Lynn Headwater Spring, North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Posted: June 28, 2009

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Lynn Valley Rd.
North Vancouver, BC V7P 2L0
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Small circular pool dug out left of the road. Surrounded in rocks, pool drains into a pipe that goes under ground and off into the bush somewhere. The water spring is 800 metres from the park gate.

Nearest Address

Lynn Valley Rd and Depesey

Directions from Nearest Address

As you get to the end of Lynn Valley rd, you enter the regional park. The Road will split into two, take the left road with the gate. Drive for about a minute and you will see the small dig out in the ditch to the left of the road. there will be a place to park across the street from the spring. It is surrounded in rocks and has a drainage pipe.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 70
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 7.1

Hours Spring is Open:

6:00 am to 9:00 pm



Map Link: Lynn Headwater Spring Map

Submitted by: Adam Dobres, Patrick Bissonnette, Rod Christiansen

  1. Patrick Bissonnette says:

    The water spring is 800 metres from the park gate mentioned above. TDS reading around 70 parts per million, which is excellent and a pH reading of 7.1, which is also excellent.

  2. adamdobres says:

    Thanks for that info! I was wondering what the TDS is. Its beautiful water!!! Slightly sweet taste, packed full of energy.

    • Sharon says:

       Hello everyone,
      This is my first visit to this post.  I live in Lynn Valley and have been drinking the water from the spring (pool beside the road) at the Lynn Valley Headwaters for about 3 years.  We have not had any serious health effects, but I have to admit, I do wonder about testing myself.  I was away for a couple of months and when I came back in June 2012, I noticed that a small stream of water was coming in from the side of the mountain that had not been there before.  And, or course, the District had posted  their notice.  I decided to phone the District and speak to the folks that were directly involved with the water supply there.  They were very informative and I was able to dispel many stories that had been told to me at the spring over the years.  Firstly, the water at the fountain close to the bridge and buildings is not the same water.  It comes from a well, is treated and tested regularly.  The reason they put up the sign is because they have had so many phone calls from folks asking whether the water is tested, so finally decided to answer this by a sign.  I have just sat there and watched the flow of the water to see whether the surface or little mountain stream is flowing into the pool.  It is hard to say whether there is a small amount of contamination, but it is certain that there is a steady outflow from the spring that does keep purifying itself and the flow is always away from the pool and towards the drain.
      Having said that, I have wanted to test this for years and I think with the amount of interest on this site, we should go ahead and pool our resources and just get it done.  If you would contribute to this, please email me at  I would suggest that each person contribute $10.00 and when we have reached the total cost for testing, we will get it done. I could collect the money and water and get the test done. There would be some trust involved, but I’d be happy to meet each one of you to satisfy any doubts.  I guess, worst case scenario, you’d lose $10.00:)  (joking!).  I really want to get this going, so please…let’s do this for our health’s sake and not leave this to chance anymore.  Thanks!  Sharon

      • Brian says:

        Hi Sharon..Brian here, I meet you this morning at the spring.
        Nice chatting with you.
        Please count me in for the can reach me Hope to do this soon…

        • Sharon says:

           Hi Brian,
          Thanks for responding so quick.  I met another lady after you left and got her email.  So far with you, there are four confirmed people and I think I know some more to contact and ask.  I will email you to keep you posted.

  3. RodChristiansen says:

    I have a picture of this spring, how can I add it to the description?

  4. findaspring says:

    Is that the picture in the flickr link? If so, I can just grab it from there. If you have more, send it to us directly. Leave the info through the Contact Us form above and we'll give you an email address to send the images too.

    ~ JS

  5. It is that picture on flickr, fell free to grab that one.
    A big size version is @
    Thanks! Rod

  6. I have a picture of this spring, how can I add it to the description?

  7. findaspring says:

    Is that the picture in the flickr link? If so, I can just grab it from there. If you have more, send it to us directly. Leave the info through the Contact Us form above and we'll give you an email address to send the images too.

    ~ JS

  8. Lydia says:

    Maybe 20 years ago, I used to get my water from this spring. Then I had thought they had demolished it some how. It was always lovely water. It is wonderful to think that it is still available. Several other spots around North Van were ruined by highway building and such.

  9. says:

    this spring was just talked about by david wolfe this weekend. i am going to head there today and pick up a couple of three gallons. thanks for the map and directions. namaste

  10. DJ says:

    I have heard recently from a friend, that an owner of a health food store she sells to, knows a self proclaimed water wizard who tested this water himself and found Arsenic in it. Now, admittedly it was not done in a lab, but rather his own tests, but does have me concerned alittle, as i love this water and get it often. I can’t get an further info, but hoping someone else may have had it tested, or is planning on it?


  11. Jettabambino says:

    If it had arsenic you would think that the health authorities would of posted a warning at the site …. Awaiting to hear more

  12. watersgoooood says:

    You should never just rely on what you “herd”. I think if the water was toxic the spring would be shut down by park authorities(they are well aware people drink this water). I’ve drank from this spring along with many others that I know. Wonderful water:)

  13. Engelwood says:

    im heading there today, how deep is the pool?
    is anyone intrested in building a spring with me? i got the pipping and so on

  14. Engelwood says:

    From: Muirhead, Phil
    Sent: Tuesday November 02, 2010 2:50 PM
    To: Lorn Carter
    Subject: FW: Lynn head water spring

    Lorn, I’m aware of the spring in question. Surface water sources such as springs are considered to be non-potable sources of water. In other words the water needs to be treated before its considered safe to drink. This is due to the fact the water is an open source susceptible to contamination at any time. Bacteriological sampling of untreated surface water sources is not done in the interest of determining if the water is safe or not because the results are only valid for the water collected at that moment.

    The warning issued to users of this spring is the same warning issued to anyone traveling in the woods. Don’t drink water directly from an open surface water source. I’ve attached a Heath Link File dealing with the issue of water borne diseases.


    Phil Muirhead

    Environmental Health Officer

    Vancouver Coastal Health

    6h Floor, 132 West Esplanade

    North Vancouver, BC, V7M 1A2

    P: 604-983-6756 F: 604-983-6702

    • Robert says:

      As a friend who introduced me to the spring at Lynn Valley said, “I’m glad the Dist. of North Van posted the sign there…it keeps the place from becoming too popular.” BTW, he had scientist friends test the water. Based on what they found, I have been drinking the water for over a year. It’s the only water I drink, and my plants love it. Sorry, I do not agree with “piping” as that is a commercial venture and totally out of context and character for this spring given freely to us from mother nature. And the water is not stagnant…it is always flowing continously.

  15. Madazirk says:

    So I am guessing most of you posting here have drank the water, and haven’t died and or pooped your pants? I have an 8L jug in my fridge, should I boil it first?

    • Engelwood says:

      well it is true that spring “pools” are more susceptible to bacterial growth and other contaminants than compared to “Excessive uncontrollable flows” which are self-cleaning, pipping diverted spring sources. but saying that I’ve been told that the water fountains they have at lynn canyon are tapped from the natural springs. the question is…
      -is this a true tapped spring source
      -what type of pipping is used
      -how old is the pipping
      -the water is contained rather than free flowing

      saying this, we should organize together and find a place to build a free flowing spring somewhere close to the Lynn Canyon spring source.

  16. Nfrank says:

    Again, I am hearing that this water is contaminated with arsenic. Has anyone actually had the water tested. As I am giving it to kids, I really don’t want to take chances with heavy metals. For now, we won’t drink it and I am wondering when the tap at the headwaters will be opened?

  17. j.e says:

    Everything contains heavy metals in this mechanized civilization we live in, saying that i do trust mother natures water over all other water that is available.

    – water from springs is structured, living water.
    – reverse osmosis, inferred filtered water and so forth is un-structured, heated water that is not living.

    there cant be anymore harmful contaminants than the water than in a Slurpee, Twinkies, GMO food, dairy and so forth.

    keep supporting mother nature and she will support you.

  18. Tamaramc17 says:

    Cars, animals, potential animal feces, HUMAN pollutants. Is this not a concern given it’s right on the road? I’ve wondered why I’ve seen people with bottles on the side of the road. It’s a stagnant pool. I figured they were bottling water for their dogs. I love the idea, but these days I wouldn’t trust any natural spring without filtering it first.

    • EngelWood says:

      My friend,
      The road is actually not very busy as it is a private road.
      I would like to point out that this hydro-logically filtered spring is not a stagnant pool; it does flow continuously into a drain. Saying that, I’ve loaded up my car with beautiful rocks from Seylynn creek to line the pool for better drainage and block the excess flow from the left side of the pool.
      This water is the most fresh tasting, thirst quenching pristine sources of water I’ve ever drank from. Some individuals have been collecting from this spring for over 25 years! Though what is a little irritating is when individuals park their cars right up beside the spring filling up their bottles while their cars are still running, or when individuals step on the shallow rocks pushing debris into the pool. Logic is necessary when collecting spring water.


    • Confrydelaware says:

      drink tha water man, yr scared to drink outside water cause you’ve lived in acity too long. can’t be any worse than any of the other water you drink which you know little to nothing about its origins.head, out, of ass.

  19. Big_Al says:

    Does anyone know where the source is? Or is this spring considered to be the source?

    • Dave K Parker says:

       A spring is essentially the source. While the actual source is rain water; somewhere up the mountain rain water is collected and seeps through the soil, and further seepage occurs through layers of sedimentary rock, collecting minerals and filtering out pathogens and most of the toxins such as sulfur oxide and other oxides which result in acid rain… the limestone which is probably present probably neutralizes this, although I’m not certain.. anyways.. the ocean is the original source, where it rains and seeps through… becomes neutralized somewhere along the road.. and may contain heavy metals and probably contains quite a bit of arsenic.

  20. Simon wilson says:

    I went there today… Here’s my thought. From the left side, there is rain water running down hill along and straight to the pool of spring water. The guy filling up before me said “I wouldn’t fill from this side (pointing in a general direction of the water running from the road ditch to the pool itself) that’s dirty”. Seriously… How can this water be clean??? As soon as the spring water reaches the surface it’s mixing in with ditch water. Couldn’t there be a small concrete circle formed around this spring and a pipe rising from the ground? Kind of like adrinking fountain in a public park. Then people just put there bottles under the fountain to fill up?
    I’m not a water expert obviously… Just a thought.

  21. Renata says:

    I was wondering if anyone gets their water from the tap / drinking fountain at the last parking lot as an alternative to the spring at the side of the road? Right at the Lynn Headwater wood bridge at the waterfall? I tried the water at the side of the road spring and it tested lower in PH then the one from the drinking / tap water by the waterfall. That water at the waterfall tested at 7.3 PH. It is clearer and sweeter in taste than the one from the spring at the side of the road about 1/2 mile away. Does anyone know if the water from the drinking fountain / tap source is filtered or processed in anyway and how old the tap it comes out of it is? I heard it was just opened up a few weeks ago after being closed for the winter? and I have been drinking that water from the tap for a few weeks now. It stays cold for days and is sweet to taste and I love it. There is a bowl for dogs to drink out of and a mouth drinking fountain at the same place. I used to buy Whistler water which tested at 5.6 PH and this is 7.3 PH…exactly the PH acid / alkalinity you want in your body. I do put some kelp iodine drops in it just in case to kill any bad bacteria…. or you can use a few drops of Lechenya Meera – a Russian Moss that kills all the bad bacteria and any fungus, virus, mold,etc. Colloidal silver would do the trick ontop of the others mentioned A few drops in the water and you are safe from contracting a bug of any kind. Don’t know the difference of the spring by the road and the water from the drinking / tap fountain by the side of the waterfall? If anyone has info please feel free to share. I do keep the water in plastic jugs (not good but what I have at the moment) and am looking to get some glass jugs from a wine shop on West Broadway to fill up my water starting next week…. enjoy the crisp mountain spring water and keep the comments coming. Thanks.

  22. EngelWood says:

    Hey Renata,

    Everything your doing is perfect! Good stuff sister!

    Regarding the tap water at Lynn HeadWaters.
    As you said, “it was shut off all winter” which means the water was contained, dominated, held in the piping system without any “freedom” to flow/move/travel.
    This process of containing water destabilizes the micro clusters of their hexagonal shaped molecules which rids the water of its antioxidant and healing properties.

    The PH in the water is always going to very every season/day due to the minerals in the bedrock/crust/aquifers/mantel and so forth. If the PH jumps up from 6.9ppm – 7.2ppm don’t worry this is nature and how our beautiful mother earth works, there is no constant in nature, just change.

    The water from the spring on the side of the road is a “Hydrological spring source”
    which is derived from 200-1000FT below the surface. This is water that has been contained in the earth anywhere from 1000-10000 years and is filtered through the “Hydrological filtration system” of mother earth. The water is filtered through the crust, aquifers, clay, petrified wood and so forth. All the beautiful natural filtration elements of this magical planet.

    Water from hydrological spring sources is structured hexagonal shaped micro clustered water molecules that have antioxidant and healing properties.

    If anyone is worried about bacterial & parasites and anyone whom lives in the city and doesn’t grow their own organic, GMO free food should incorporate these dietary supplements into their diet to rid their body of the daily toxic build up. This way you are purging the system of PCB’s, Metabolic waste and toxic heavy metals:

    -Australian Spirulina (most clean and purest spirulina on the market hands down)

    -Prime Chlorella (most clean and purest chlorella on the market hands down)

    -NCP Probiotics (best probiotics on the market hands down)

    • Renata says:

      Hey Englewood,

      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it. Any information at all is good to know. Thanks for the tips on where to purchase quality products too. That is helpful. I am learning more about probiotics. I have chosen to make my own organic water kefir using live organic water kefir grains. Probiotics are extremely important as your second brain is in your stomach… You can purchase organic live kefir grains for really cheap online and they are sent to you in liquid jars and adding some fruit, spring water and letting it sit overnight… then you can drink live probiotics everyday. Keep re-using the kefir grains to make more probiotics…A great way to replenish your good bacteria in your guts to fight off bad bacteria, disease, parasites etc. Boosts your immune system too. So many bugs and toxins in the world now, people passing on and catching colds…good to have tons of optimum “good bacterial” health in your system and guts as well as a boosted immune system to fight off disease and colds and bugs.

      If you want to know how to make your own kefir water would love to help anyone in doing so. A great practice to keep yourself healthy. Email me

      On the water conversation. Is the water from the tap beside the waterfall gravity fed? It seems it is not pumped out… and the tap water by the waterfall is extremely bubbly – very air-ated water with tons of bubbles in it.

      Pardon my ignorance and fantasizing about mountainess water coming from the convenience of the tap! LOL! if this is funny to read have a good chuckle at my expense but I did believe it… the PH is testing over 7.3 so that is a good sign yes? not acidic in nature. I know you share the PH will constantly change and that is true.

      It is so cold and stays cold for days and sweet to the taste it absolutely seems to be living water to me.

      On that note, where is this water coming from? How old are the taps? they do not seem to have any rust or mold of any kind and look prestine. I gather I would have to call the city of North Van to answer that question….I have seen alot of people fill up with this tap water beside the water fall and it was my understanding it was water coming from the waterfall? Your insight has led me to believe it is coming from a reservoir or container of sorts… where is the reservoir? or Container? it seems to be free flowing yes? Perhaps not? Was concerned about the processing of the water if it is at all processed or filtered in any way? Not sure. Thanks for the tips and references and advice… please keep the conversations coming. Well appreciated. Peace. Renata.

      I do enjoy the water at the side of the road and encourage people to keep at it, it seems more and more people are coming to fill up there….. the tap water is still a puzzle to me, and want to find more info.. still seeking. Namaste.

  23. Renata says:

    Here is a suggestion. I am in no way an engineer of any kind lol!  But would anyone be willing to help build some form of stone or natural type of element around the spring?  So that the run off beside the mountain and alongside the ditch does not disturb or send debris into the spring?  Anyone who would like to spend a day or two or a group of people who use this water would come together, donate time, tools, the engineering, logistics and know how, wisdom, skills, labor, to create such a protective type natural earth made “thingy” around the spring I would love to participate / help or assist.  I just am one girl with an idea and do not have the engineering abilities, or tools to create such a thing.. just a thought, just an idea.  To make this the perfect spring for all to share and use without contamination from run-off and prevent as much contamination as possible?  Just trying to make what is there naturally even BETTER for all – for everyone.  I hope we can unite and come together to build such a thing?  Is it possible? I believe anything is possible yes?  What are your thoughts or ideas for this?  I was thinking just a very short maybe 1/2 – 1 foot stone wall encircling the spring to protect it from run off from the side of the hill and or ditch water that flows into the spring?  I am open minded here and just trying to think of making something even better?  Feel free to email me….is it possible to work together on this? Or does anyone have another idea that would work logistically and not disturbing the spring but creating a protective barrier for it?  Even if you could concoct a sort of fountain for it… to come up even higher out of the ground?  so you are indeed just collecting the water from the spring and not other water?  You definitely have to see the spring and been there to know what I am talking about.  I would just like to make it even better for everyone.  That is my thought.. please share or comment or contact me with any ideas.  Thanks so much ! Enjoy the spring water.

    • Walton says:

      Hi Renata,

      I here what you are saying first of all but what i want to point out to you is that the water is flowing continuously towards the drain which goes under the road so no other water gets into the area where we collect which is “the mouth” where the water is pushed out from the earthen filter.

      The water has been backed up for awhile partially due to a large bolder that was displaced from above the mouth of the spring and the drain pipe being partially plugged as well. But the water was still flowing into the pipe and not getting into the spring itself. I make sure before I gather water each time I go…

      Someone I met at the spring recently contacted the city of north van and they came out and unclogged the drain pipe and removed the large bolder that was close to the mouth of the drain pipe and now the water is flowing much more freely.

      One thing you should keep in mind is that the spring is in a provincial park and you can’t just go in there and start building stuff even though your intentions are good…without permission…it could jeopardize the availability for all of us…

      I really appreciate your concern and your ideas because it would be really cool to get together and build a little wall around it… but at the same time i think that if we just leave “mother nature alone” and only intervene if our man made contraptions are clogging (the drain pipe)….everything will work itself out…

  24. Matt says:

    Have people been drinking from this spring recently? Is it safe? I’m interested in micro-cluster water and am curious as to how long it lasts. Would storing the water in standard 5 gallon jugs for a once a month fill-up disturb the structure in any way?

  25. Kbuds says:

    this water is the best.. the drain is clogged though. would someone mind posting once they know when it is/or will be fixed. thanks

  26. Chris says:

    Does anyone know if this water has been tested by a lab for mineral content and toxic metals? If not, it’d be great to get a group of people together and send it to a lab for testing, just to know. I’ve been drinking it for a couple years and am not that worried, but it’d just be good to know I think.

    • Miro says:

      Hey Chris, I’m not sure myself. I would be willing to be a part of a group to have it tested. Hopefully someone who has can chime in though to avoid those costs. 

    • Leah says:

      I was told by the lady who owns ‘Country Health’ in Lynn Valley Mall that “the water has been tested by daughter of man who owns ALIVE magazine. It was not tested once, but several times, and that the water showed intermittent levels of arsenic as high at times as 180 ppm. 18 ppm is the highest acceptable levels to the human body”.

      I’ve been drinking the spring water for 3 years. In autumn of 2011, I started feeling very fatigued, and was trying to link it to my blood sugar levels. Tried to treat naturally without success. Didn’t even think about the water, until I went to the health food store and spoke with the owner and she told me what she knew about this particular spring. Next day, I had an appointment with a fellow who does Bio-feedback and he hooked me up to the machine, and arsenic was found in my body without a doubt. I have been doing some serious heavy metal cleansing, and finally feeling better after 2 months. 6 months is the cleansing protocol for heavy metals… even longer depending on diet.

      I am sharing this story because I’ve seen so many people going to the spring during the years that I went… and so many of you here on this site. It is worthwhile doing tests… if not on the water, then at least on your own body to see if you are being affected by heavy metals. Arsenic is VERY common in BC… it is a dream to think that all spring water is clean and clear. There are other ways to restructure water that make it much safer to drink… do your research. Please be safe. Your body is worth it.

      •  Thank you for sharing.  It is good to hear someone has actually tested the water.  Is there anyway you can post the actual tests here for all to see? The actual water tests.  Not one but several tests that you are sharing and talking about?  With the dates and all the elements of the water that are present?  If someone is talking high levels of Arsenic then the tests should be shown to prove this to not alarm others rather than just sharing information from someone who told you about it.  What place was the water tested an actual lab or just a home test?  I know about biofeedback and I have had false readings before.  Not to say yours were false. I believe you and trust your practitioner.   However,  test results are actual proof for all to see.  I am sorry you are ill from too much arsenic.  Perhaps get a urine test and blood test to make sure you truly do have high levels or arsenic and not trust wholly on biofeedback.  I have a friend who does it and I assure you the test results can read false.  Just to share with you.  Biofeedback is not an exact and perfect test result.  Your practitioner would disagree no doubt but I have proven it myself with someone I know who has an actual highest standard machine and does testing. PEACE.

      • Robert Christy says:

         Hi Leah,

        There has been some controversy about rice bran solubles and rice bran in general as a natural storehouse of organic arsenic. It is my understanding that 5-10 years ago they couldn’t give the stuff away now its a “superfood”. May be worth looking into.

  27. YOU ARE ME AND I AM YOU says:

    DO NOT PARK YOUR VEHICLE NEXT TO THE SPRING- idiots! Basic common knowledge is lacking here, people are parking right next to it with all the oil, anti-freeze, etc.. leaking and converging with the spring water into the drain. PARK YOUR CAR IN THE PARKING SPOT OPPOSITE to the spring. Sadly for mankind, this particular spring is rated as the best in North
    America, quite possibly the world; and people park their vehicles
    literally 2-3 meters from the actual spring itself! This primitive
    spring set-up should be upgraded in a fashion that blocks all the bad
    elements from entering the spring. This is one of the few situations in where a no parking sign should be up. If I catch you park your car here…

    When you’re at a gas station you’re not smoking even though if you tossed the butt in a pale filled with gasoline zero combustion takes place- but you still take the precautions; so be a DOLL and realize in your tiny pea brain that:

    Water is Blood! So show more respect and awareness, most people who gather water from here drink it raw. Contaminating the water is directly contaminating husbands’, wives’, and children’s and pets’ blood life.

    • WhitesRuinEverything says:

      Go fuck yourself you righteous idiot. Have you ever seen any oil or anti-freeze drop from a car? Do you clean bottoms of your shoes before you come to the spring? How do you know there isn’t anthrax on the bottoms of your shoes? If you ‘ever catch me park by car there’, come say something and I will make you suck my balls.

      P.S. You are not me but I might be your Daddy because I tapped your mom

  28. Jmsporthorse says:

    Can anyone tell me if this spring is still in use? I had a friend stop by this site to get water and he said the pipe had no water coming out and that the spot looked closed. Hopefully, he was just in the wrong place…

    •  Yes you are correct he was in the wrong place.  It seems he was not at the actual spring. That is right beside the side of the road.  There is no pipe for water to come out. That water is filtered water and is found at the end of the road by the waterfall.  The actual spring is further up the road about 1000 meters and it bubbles up from the ground.  From the Earth.  There is no pipe at the actual spring. PEACE.

      • Jmsporthorse says:

        Thank you for your reply. I will let him know about where the spring is.
        We have been getting water from the Levity Spring in Delta, but the access has been barb wired shut and barricades and big signs telling people not to cross the railroad tracks 🙁

  29. Jamesengland says:

    Hello everyone! As some of you may have heard the Levity spring in North Delta has recently had fences put around the trials that access it..and now the municipality has closed off both the springs there. I witnessed them doing this today when I went to collect water. I was told that this was the last time I would be collecting water there!
    They have covered the springs in gravel and put boulders over them with concrete.
    Please anyone in the lower mainland that cares about our personal rights to free, clean natural springs go to our facebook group page to save this spring. There you will find the numbers you can call to contact the municipality and voice your concerns. You are always welcome to join our facebook group if you like.!/groups/195496987229707/

    I have been drinking water from this spring for years. I was raised here and have been honored to live within minutes of this gem. When I was living downtown I was drinking water from the Lynn headwaters spring and it was really great but I have moved back out to Delta and having a spring 5 minutes away is priceless. If this spring is not made available again alot of people here that use this spring will be driving to North Van to use that spring and at times it can already get crowded.

    Clean water is a basic human right and if we dont have that we have nothing.

  30. Robert Christy says:

    Anybody interested in helping fund the cost of testing? $70 – $320 depending on what we want to test for. We can laminate it and put it under the fancy new sign from Health Canada.
    My family and I have been drinking for a few years now and love it! But it would be nice to know whats up for real instead of all the hearsay.

    • Jmsporthorse says:

      Hi there… I’d certainly pitch in to help pay to get the water tested – maybe someone could set up a paypal account for donations.

      • Robert Christy says:

         ok well the testing facility is in Richmond, so a container needs to be picked up from there then brought to spring, samples collected and then returned.

    • Chris says:

       Ya for sure, I’d also be willing to chip in. Keep me posted as to how we can go about this. Peace.

      • Robert Christy says:

          ok well the testing facility is in Richmond, so a container needs to be
        picked up from there then brought to spring, samples collected and then
        returned.I am usually without a vehicle so it can be difficult for me to do that part. anyway we will figure it out.

    • Bodhiluna says:

       Hi Robert et al.,
      I’d be interested in chipping in to pay for testing. Is someone computer savvy enough to set up a paypal donation thing? I’m totally not. I love the water and have been drinking it for 3 years but keep hearing rumours about arsenic. Chronic exposure to arsenic  isn’t going to make you suddenly die but it’s linked to increased risk of cancer so it’s not wise to think that because one is still apparently healthy, everything is fine. How can we go about this? A woman approached me at the spring a couple of weeks ago and took my email but I haven’t heard from her…

  31. Brian says:

    If people are still interested in finding out whats truly in the water, let everyone donate some money and have it analyzed….I been drinking this water for years.
    Let get this done so we all can be sure of what we’re consuming.
    Sharon? If you read this I couldn’t find your Post.It was nice to meet you at the spring today.

  32. Ilike2pinch says:

    ive been drinking the water at the head waters for 5 years and have never been sick, it needs no testing ill be there in 20 mins filling up. dont worry its all good.

  33. Bodhiluna says:

     Hi Robert et al.,
    I’d be interested in chipping in to pay for
    testing. Is someone computer savvy enough to set up a paypal donation
    thing? I’m totally not. I love the water and have been drinking it for 3
    years but keep hearing rumours about arsenic. Chronic exposure to
    arsenic  isn’t going to make you suddenly die but it’s linked to
    increased risk of cancer so it’s not wise to think that because one is
    still apparently healthy, everything is fine. How can we go about this? A
    woman approached me at the spring a couple of weeks ago and took my
    email but I haven’t heard from her…

  34. Robert Christy says:

    Ok so I was at the watering hole and as I was there a guy from the city/district was there getting water for himself. I asked him if they had tested the water and he said “yes, its good water”.
    So I said “I guess if they had found anything wrong with it they would have shut it down” , his response “yes”.
    It makes sense if they could find any reason to shut it down they probably would!
    So drink up and enjoy…its great water!


  35. Jenna says:

    This may not be the best place to ask, but I used to visit the Lynn Valley spring, but have just moved to Whistler and have no idea where a spring might be. There isn’t anything pinned here yet, but I thought I’d ask those who have been relatively close to see if there is something to check out up here.

  36. S says:

    Any generous Burnaby/NewWest folks willing to help me out with the commute to this spring? I live in South Burnaby so I normally skytrain it to downtown and then bus it to the spring and back the other way. I can’t collect more than 12 litres this way though. I’d like to collect 3-4 times as much and visit the spring once every two weeks. If someone closeby is willing to pick me up and drop me off that would mean the world to me!!

    my email:

  37. tis says:

    CAUTION: HERBICIDE USEAGE FROM SEPT 17TH-28TH 2012… apparently they want to get rid of the japanese knotweed

  38. Snewtdog says:

    I would contribute as well

  39. Robert Christy says:

    WARNING to all who love their spring!

    DO NOT PARK ON ROAD while getting your water. The RCMP has a folder full of complaints and it will be used against us all!
    Be respectful we don’t want to lose it!

  40. Andrzej says:

    Okay, here is my info. I sent away for a series of chemical tests late last year, and tested the water for lead, chlorine, bacteria and nitrites. They all tested clean. In December 2012 I took a sample of water to ALS Minerals here on the north shore, and they tested for about 10 different chemicals including arsenic. The readings are all clear. Health Canada recommends 0.01 mg/litre of arsenic as a limit, and this test had an upper limit of 0.01. It showed no reading, so if there is any arsenic in the water it is under the recommended limit. The test cost me $60, and I am prepared to undertake it again in the summer to compare results. There is a more expensive test, about $150, and it measures arsenic down to 0.005 mg/L, but I don’t think this is necessary. Those are my findings, and I have been enjoying this alkaline water for about a year and a half.

  41. FreeSpirit says:

    STOP RUINING THIS SPRING!!!!!!! Recently there are rocks changing positions and the wall beside the spring looks dug and manipulated each time I visit this spring. Yesterday there were new huge rocks thrown in the pond and it was full of mud that interrupted the flow of the water so bad that I couldn´t take any water!! Who dosen´t want us to have this water and take away our freedom to choose?? STOP IT!!!

    • Renata says:

      Terrible. Terrible. What is a possible solution to protect the spring? Did anyone see the person or people involved doing this? Putting as you share the huge rocks in the pond? There must be 100’s of people going to get this spring water. How can we protect the source?

  42. Chopper Reid says:

    IF this is indeed an Artesian Well then the water is most likely coming from below the level of the spring well. This could be problematic due to toxic run off. So wether you get it directly from the “spout” run off or the pool is irrelevant.

    Initially this spring was very suspect to me. It’s literally beside an asphalt road. Asphalt contains petroleum. Exposure to weather, gas and oil will deteriorate asphalt back into the soil.

    Ground water needs to be tested at least once a year for arsenic. Wikipedia has some good info on arsenicosis if you are curious. City and farm runoff aren’t the only sources of groundwater pollution. It naturally occurs as well. Google “How does groundwater pollution occur?” if curious.

    There is also the risk of bacteria/ pathogens. No one is sure if the water is gushing over a dead animal or as mentioned before, what’s pissing and crapping near or in it. Also mentioned before there also were warnings of pesticide spraying to eliminate the know weed. I saw that sign as well.

    Needless to say I do not drink this water. I know a lot of people drink from here despite the warnings so I am curious about the quality of this water. I am going to do a homekit test first and then an arsenic test.

    I’ll post it when I’m done.

  43. ut says:

    Recently people have been removing the large rocks from around the spring. Their not only moving the rocks their actually taking them. Almost none of the rocks remain and road side contamination and erosion are becoming a real concern.

  44. Mia says:

    I went to the spring today,as I go there once a week to fill up my bottles and was horrified. Someone removed the stones, flattened the stream and throw mud into the stream. I don’t think is anyone who likes the water, more likely someone who doesn’t want us to drink the water. I wonder if anyone seen someone around the spring to behave rather odd. They have also removed the purifying plant.

  45. chita says:

    Moving rocks and throwing mud in the pond has happend frequently in the last few weeks. It takes a lot of time to do such
    horrible thing and I strongly think they do it after the gate is closed!
    Otherwise this is a frequently visited spring and somebody would have seen the offenders during the day. Is that a part of the “Problem-Solution-Reaction” strategy to close this spring like they did in Delta?!

  46. Mhahn says:

    Does anyone know if this spring is still lean and drinkable?

    • Virginia says:

      Hello Mhahn, the spring water is still drinkable, just make sure you aim at the source of the spring when filling up your containers with the spring water. I just been there a week ago, all is still good.

  47. shellie says:

    is there anyone who lives in vancouver–downtown would be ideal– who goes out to lynn canyon to get spring water on a regular basis?
    i’m looking for a spring water buddy…so we could alternate and save gas and time.
    i fill my water from the tap just inside the park entrance, i have lost trust in the roadside spring after seeing too much–cleanliness infractions, dogs drinking out of it just before i get there, people dunking their dirty hands in just before i use it, etc….
    i have no problem filling up there if that’s why my spring water buddy prefers but i myself prefer the water from the tap just inside the park entrance, which, apparently, has been filtered but is just as pure.
    i fill up my containers about once every 2 or 3 weeks. i don’t have a car but i rent the zipcars when need be.

    • Robert says:

      Hi Shellie: I live in the West End and get water at the spring. Happy to try to work something out with you. I don’t have a car anymore, but whenever I rent one for work-related purposes, I go to Lynn Valley. I’ve even taken the bus once. Email me:

  48. shellie says:

    re the above posted comment, if anyone is interested, please send me an email to s.t.lovetheworld at gmail dot com.

  49. Laura says:

    So, the pin in this picture isn’t dropped in the most accurate spot, the spring is a little further along into the park.
    What concerns me is the development up the hill from the spring & the possible/likely run-off from chemical lawn treatments, pet excrement, etc.
    Yes the water is flowing, but it rains ALL the time here in Lynn Valley. That would concern me if I was collecting from this spring.

    • Deleted User says:

      Do you happen to have accurate GPS coordinates? Also, if you ever test the water and it comes up as not drinkable let us know and we will make a note on the site. 🙂 Thanks Laura! -Ashley and The Find A Spring Team

  50. bemonty says:

    Can one drive right to this spring? Or does one have to carry their bottles in and out the 1km? Thanks!

    Also I see people filling bottles beside the sea to sky highway north of horseshoe bay…. does anyone know about this water? is it runoff or spring?


    • Tonia says:

      I just moved to North Vancouver in May 2014 and I’ve been collecting my spring water from Lynn Headwater Spring and it’s wonderful. You drive into the park (speed 20 km) and park on the dirt across from the spring. It’s such a wonderful feeling if you can get there early in the morning. The water is always cold! My family only drink from the spring. I collect my water in a glass carboy purchased from the winemaking store. Easy access and safe. Enjoy!

      • Florence Lum says:

        hello. thank you for sharing.
        do you also filter your water?
        if so what do you use?
        This is a new topic for me.
        I was originally looking into a shower filter and its lead me to this.
        I use the britta water system in the kitchen use.
        any further tips? thank you Florence

  51. Amar says:

    Hi Everyone,

    My partner and I just started getting our water from this spring a few months ago. However we’ve been hearing a lot of different things from different people. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of recent test results? I looked into getting it tested myself but can’t afford the $300 that Maxxam lab charges for a thorough test. It looks like several people have spoken about collectively contributing to get it tested. Did that end up happening? If so, could you please post your findings on this thread for all to see? If not, I would be happy to take the initiative of collecting money, getting it tested, and posting the results on this thread for everyone. Please email me and lets get this information available for everyone as soon as possible! Thanks 🙂

  52. Josh says:


    I just collected some, but I’m afraid to try it for the following reasons: 1. People. People and their shoes when they step on the rocks. I’m not sure if I’d like to drink shoe water. 2. The stream to the left was flowing and most definitely mixing with the spring pool. It looked dirty and contaminated 3. It’s on the side of the road where cars go by everyday. Pollutants. 4. There isn’t a proper tap to collect it. I don’t like the idea of collecting from a pool 5. There’s a sign saying it could be contaminated and contain bacteria.

    On the other hand: 1. It was always flowing and pouring out 2. People have been drinking from it for years 3. It’s the only spring in Vancouver on the north shore 4. It’s supposedly tastes good 5. It looks clean

    I would feel much more comfortable collecting from a tap.

    What do people think, should I try it or continue drinking my $5/bottle of Canadian Springs?

  53. Kaelah says:

    Just went there last week for the first time. Also the first time drinking true spring water. I couldn’t believe it. I hated water and now I know why. This water was truly amazing. With my cat I always give her two little bowls of water. This week I gave her one bowl with spring water and one with tap water. Every morning the spring water was almost gone and the tap water untouched! Enough said.

    Going to make collecting water from here a weekly ritual. Thank you for this website!

  54. atisa rashidi says:

    Hey everyone… just to update you, you will have to walk into the park to get to the spring as of winter 2017. When it snowed they took the opportunity to close the gates permanently due to some road repairs. apparently the retaining wall is a public hazard, so they have to replace the whole road which will take at least 2 million (as per the lynn valley website). They dont have a date yet for fixing it unfortunately 🙁 Very sad about this myself. Alas! if you go in with some sort of wheelable basket and dont mind a 15 min walk to the spring, you can park outside the gate.

  55. Just kidding! apparently they have allocated a time to fix it and it is due to be fixed by the end of this month! wahaooo!!! no more remineralized reverse osmosis water for me… just that good ol’ spring water <3

  56. Eric says:

    Anyone up for getting this tested? Would be interested in organizing some people for this. Post here and lemme know 🙂

  57. Chris says:

    Spring water has been in the news lately just thought I’d post a link

  58. Colin Mcgarry says:

    I’ve been drinking from here for years and years. Never had any problem. Zero chemicals unlike tap water that destroys your body.

  59. Isabel says:

    I can’t believe it! Park has sprayed glyphosate about 20 feet from the spring. Is anyone up to help me get this water tested?

  60. ron says:

    I was up at the old watering hole the other day and it appears that someone has tried to level out the hole we use to fill bigger bottles.
    I was going to dig it out ‘a bit’ so it can work again. It will create a bit of silt for a few minutes, but I don’t want to do anything that might have been done for a reason. It does seem to be a deliberate action.

  61. Negin says:

    Hello, I am new to this wonderful site. Incredibly excited to switch back to spring water. I recall the water from this source tasting so great, the definition of LIVE water 🌱 . I have noticed the dialogue on here is from almost a year ago. Does anyone know if collecting water from this spring is still like before? Are there any changes in water quality, safety and/or park restrictions? Thank you in advance! Cheers.

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