Nowhere Spring, Entrance, Alberta, Canada


Posted: September 30, 2010

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Highway 40
Alberta, Canada T5A 0A7
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Water is piped down from a higher spring to a wide spot in the bush.

Nearest Address

Entrance Ab

Directions from Nearest Address

Leaving Hinton toward the west, travel 3 miles to the Highway forty. Turn right. Follow highway 40 north until you cross the Athabasca River bridge. Immediately at the end of the bridge turn right.. The spring is about one hundred yards in. You can turn around there and get your water.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Nowhere Spring Map

Submitted by: A Michaud

  1. Nightflyer says:

    GPS 53.37191 -117.70421

  2. Nightflyer says:

    GPS 53.37191 -117.70421

  3. Nightflyer says:

    GPS 53.37191 -117.70421

  4. Neda_h says:

    pH????? How do we know its safe? What kind of pipe? Plastic? Metal?

  5. Orangeyak says:

    Over the years, someone kindly set up a hose from the spring to the parking spot. Lately the hose has been frozen. I followed the hose to its source and was amazed that it was 400 metres long! 200 metres in from the parking area on a dirt road, then 200 metres up a climb. Easy to find the spring though now it’s a hike to get the water. Walk in only takes 5 min. Good to wear traction devices on shoes in the winter.

  6. solarjames says:

    When you turn off hwy 16, it is exactly 5 kms to the bridge, when you turn its a bit bumpy but a very short drive. The hose is not food grade hose, but since the water is constantly flowing at high volume I don’t believe leaching of chemicals is a big concern.

  7. SolarSmurph says:

    Alberta Government Survey site.
    Earth Springs of Alberta, Earth Sciences report – 1982/3 (downloadable 99.5mb 105 page PDF report)
    The report indicats there are over 600 springs in Alberta.

    Also, from Travel Alberta – Alberta Hot Springs

  8. gwendolen says:

    i had this water tested by Hinton ab health inspector and it contains coloform bacteria. He advised not to drink it as that indicates there are pathways of potential infection with E.coli or other harmful pathogens. I prefer this water to the municipal water as it’s loaded with chlorine and fluoride and smells like a swimming pool but I guess I will have to look into how to treat it so it’s safe

    • Toa says:

      I would love to have it tested again. I’ve been drinking this water for 5 years and know many others that have been for 20+ years… No problems…. not to say it’s completely safe. My boyfriend’s mom runs a water plant, I want to submit a sample to her to see if anything has changed. I had heard from old time locals that sulphur was a little bit high in the 80s bit they think that was rectified. I’m curious to see what the test results bring. I will be sure to post when I get the results!

    • Tyler says:

      Thanks for adding these. I just arrived here and was going to fill up. Makes me sad though.

      • Zoie says:

        So has anybody had this water tested lately???? Just filled up 6 huge bottles but feeling confused as to whether I can drink it or not. If I get it tested, I will make sure to post the results here.

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