33 Berlin Springs, Berlin, Wisconsin 54923


33rd. Ave
Berlin, Wisconsin 54923
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Deep artisan well, cold, delicious and fast.  Water literally shoots out of the pipe so hang on to your bottle!

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  1. WindyFoxx says:

    I tested the water from this spring using a FirstAlert Drinking Water Test Kit I bought on Amazon. Here are the initial results.
    I’m not sure about the tests for lead and pesticides. The instructions say if the lines are the same color the test is positive. The lines for pesticides look pretty darn close, but neither “line” is very well defined. I will try to re-test. The test for lead was negative.
    The test for bacteria needs 48 hours to complete.

  2. WindyFoxx says:

    …and now, 48 hours later, the bacteria test shows positive.

    That said, I’ve been drinking from this well for 3 weeks now, and haven’t noticed any signs of bacterial infection. However, I’m going to look for another spring elsewhere.

    Too bad, this location is very convenient for me.

  3. Strife says:

    Thinking about hitting up this spring need to buy some tests, have a bunch of glass bottles I’ve saved up.

    Ps: water might be the currency in the future

  4. WindyFoxx says:

    Well, I retested the water for bacteria using a different test and this time it came back completely negative.

    The Pesticide test has been inconclusive on the other well I’ve tried it on–so I think I just must be doing something wrong with the test.

    This water tastes sooooo much better that the water from Burnett well!

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