West Montrose Spring, West Montrose, Ontario, Canada


Posted: January 10, 2010

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6344 Line 86
West Montrose, ON N0B 2V0
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Continuously flowing. Type of spring unknown though I know that it has been there for many many years. Popular locally. Watch for entrance on right travelling north, directly across from campground. No signs. Parking in the entrance way for 2 or 3 cars only.

Nearest Address

Across from campground, which is located at 6344 Line 86, West Montrose.

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Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 435
  • Temp: 10° C
  • pH: 7.1

Hours Spring is Open:



43.590115, -80.473697

Map Link: West Montrose Spring Map

Submitted by: Rob Nevin

  1. 2kaa2 says:

    I checked it out in January and there was no flow, due to the cold. Do springs typically freeze over like this in the dead of winter? I was able to harvest some this week (mid-March)), however it had a noticeable off-colour (brown), and I measured a pretty high TDS count of 390, so to be safe I think I will avoid drinking this. Does anyone have any different experiences?

  2. dpoma says:

    I just got a few jugs of water from here today,
    the water is very clear and it has almost no taste. I will drink it in small amounts first to see if it is safe….

  3. dpoma says:

    I recently bought a water test kit from Home Hardware and here are the results:

    pH ~ 7.5 (Safe)
    Total Alkalinity ~ 240 ppm (High)
    Total Chlorine ~ 0 ppm (Safe)
    Total Hardness ~120 – 250 ppm (Hard)
    Iron Test ~ 0 ppm (Safe)
    Copper Test ~ 0 ppm (Safe)
    Nitrate ~ 10 ppm (Safe)
    Nitrite ~ 0 ppm (Safe)

    Keep in mind this was a $15 test kit (Pro-Lab Water Quality Test Kit) I bought from the Hardware store so take the results with a grain of salt. Despite this however, its seems that the water should be potable.

  4. Doctor Who says:

    I just got some of this water. It tastes pretty hard to me. Also, the Region Of Waterloo has put up two warning signs that say “Untested. Do not drink”. They spent money on putting up the signs but they won’t spend the money to test the water.

  5. Kyle says:

    Thanks for the info dpoma, perhaps I will check it out again. The warning signs seem to be pretty standard procedure at most springs I’ve come across in Ontario, I wouldn’t be too alarmed about them. The Region is just trying avoid any liability, and would rather not have to continually test it. Hamilton has a spring (Artesian well in Ancaster actually) that is actually tested regularly by the Hamilton Conservation Authority, but that’s the only one I’ve been to like that.

  6. Mo Rosati says:

    This source has all the characteristics associated with a shallow well, so it might not be an ideal source for drinking. The exact address of the campground across the road is 6344 Line 86, West Montrose & we took the follwing readings in Sept 2010, TDS 435 pH 7.1 Temp 10 C. I just submitted the info for the Kissing Bridge Mineral Spring which just around the corner from here & I think would be a better, cleaner & deeper water source, more info here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs-tW7xdUfA

  7. Mark says:

     Here’s a video I made of the West Montrose spring.

  8. crtko says:

    Has anyone tested this water recently? Thanks in advance!

  9. Scott says:

    Went there today and it has been dismantled and capped. Too bad, it was a good source.

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