min when I visited.

  12. Roxanne says:

    I can see how someone might contract giardia from this spring. Just came back and there was cow shit all over the pipe…even at the opening. Too bad.

  13. Steven Kim says:

    Any updates? How’s the water now? My question is how many springs in Longview?

  14. I just went there today and the water is cold and delicious! Directions were almost bang on except that it’s a left turn onto 786 heading south 🙂 There was no cowshit and it was clean and clear – tastes awesome!

  15. guy says:

    went today – the green “William Coulee Road” sign is very low and small but once you’ve passed the Bar U “cowboy CUTOUT” sign (going south) its about 9 km south of the Bar U ranch (take the first left turn off the highway after passing the Bar U ranch) – you’ll drive over a cattle guard/ramp and you’ll find the spring in the DITCH on the LEFT side (in a grove of trees)- it’s LESS than 2 km from the highway turnoff (between the 1st and 2nd cattle guard/ramp). All you’ll find is a drain pipe in a TROUGH. THAT’S YOUR SPRING WATER SOURCE.

  16. Drake says:

    Been going to this the last 2 months… Haven’t tested it officially myself, however I have talked to some individuals who have been there at the same time as me. They have said its extremely pure and in fact the testing locations they took it too were astounded by the quality. Also met a local native man who said hes been drinking from it for 50+ years

  17. Laura says:

    Just went to the spring today! Water tasted pure and wonderful!

  18. Angela says:

    Just went to the spring for the first time today. It was fantastic! Great flow rate, clear, clean, and COLD. I came at it from High River so took Hwy 543 to Hwy 22. Then followed the other directions from there. One point of clarity, the turnoff for the spring is off of Hwy 22. The mention of passing Bar U Ranch is a landmark, not an indication that you should turn there.

  19. gerry says:

    Has anyone been there recently? Has the water been tested in 2016?

  20. Amie says:

    Since the last post is about 2 years ago. I was wondering if anyone has drank from this spring recently? Is it still safe to drink from?

    • Jimmy says:

      I was there yesterday, 5/21/17. Flow from the pipe was approx. 2.5 gpm, and water temp at the spout was +4C.
      Used the “human sacrifice” of testing- I drank a litre or so on the way home. No ill effects,

  21. Bob says:

    Can someone please send me the coordinates for the Longview Spring (a cell phone photo with GPS data embedded would be great!)

    I am compiling a list of spring in Alberta for a research project.

    Thank you.

  22. Bob says:

    Apologies… I see Jake already provided the coordinates on August 1, 2011.


  23. Bonnie MacKay says:

    Just found the Longview spring. Here are the coordinates 50.339919,-114.209074

  24. ???? says:

    To all the ignorant people that drive down in the bottom to the spring head in winter and after it rains. …. when your stuck and tearing up the LAND OWNERS PROPERTY…..you honestly get what you deserve… dry weather only!!!!!!!! Park up on the road and walk down the ditch…… I was out there today getting water and behold!!!!!! Idiot down in the bottom stuck in 2ft snow…….. tearing up the feild trying to get out….. and there he still sits. I’ve been going there over 30yrs. Pls do not destroy private property…… that spring trough is for owners cattle as well.

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