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Posted: May 21, 2009

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County Rd 2205
Canton, TX 75103
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Flowing Artesian Well

Nearest Address

County Rd-2205, Canton, TX 75103

Directions from Nearest Address

Exit TX-19 South, right on CR 2205, left at the dead end, spring on right. Canton, TX ‬

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 25
  • Temp:N/A
  • pH: 6.7

Hours Spring is Open:



32°30’46.44″N, 95°52’3.16″W

Map Link: Artesian Well – Canton, TX

Submitted by: Rami Barsoum & Brian Hudson Smith

  1. ctrimmer says:

    Easy to find. Approximately 1 hour on I-20 from Arlington. Approximately 5 miles off I-20 in Canton area. Water tastes great. Not a pretty site, however, in the immediate area around the spout.

  2. Virginia says:

    Wow! My husband and son went today and brought us home some water. It tastes great! While they were there, they talked to a few locals from the area. One very nice older woman said that before they put in the drinking pipe, she had been coming to get water as a young girl. They supposedly use to use a bucket and rope back then to get their water from this place!

    Very nice folks out there in Canton, TX. True…. it's not a cute site like some of the others are, but what comes out of it makes it all worth the trying! Who knows……maybe latter on they may start asking for donations and build a nice little stone/rock feature on it, to make it look more appealing? I would give to keep this artesian well going. Thanks for this wonderful site!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Virginia says:

    Wow! My husband and son went today and brought us home some water. It tastes great! While they were there, they talked to a few locals from the area. One very nice older woman said that before they put in the drinking pipe, she had been coming to get water as a young girl. They supposedly use to use a bucket and rope back then to get their water from this place!

    Very nice folks out there in Canton, TX. True…. it's not a cute site like some of the others are, but what comes out of it makes it all worth the trying! Who knows……maybe latter on they may start asking for donations and build a nice little stone/rock feature on it, to make it look more appealing? I would give to keep this artesian well going. Thanks for this wonderful site!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hotwaterish says:

    I tested the water at the canton spring for fluoride contamination.
    The test results were 0.03PPM to 0.05 PPM
    Which are really great test results!

  5. Ryan says:

    Just visited this place and I got to say the water is fantastic. I can see how people think its ugly because I brought 2 of my friends with me and had to drink the water just to prove it was good. NOW THAT THEY OWN GALLONS OF IT THEY UNDERSTAND WATER. This isn't H20 this is something like H(minerals, etc…)20.

  6. Ash says:

    good water … large uv filter and my guess is also a micron filter on it … nice town … some nice may apple plants in the woods if you trek in em

    happy hunting blood!

  7. ariana419 says:

    My family has used this well for the 40 years they have lived in the Canton area. I remember going as a little girl. It is the best water I have ever had. It even makes food cooked in it taste so much better! Please go, get some awesome water and enjoy some country hospitality while you are there. Canton is my favorite place in the world!

  8. Laura says:

    Does anyone know the history of thie well? Who put the pipe and filter on it? Wo put the fence up? Thanks.

  9. Kathy says:

    Went to this well yesterday. A nice motorcycle ride there from Ft. Worth. The water was cold! It tasted amazing. We ran into a man who was filling jugs. He said he had been getting water there for ten years. He also said he has seen the geographic survey of the well and that the well is 40 square miles. It is huge! We will certainly be going to back with our large jugs to fill up.

  10. Naomi says:

    I went to this well last weekend and what a treat!!! The water was clear, ice cold and tasted so good. I filled my two 7 gallon jugs and have enjoyed the water at home. I can really tell the difference between tap water and the spring water from the well.
    Not pretty to look at but does not matter the water makes up for the site location and its free. A beautiful drive to Canton and was very easy to find.
    I had to wait in line to fill up. People in front of me filled up 12 blue 5 gallons jugs.
    And had people in line after me….Well worth the trip and will be going back.

  11. F.Y.I. says:

    F.Y.I…………An artesian aquifer is a confined aquifer containing groundwater that will flow upward through a well, called an artesian well, without the need for pumping. Water may even reach the ground surface if the natural pressure is high enough, in which case the well is called a flowing artesian well.

    An aquifer is a layer of soft rock, like limestone or sandstone, that absorbs water from an inlet path. Porous stone is confined between impermeable rocks or clay. This keeps the pressure high, so when the water finds an outlet, it overcomes gravity and goes up instead of down. The recharging of aquifers happens when the water table at its recharge zone is at a higher elevation than the head of the well.

    Fossil water aquifers can also be artesian if they are under sufficient pressure from the surrounding rocks. This is similar to how many newly tapped oil wells are pressurized.

  12. Lamorlife says:

    I personally feel that any interference with the natural hydrological cycle has potential repercussions to the natural balance. For instance when we dig or drill a hole and tap into the aqua fir in this manner, a conical depression can form changing the flow, direction and pressure of the aqua fir. This can even cause the water to drop into other underground tables, thus drying up an entire well/spring. Furthermore, water goes through a maturation process much akin to creating a fine wine. When the water is ready to support life on this planet in the highest order, it will come out of the ground out of its own accord. I do not support digging wells that interfere with the natural flow. If the water is coming to the surface of its own accord and a well or temple is built around it than that is a different story. If I don’t have access to source spring water, but do have access to well water, of course I will drink this instead of anything else, as the water does tend to be very pure…anyhow just sharing perspective. I do suggest checking out Frankston/Cuney Spring if you are indeed a water warrior…

  13. Steve27kdr says:

    I went out there this past Sunday, and the water tasted great, was cold, and really energized me! It is the best natural water I think I have ever had 🙂

  14. Sandy says:

    Just wanted to say THANKS to Find-a-spring for giving this awesome info on locating the best water for only the price of gas to get you there and back :-). Live in Waxahachie and have made 4 trips out there in the last year to fill up 6 5-gal water bottles each time (you can get BPA free on eBay) and I have also let a few others in on my secret to the purest water around. A couple questions, though…first, does anyone know anythng about the UV setup? It appears someone used to pay for that service, but the meters read no activity so it looks like it is shut down – not sure if that is good or bad. Second, does anyone know the general storage life of untreated water? Sometimes if a half finshed bottle sits around a bit (I travel a lot) and gets condensation I sometimes put a few drops of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in it just to be safe, but was wondering about general or standard precautions if necessary? Thanks! Sure do love the cold gushing water, esp in the Texas heat! 🙂

  15. Reyesfamily4jc says:

    Hi Sandy, I just went there myself a week ago, but I didn’t pay any attention to the UV setup…….so if you find out anything, let me know. I’ve been there several times and have always enjoyed the water. I’m thinking not many natural artesian wells or springs have UV setups, but it would be nice if someone who knows more could tell us about that.

  16. Jan says:

    I happen to know a good bit about this well. My grandfather, Robert E. Faulkner, drilled it and set the original pipe in the early 1950s. He and my grandmother lived about 1/4 mile north of the well in a two-room house (all bathroom facilities, including the shower, outdoors). Their kitchen tap was connected to a small pond on their property, and that supplied them with household water. But each day my grandfather (and any grandchildren who happened to be visiting) would walk to the well with an old-fashioned enamel bucket and bring home the “drinking water.”
    For over 15 years, the well was nothing more than a three inch pipe rising about 2 feet above the ground. Water flowed constantly over the open top and onto the ground. It then gathered into a brook that wound off through the woods to the east of the road. Eventually, this little creek emptied into the pond.
    Sometime in the 1970s, my grandparents sold their property and moved to Henderson, Texas. Rather than letting the well go with the property, my grandfather deeded it to the city of Canton with the stipulation that it would always be open to the public.
    It saddened me a great deal to return and find the ugly fence around the well. I liked the old, mossy pipe much better.

    • Sandy says:

      Thanks for the info, Jan. I had heard from another “well goer” that it had been deeded and gets tested monthly along with all the other municipal water. That’s great, as long as no one decides to do anything to this awesome water :-). So do you know anything about the UV set-up? Just wondering if there was a problem at any point that caused someone to decide to do that. Thanks for any info!

    • Jenniferlayne says:

      Jan – its nice to hear from a family member.  My family got water from this well – from the time I was a little girl.  We moved to the area in 1955. My little brother was a baby – and he’s now a ranch manager in Larue.  My folks had a big 25 gallon glass holder that swung on a metal holder.  Poppa would go and get water from the spring – the mossy pipe you talk of – because the glass container was so heavy.  Later they went and got the water in gallon jugs.  I remember how cold and clear that water was from the pipe – AND how much the local folk appreciated your grandfather deeding the well. 

      My last memory, I live in Seattle now, was a trip to the well with my Father, the day after my Mother’s funeral.  We’d gone to ‘get water’ , most likely because it was something normal and comforting to do.  We talked about Mom and their life together. A trip to the well was just sort of sustaining.

      We truly enjoyed that water – and perhaps my sister still goes to get water from there. But your family’s generosity was a legacy to me !

    • waterman says:

      What could we do to remove the unused UV unit and replace the PVC pipes with some cast iron pipe or stainless steel pipe instead. I drink the water from that well and don’t like the plastic pipe’s people have installed. I would be willing to help pay for some better pipes. It would not take very much pipe to fix it.

    • Susan says:

      Your Grandfather was a great man. I thank him for every glass jug I fill with this fantastic water at the well.
      Thank you for writing the story.

    • Scott says:

      Jan, was there ever a spring there? Why did he chose that location? How deep did he set the well case?

  17. I want to know your thoughts on the PVC pipe, UV filtration, etc. Does any of this cancel out the purity of the water?
    I was thinking of purchasing a ionic water machine to use until I found this site. Of course natural is best, but…..pipes, filtrations systems, filters? Who changes those & when?
    Just curious & would rather drive to get “living” water over paying thousands for a system.
    Thanks for the input.

    • Waterman says:

      I do not like the PVC pipe on the spring at all. The PVC pipe should be replaced with a stainless steel pipe. The UV filtration unit on the spring is not good. I do not like the UV filtration unit at all. The water is perfect right out of the ground. You can unplug the UV filtration thing when you get your water. The PVC pipe and UV filter need to be removed.

      • Sandy says:

        It doesn’t look like the UV unit has been used for awhile. I thought maybe sometime in the past there may have been a possible problem? No one seems to know of anything in 40 yrs, so my guess is it wasn’t too big a problem if one at all…

        • Kathie says:

          We went there this morning for the first time. I wonder if the water is diverted through the UV contraption whether it is on or off, and whether the pipes it goes through may not be old and corroded like the UV thing looks. I love the thought of getting clean water this way, but actually I didn’t like the taste of it, and that makes me wonder if it’s it’s still being tested, and if it’s still clean. Maybe it’s just the natural taste of east Texas water that I need to get used to, I don’t know. I’m used to filtered.

          • Kathie says:

            I do like the water now – I think that the acrid taste was probably from my jugs not being thoroughly rinsed. And I think the UV setup is abandoned. The door on it is ajar. We’ve been drinking the water without a problem for over a week now and my stomach is very sensitive to everything. I think the iron content is very high as East Texas water usually is, I think. I’ve decided to put it through a ceramic filter, which I expect will lower the iron as  well as remove any bacteria that might be in it. (High iron levels in the body contribute to cancer and heart disease.)

          • Kathie_dooley says:

            I’ve decided the water in this well is not reliable due to the drought and/or agrotoxins from surrounding farm communities. The last water we got tasted bitter and gave me diarrhea. The ceramic filter didn’t make much difference. I just read something similar written about the Cuney-Frankston spring which is in the same area. I think that any spring or well from this aquifer needs to be treated with caution now because of the effect the prolonged drought is having.

          • K1sinclair says:

            Thanks for your update. I was wondering about the quality of the water due to the drought… Will wait until it cools off modest we have some rain before I go trekking out there. Thanks again for the current update.

          • Jan says:

            Kathie…….Are you sure it wasn’t something else like food making you ill…I have a very week immune system and just picked up more water yesterday and still I am fine….:)just a thought…., I have never had a problem with this well, from what I know it is still tested…. but I will try to double check that part….out of all the water in the area it is the best….Thining about sending a sample to EWG to get it tested……but it cost so much:(

          • Kathie says:

            I don’t know. My husband drinks it and likes it, with no stomach problems. It gives me a really bad aftertaste with a burn to it. My immune system is good but I’m very sensitive to chemicals, so my guess is that it’s contaminated with agrotoxins. (The way I got so sensitive to chemicals was by drinking untreated well water and ignoring the bad taste – for 3 years before I realized the well was contaminated by everything our neighbor put on his field: weedkillers, lime, etc.) But I could easily be wrong about this one. I’m also concerned that perhaps the city isn’t maintaining it or testing it anymore. The cyclone fence is down, so it’s accessible by people and animals. The UV apparatus is sitting there open and appears to be rusting right above it. I can’t help but wonder what kinds of toxic metals are leaching out of it and going right into the well. There are mobile homes not that far away, probably with septic tanks, fertilize on their gardens, etc. It just doesn’t seem to be very “protected”.

          • Jan says:

            I understand I have MCS…….I have to go again this week and pick up some more……we even cook with it…. We went on a mini vaca and I drank distilled water the entire time we were gone….came home drank 4 glasses of “Our” water here at the house and my lymph nodes swelled  again, so over to the well we went….
            I DO Agree
            It could be kept better but they don’t seem to care much about it, When I was young none of that was there….
            I think it is  a shame that so many local people have capped there well or fenced it off so that people can’t get to them around this area
            For those out of town, We had an inch of rain last night:) If you are worried about the farm run off ect making this bad, trust me with MCS It would set me off right away and doesn’t……just an fyi
            You can email me at     CANTON WELL In the Subject if you are interested in having this well tested……I think we will try to get it done pretty soon if I can’t find out that it is being done by the city!

          • Kathie says:

            I took your advice and began drinking it again and it’s been fabulous for weeks. We just got more today and then saw last week’s warning that someone had gotten sick. Maybe he just got a virus. I’ll let my husband try it out first and let you know if he gets sick or not. 🙂  I stopped even filtering it and I think it’s been good. Certainly no bad stomach problems like his.

          • John Quile says:

            You mentioned it has a burn to it. I wonder if this water if the water’s ph level is so high that it’s really alkaline

          • Kathie_dooley says:

            No. You could test it easily enough for ph, but i’m sure it’s fine. I think a burn would have been from a chemical, and it was due to my own detoxing at the time. After I got through a difficult period of allergies and detox, I drank it for a year (until moving), and it was great.

  18. Kilarneydr says:

    Is this the only Artesian Well left in Texas where you can get water?

    • Bobby says:

      I have been in Texas for 16 years now and is from Louisiana where I have to take 5 gallon bottles with me when I go home to get spring water and today I said I know all of Texas there have to be a spring some where. I live in Garland Tx now and so happy I found this place after countless hours of searching. I will be going this week end ,me and my daughter usually go to the springs back home in Louisiana together. I really enjoy sharing that experience with her…. I would I get there from Garland, I know I have to take 20  but what exit off of 20… Thanks in advance…

      • REALLY says:

        There is one near Winsboro Tx in Scroggin Tx

        • Herbsofafeather says:

          The One in Scroggin has been tested, it isn’t safe
          I myself had gone to it and wouldn’t take any water from it, then read the testing on it., glad I passed

          • Billyvinson81 says:

            Artesian in canton made me extremely sick. 6 hours after drinking a bottle, i had horrible stomach cramps, puking & brown water diarreha. Sux, i shoulda boiled it first… I went yesterday (11.4.11)…. Never again… Ill buy from whole foods here in dallas, triple distilled… Omg… My whole weekends been ruined 🙁

          • Billyvinson81 says:

            Oops 11.5.11 is when i went (yesterday)

          • Herbsofafeather says:

            Billy So sorry you had that problem…..I do what you discribed after eating out at most places… I know it isn’t fun…..
            .IF anyone else has this problem please email me at, I will notify Canton if there are more than just billy and let them know……Still doing fine with my water we got this week…..

          • Kathie says:

            We just got more water 11/19/2011 and it seems to be fine. We only drink water from this well now, and always untreated. Maybe it was a virus or something you had that was just a coincidence. Or a hot dog on the trip?

          • Mailboxa1 says:

            The water from this well did not make you sick. I drink it all the time and nothing is wrong with it. 

  19. Sharon says:

    I am so fortunate to live only 15 miles from this delicious water. Just filled up four large jugs last weekend. It tastes so pure and wonderful. 🙂

  20. MysticAvatar says:


  21. Herbsofafether says:

    Looking for people to contribute a little to have this tested by a good company.  Please leave me a note if you want to contribute……even a little will help us get enough to make sure and we WILL be posting the results

  22. Kathie says:

    I think the water is great. We keep it for more than 2 weeks without it going off at all, so I think there’s no bacterial problem. And I am EXTREMELY sensitive to all chemicals but am getting better and better on this water. It’s gotta be good. I don’t know what I’d ever do without it. I got really bad panic syndrome from drinking bottled water and filters haven’t worked out. This is the best water I’ve ever had.

  23. John Quile says:

    Not sure if we have a video yet here’s a quick recording I made:

  24. Anonymous says:

    Have been using this spring for a while now. We go for water when we get low. Use it for coffee and drinking water for the pups. We use if for cooking most items too. Steamed rice! And many other things as well. We collect about 25-30 gals at a time.
    We are only about an hour+ away. The water has been and usually is very good. My old favorite in MN is getting ruined buy the housing development they built on top of the hills. Miller Springs. A 200 year old spring going to waste for a green lawn. The developers fought hard against the public to get to build their townhouses. It only took 4-5yrs to bring the water quality down.

  25. Waterman says:

    The plastic UV unit should be removed. It does not look like is is being used. It would be better if the water was not going through unnecessary plastic pipes which have BPA contamination.

  26. Gloria says:

    I have drak this water oir years , I use it for everything except of course bathing.. We are never sick i tell my family and friends the onlything we do different here is drink the artesian water from Canton…It must be healthy.!
    Thanks to the man who gave it to the City of Canton..he had a good heart.

  27. Charles Barber says:

    Best Water EVER!!!

  28. Sugarfoot says:

    Robert Faulkner was also my Grandfather. I remember taking many walks to the well from the original two room cedar house he built, going to the outhouse, taking baths in the tin tub on the back porch, letting the chickens out of the chicken house, eating watermelons in the watermelon patch, picking muskatine grapes to the 3 bedroom 2 bath with carport when I was a older teenager. Granddaddy and I would get his water pails and take off down the road to draw water from the well. We would also take a cane poll and catch grasshoppers and would catch perch in the stream. Granddaddy also had a water route that he took to the widow ladies of Canton…They believed it cured their ailments. They would always give him baked goods or fresh veggies for bringing them the water. That was the coldest water coming out of that spring….Just like my cousin, Jan…I was sad the last time I went to the old homeplace and saw the condition of the well. The city of Canton should dedicate that well to Him and take time to appreciate all the thousands of people that have come to Canton to draw water from the well!

    • K Kinslow says:

      I read your comment and was wanting to ask you a question? My grandparents live down the road toward Emory. They’ve been drinking the water for almost 30 years and I attribute it to as part of their vitality and well being for their age. I was wanting to know from someone with history from the area if more is known about the well. The location of its original source? I asked around town when I made a trip to the well one morning when I was visiting them. I was told multiple answers, the most being Colorado and Arkansas. If yourself or anyone else with knowledge can shed light on this please email me and let me know. . Thanks

  29. Lauren B says:

    If anyone from the Garland area is going to get water soon, I would love to try some…could I send some bottles with you to bring back for me? Email me!

  30. Ginger says:

    Me and my husband travel from Arlington, Texas once a month and have been doing so for 3 months now. It is great! I have never tasted “real” water (not chemically treated). I will not touch any other water now. I cannot say enough how refreshing and clean this water is. The locals we have talked to have drank this water for many years. I have even seen county workers stopping in to fill up their water jugs before heading off to work. I cannot say enough how much I love this water and how much my health has improved just from drinking it!

  31. Martha says:

    I had been curious about finding a better water source, so I decided to check out the spring in Canton (7/4/13). Well first we couldn’t find the place because where the gps indicates that the spring is at, is wrong. The spring is on that road, but you have to keep going until the end of the road where it makes a curve and then the spring is to the right, which is a dead end. There is a big fence where the spring is at. The water is truly different from what you have ever tasted. Its truly sweet and fresh. The water is very cold when it comes out. The flow is great and it helps fill up quickly. When we went, there were people filling up. Its a safe area since there is lots of homes around. I highly recommend it, check it out.

    • LeighLon says:

      We apologize that the GPS coordinates are wrong on the site. Would it be possible for you to provide us with the accurate GPS coordinates so we can update the spring to reflect them? We rely on accurate information being submitted as we are unable of course to visit and verify each spring submission. Really appreciate your support and look forward to hearing back from you so we can update this spring for others to enjoy also 🙂

  32. B d says:

    hey all very happy to have find this site ! I was on my way home from being out of town sunday dec 15 2013 and heard about this spring so I decided to stop in. Let me first say the water is awesome!! I only had three one gallon jugs ,as I was filling those a man pulls up behind me and I guess saw I was trying to fill up anything I could and ended up giving me about 10 2 liter bottles which was awesome, He was very nice and said he had been going there since it was given to the city. Anyway Great place, it isn’t beautiful in appearance but has a wonderful energy to it. Anyway, this is all I have been drinking for 4 days and I feel great! It really does raise your overall energy and its awesome there’s a place like that close to me! I am in dallas (acutally mesquite and it was only a 45 min drive home) and plan on going atleast once a month to stock up. Hope to see you there I would recommend this place to anyone!!

  33. Kirby says:

    Today I took my mother along with me to gather some water from this well. It was a wonderful experience to get out and drive the 100 miles from Fort Worth to this well in Canton. This water tastes amazing. Very refreshing. Very good quality. It doesn’t seem to have the taste of a high TDS. Amazing environment with all the beautiful trees. We collected about 11 gallons. It was great to see others collecting as we pulled up. It was very easy to find just right off the CO RD. Thank you to those who posted the directions. The water isn’t super cold, however, but is still pretty cool nonetheless. Ok so it’s not bitter cold or anything but still very cool. I’ve heard that the pH and TDS can vary over time, so I will be getting those meters soon and will post the readings on here asap and see what we get. Again, this water is wonderful and free flowing. A pretty fast flow actually, so we were able to fill up with ease. I highly recommend this source. I wish there was an actual spring to go to tho. This well is wonderful tho and is a HUGE step up for me as far as water quality. Remember your water will become your blood folks! Peace from Kirby!

  34. Grant Powell says:

    I went to this well today and collected 7-8 gallons; the water looked and tasted good. The flow was like a faucet turned on all the way. The plastic PVC pipe and UV filtration box are still there, idk how much they affect the water quality, I’ll post again if I get sick. The thumb tack/GPS directions are spot on. Thanks to everyone who posted feedback earlier; seems like this is the best well near Dallas at the moment.

  35. Lauren B says:

    I recently visited this location and filled some clean, glass bottles. It’s been about 4 days and the water in the closed bottles is starting to smell a little like dirty feet…or maybe sulfur. Has anyone else had this issue and do you know why that is happening?

  36. Lauren B says:

    It’s important to note that it didn’t have the odor when we bottled it…nor did it have it the first few days. It’s very good tasting water as well…just not sure I should keep drinking it since this is happening!

  37. Jen says:

    Well Lauren B. You appear to be the most recent visitor to get water. Any answers to the stinky feet water. Did you run any tests?

  38. Zander says:

    Just double checking here, can you drink the water as is or do you need to boil it first or anything like that? I’ve never been here before but I’d like to go try it out.

  39. Lauren B says:

    I didn’t get any responses and I did not test the water. It was the first time I bottled my own…new adventure for me. The smell dissipated almost as quickly as it arrived. I want to go back and get more. How do you get it tested?

  40. Sam W says:

    Showed my wife the artesian well for the first time yesterday, August 9th, 2014. My grandfather use to take me out there. All of the old timers swore by its water. I remember his jugs getting mineral deposits if the water sat for a long time stored. Anyways, my young daughters drank from it with no problems as did both of us. Tasted great and I really felt an energy boost. I’ll be filling up my jugs with the old folks now! 🙂

  41. Donna says:

    This site (where the water comes up from the spring) was donated by the family who owned this property. It was donated to the public in the event of their deaths. What a wonderful gift for all to enjoy. My mom and dad moved to the Canton area back in 1976 and shortly after moving there daddy heard about this artesian water source. He said he heard it kept you from getting gray hair if you drank the water. LOL Well, daddy died with a lot of gray hair but the water was wonderful. We even made my son’s powdered Similac with water from this well. It’s so cold and sweet and it is my understanding that the county extension office does periodic checks on the integrity of the water and it has always been super clean. Even in the summer time the water comes out of this well very cold. Enjoy! I think I am going to go out today to get several big jugs full.

  42. Will Godwin says:

    I own a spring in Mount Vernon, Texas that needs cleaning-out and testing. It was the historic spring that the town was built around. I would like to talk to anybody interested in developing it so it could be used. my email is wg at oakwoodassociates dot org

  43. jeff says:

    Just found this site and want to try this water, I’m about 100 miles away so I wanted to see if anyone had been there more recently than the last comment (1-27-2015). I’d sure hate to make the trip for no reason! Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks…

  44. Stephanie says:

    I’m curious how the well is today? There hasn’t been any comments for nearly a year. I plan to go check it out very very soon and wondering if there is anything new I should know.

  45. Virginia says:

    I’d have to say, I’ve been to this artesian spring or well for about 6 years now and we all LOVE it! Always very cold and has a way of quenching your thirst in comparison to others waters that just make you so full. If they ever have a way to donate to create a nicer looking spout or maybe water fountain for it, I would definitely give towards this. Wonderful great tasting water!

  46. Gary Popken says:

    I checked with the city of Canton a few months back. They send a person out daily to check that the UV sterilizing system is working. The have no water quality tests on the well. If anyone has any water quality tests, I would appreciate them being posted. It is good to sterilize your bottles that you are using to collect the water.

  47. STEVE says:

    Today, we visited the well for the first time. There were tons of people waiting in line. People kept telling me they have been drinking from this well for 30-40 years and it is still the best tasting water ever. Personally once tasting the water, I gotta say you will never go back to drinking bottled water.
    I was told Ozarka takes water from this underground aquifer and has been trying to privatize this well, but thankfully they have been unsuccessful until now.
    The site is a little messy due to people littering and throwing the bottles on the ground. Besides that, the water seems to be safe and clean.

  48. Jono says:

    This water is amazing and easy to get to. Bring plenty of jugs you will never want to drink anything else! Get there early or you will have to wait this is a very popular local attraction. This water tastes great and is 10 times better than Ozarka.

  49. Brent says:

    This water is amazing. Crystal clear and cold. Much better than any bottled water I have ever tried . I’ve been getting about 14 gallons every two weeks for the past 4 years and have never been disappointed. As with anywhere there are those that litter and disrespect the site. Sometimes cleaner than others. You will not leave unhappy if you spend the time to come here. Just bring enough containers so you won’t get upset for running out to soon. Water flow is fast so filling up a 5 gallon jug takes only a couple minutes at most.
    Last fill-up was yesterday 6/12/2017

  50. Annie Lin says:

    Love this water! Tastes great, family approved. Dh has never loved water like this before. About 1 1/2 hours from Fort Worth and worth the trip. We also love seeing the cows nearby. And, we always find nice people in line for this artesian water as well. Wish I knew the family to thank them!

  51. jeff says:

    Does anyone know the chemical readings in this water. Does it contain ammonia? what is current PH? Is the water hard or soft? I would love to use this water in my fish tank rather than using local water.

  52. Jodi says:

    This spring might have been awesome years ago, but not anymore. I got water on November 21, 2017. It is totally demineralized and possibly chlorinated. When you boil this water you get zero mineral settlement. All you see is a pipe next to the fence. Who knows what filter might be present at the source.

    • Billy Hill says:

      What tests did you perform ?

    • Pam says:

      It is not chlorinated. They run it through a UV filter to sterilize it. We’ve been getting water here for 20 years and I liked it better before they added the UV filter, but I guess it’s safer now. The well was donated to Van Zandt county for Van Zandt residents. I really wish they had someone there to check ID’s and only allow VZ residents to get water here. It would cut down on the traffic problems and be less likely to run dry anytime soon.

    • Kory says:

      Your comments couldn’t be further from the truth. This water is as great as it’s ever been. There are minerals and has no way for chlorine to be added at all. My grandparents have been using this as their sole source for drinking and cooking water for over 30 years. The box you see is a UV filter. This is the best water available. I come from Denton Tx to get this water if that says anything to its quality. Ozarka uses this same source as well. Tried to fight the city of Canton to privatize and lost. It’s just my opinion but I would ignore any negative comments made about this water source

    • John Garcia says:

      I sourced water from this Spring for many years, and have never been sick, etc. from consuming it. Cook, drink, brew coffee…it always was clean good, and 1000% better than any Municipal Treated water, or Bottled water from BIG WATER CORPS. The pipe is the access point provided from the pump that continually pulls the water up to the access point. There is a filter to remove bacteria but that is all their is. IT IS an Artesian source, so there is few deposits or settlements if any. You may have had a bad experience with the water, but Not thousands of People who have been getting Water here for Decades, since before World War II. There is usually a Line of Cars, etc. waiting to fill Jugs, bottles. Everyone Enjoy this great source of water.

    • Jayce says:

      I’m immensely disappointed with this Wilde water source. Upon arrival, I was skeptical of the pvc pipe setup, and after closer inspection, the purple adhesive used for connecting the pipe joints undoubtedly is contacting the water coming out. After tasting the water, there is an overwhelming plastic bite covering my tounge, and my mouth was instantly creating phlegm as an auto immune response to whatever toxins are in this water. Really, this is a shame, and alas, the dallas area is virtually void of a free, and good wild water source. Back to mountain valley spring water for me. On another note, there is bears claw/coral tooth mushrooms growing all around the area for all you mushroom foragers out there.

  53. Carol Dickinson says:

    Canton is too far. Does anyone know of an artesian well closer to Houston and also open to the public. Thank you.

  54. bread makers says:

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  55. There is apparently a bunch to realize about this. I believe you made certain good points in features also.

  56. Tony says:

    I just found out about this place and decided to try it out. I went Saturday the 8th , 2018. There wasn’t anyone in line. Area was clean. Water was cool and has a different taste. No smell. Clean and clear water.

  57. Christopher says:

    This water is great- It’s always great. We’ve been collecting it for years and are always wary of misinformation about its quality from the vultures who want to take it over (i.e. Nestle Water etc). The people must fight to keep this place going if any threats should ever arise.

  58. Erin says:

    When I went today, a Canton Water Treatment truck pulled up. He was just coming to get some water, but I took the chance to ask him a few questions. He said the UV machine is indeed off. He said vandals destroyed that thing years ago, so no, there is no one testing it each day like started above. He said he does send a monthly sample off to be tested for bacteria, and it has never come back positive. He said the pH is 7 – what perfect pure water should be. He also said this isn’t a true artesian spring either. He said the lake water is higher so that’s what causes the pressure to make it come out. I mentioned that some of the commenters on here mentioned calling the City and asking questions. He said they should ask Ron.

  59. Rhiannon says:

    We just visited this spring today and we haven nothing but good things to say about it! We are from Manitou Srings Colorado and are used to the drinking springs there. This spring was running strong and cold today. We met a local woman whom filled as many jugs as we did and says she visits often to fill up. She says that sometimes it runs less strong and fast but it just depends on the day. Otherwise you can depend on this spring to be flowing well enough to obtain good amounts of fresh drinking water! This particular spring is very still (meaning not carbonated). The sun was shining and it was all very beautiful while we filled up. We reccomend this location if you are in search of fresh drinkibg water from the earth! We will come back to visit this spring whenever we visit Dallas again! Thank you to FindASpring and all the people who established a pin on this location as an actual source of free clean drinking water and all the people who took the time to leave a comment and photos for others to view.

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