Source Saint-Lazare, Quebec, Canada J7T 2Z6


Posted: December 2, 2014

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opposite 2344 de la Lotbiniere
Saint-Lazare, Quebec, Canada J7T 2Z6
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Just a pipe coming out of the ground. Great water; I have been drinking it for over ten years, realy great improvement in my health (allergies, MCS). Has been in use for a very long time.
Locals say a lady willed it to the town.

Please keep this spring *under the radar*. Too many springs have been shut down by authorities. Don’t mention to large public or on social media please. Tell friends in need quietly and privately, please and thanks, and ask them to do the same.
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  1. andrew says:

    So I dropped by there and on the st laurent side of the road all I spotted was some pipe going into the road with a separate sprout going almost into the ditch and gunk. really impractical to collect that water. I took a look at it, seemed clear and odourless. Also it is on someone’s front-yard. A bit uphill, there is a decorative well with a grate underneath; stands on someone’s property. From below the grate, there are sounds of flowing water. It was cold outside and my nose was stuffed, but still registered a whiff of sulphur. which means it is mineral! However, it is not accessible and I could not find out where it is going.

  2. John Corker says:


    Have you ever tested this spring? I’ve been drinking it for six months now and feel fine, but my parents keep bothering me to have it tested (it’s sweet they are still concerned about a grown man).


    • Patricia Valiquette says:

      Hello John
      I have just come across this site, and an curious about this Spring water location
      as anyone come asking you why you are there,another comenter mentioned that it was almost impossible to get to, could you help me by explaining your method and if the person on who’s
      land this pipe is on, as given you trouble
      thank you in advance
      Patricia (May 26 2016)

    • karen says:

      Hi John,
      How are you doing?
      Any updates on the water? Has that water been tested? Looking for some good spring water.

  3. T.L. says:

    Got water there recently. Coming off a pipe.

  4. I don’t understand the description in the comment above about where the spring is situated. This spring is easy to access and even though it might be on someone’s property, it appears to be in a communal pullout accessible to all. We’ve been drinking this water for a few months and it’s wonderful.
    Highly recommended!

  5. Simone says:

    I have been to this spring 4 times starting in mid July 2018. The first 3 times the water was excellent, the last time, though, which was one week ago on August 11th, my husband, our dog and I all started having diarrhea within hours of drinking it. It took us 2 days before realizing it must be the spring water. Maybe it’s just the time of year? There is an area of forest behind it but also a house. I wish it wasn’t so and I would love to hear from other who use this spring, but be cautious…

  6. Nick says:

    Has anyone recently been here, is it still functional? Looking to stock up, how is the ease of collecting?

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