Bitney Springs, Nevada City, CA


Posted: July 22, 2009

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10289 Bitney Springs Road
Nevada City, CA 95959
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Sheltered, cement base with several pipes coming out. Bitney Springs has three spouts continuously flowing. If you’re turning onto Bitney Springs Rd from Rough and Ready Hwy, you will see the canopy on your right in about .3 miles.

Nearest Address

Approximately 10289 Bitney Springs Road.

Directions from Nearest Address

From Interstate 80 East toward Reno, take exit 119C for Elm Ave. Turn right at Elm Ave, and right at CA-49/Grass Valley Hwy. Take exit toward CA-174/Grass Valley/Colfax. Turn left at S Auburn St, then left on W Main St. Continue on Rough and Ready Hwy, then a right on Bitney Springs Rd, .3 miles down the road.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 37
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:


Map Link: Bitney Springs Map


Submitted by: Knee Deep, Lauren

  1. kylejamesp81 says:

    Hi I live not too far from here, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

  2. Ryan_Gaska says:

    This is my personal spring! I have been drinking this water exclusively since I discovered Daniel and about a year ago. I will never look back. Thanks DV. Every time I fill up there is a line of incredible people. I tell everyone I know about this spring. This water is absolutely the best I have ever tasted; truly invigorating.

  3. Ryan Gaska says:

    This is my personal spring! I have been drinking this water exclusively since I discovered Daniel and about a year ago. I will never look back. Thanks DV. Every time I fill up there is a line of incredible people. I tell everyone I know about this spring. This water is absolutely the best I have ever tasted; truly invigorating.

  4. mydogpercy says:

    This is in Grass Valley, not Nevada City. Love this spring!

    • Cockatielsmama says:

      Bitney Springs Rd. is technically in Nevada City. I know people who live there…maybe it depends on which end…

    • bobonlyknows says:

      I think it has to do with the mail for the most part being routed through Nevada City. We lived on Bitney Springs Road for years with a Nevada City address but it seems to e it is in GrassValley, thus the saying there “Nevada City is the capitol of Grass Valley”!

  5. kevinhawkins says:

    The water is excellent. I tested it with my TDS meter. The reading was 44 PPM. 🙂

  6. Vicki C says:

    Love this water, had it as a child and now as an adult! Great resource in our area.

  7. Debbie says:

    Hi Folks!
    You now can get SPRING water coming out of your TAP WATER!!! For real!! Please watch this movie on water!!
    Please watch as soon as possible because this is at least the 2nd time they’ve taken it out! Don’t know how much longer it’ll be there! It is just on water!! Not put out by any company selling anything. It’s a documentary on WATER and its many properties: such as memory and biophotonic energy! Our units have all the properties of spring water and its energy! Even more energy! It is 10 parts long…this is just part 1!

    Water has to have HIGH ENERGETICS! Spring water does, but you can now get it out of your TAP! NO MOVING PARTS! No magnets! Designed by a phycisist that worked for the Military working on Cloaking technology!! LIFETIME WARRANTY! IT MIMICs 10-15 miles of running stream water going over rocks creating 1000’s of vortices! For more info email me!! Tigger_eyes_here and I use yahoo. so tigger_eyes_here {at}yahoo{dot}com. YOU SHOULD SEE OUR GARDEN!! ANIMALS will choose this water although I would love to do a test between this spring water and our water!! So someone w/a dog please email me with this spring water and let’s do a test!!!

    BTW David Wolfe is getting a DVD about this soon. HIs secretary AVOCADESS is excited about it because it will save her lots of gas and lots of $$!!!!

    The owner of this company was at the LONGEVITY conference and he met up w/the LIVER DR and they did a DARK FIELD BLOOD analysis. I have before and after photos from just 10 minutes after drinking this water!!

    YOU CAN SEE THE WHITE SCALE come out of your pipes when you first install it sometimes! THAT MEANS it’s working! Also it will do that TO YOUR BODY…it can remove EXCESS BAD CALCIIUM, etc!!!


    • annie says:

      Hi Debbie – this link to youtube is gone (again?) – can you mention the NAME of the product or the creator – can’t find anything on this online and i REALLY want to check out the system!

      thanks for posting!

  8. Dancarli41 says:

    i found it once it was all right for spring water its got coloforms aliens are partakers of this water no shit

  9. Brittni says:

    wrong address, it is approximately: 10289 Bitney Springs Road

  10. Tor Lokvig says:

    We fill our large water bottles from this wonderful spring every week. At times you’ll wait for others for a few minutes while a variety of people are there ahead of you. We had the water tested and found that it’s slightly hard, which is healthy for you. The water is cold and very fresh tasting. The spring is on private land and the owner is providing a terrific public service for which we’re grateful.

  11. stephen says:
    Earth Circle Organics is 2 minutes away. All organic and mostly raw(only call it that if it is),wholesaler. Low min of $150 Best price bali cacao and cashews etc…877-922-3663 ask for Stephen. Keep enjoying the miracle. PEACE and LOVE

  12. Lalakitty says:

    Went and filled our bottles today! It was around 1:00 in the afternoon and we were the only ones there until a guy came by in his truck to fill up a small container. Water tastes good and though we live in Sacramento, we’ll be coming back for more.

  13. Captain Canary says:

    This is the spring that first turned me on to quality water in 1973 when I lived in the area. It has been an amazing resource. I recommend it highly.

  14. Heather Clapp says:

    We fill up a 5 and 2 gallon jar every few days because our family can’t get enough of it. At night when my son asks for water he says “can I have some spring water mommy?”. When it runs out we’ll drink tap water till we get out that way but it’s a chore rather than the addictive pleasure bitney springs water is.

    But I wonder if folks have forgot about it because there has never been a line. What a shame!

  15. Jen says:

    Talked to a lady from the EPA about this spring and she said it has tested high in contaminants and she is surprised it hasn’t been shut down. Looking into this, I found that the area has been contaminated with mercury from the old gold mining days. Has anyone heard about this?  Anyone ever done extensive testing of the water here? I’ve been drinking this water for about three years and would like to continue to. Thank You

  16. Curleequet says:

    Just went to fill up our bottles this afternoon. First time out there and man was it a beautiful drive! The water was ice cold and awesome! Definately going back regularly!

  17. Luke says:

    I was just here a few days ago- great flow, good water.  Locals come from all over to fill up. 

  18. Glenda says:

    I was told that the water is a bit high in iron.  Does anyone know if this is true? 

  19. Glenda says:

    I called the Nevada County Environmental Health Dept. today to see if this water is safe to drink, since I stopped and got a couple gallons last week and have been drinking it.  They said that they used to monitor the spring, but when they posted warnings about drinking the water, the signs would be torn down immediately, so they finally gave up and stopped testing.  He said that we should boil the water for 2-3 minutes, because when they tested for total coliform bacteria (from dead and decaying insects, leaves, etc.), it was most always positive.  This CAN make us sick, but not necessarily.  There was also some fecal coliform intermittently and some e-coli, which can definitely make you sick.  This is a shallow spring in a valley surrounded by cattle, goats, horses, etc.  He did not know if the water ever tested positive for mercury or not (this county has plenty of it in the streams and rivers from gold mining days).  That said, there are plenty of people who have drunk this water for 40 years or more, however I don’t know anything whatsoever about their level of health.  Think I’ll be boiling mine.  Do not boil longer than 3 minutes – any longer and you’ll be concentrating the minerals, etc., and that could be bad.
    To your good health!

    • Dorie says:

       Talked to an old timer/neighbor who lives right down the road from this spring. He said the contamination might have something to do with all the houses in the area that were built before Nevada County upgraded its standards for septic tanks………a quick drive by will show there is abundant cattle and similar in the area…….play it safe and drive up to Coughlin’s, up across from the North Columbia School House.

  20. Virgie says:

    We justed moved to the area and heard about this spring.  Because we’re very health conscious and are trying to heal our bodies, we collected some water samples and paid to have them tested in February 2012.  The test revealed that the water is acutally great (a little low in pH but this could be of the delay in testing due to transportation time).  I’d be happy to share the results to anyone who would like to receive them.  Just email me at virgiejohnson[at]

  21. Anonymous says:

    I gathered up my best friends and we trekked on up from Sacramento with our glass jugs. I have to say that having lived in a metropolitan area my whole life, on municipal water, this was the most amazing water I’ve ever tasted. I know it’s not the “best ever” but it’s a HUGE step up from Brita.  I was concerned about the reports of Mercury, but it doesn’t seem to keep the locals away. While we were there, several people pulled up to fill their jugs too.  We left our gratitude and a simple offering to those that protect the place and the waters.  I might pool funds with whoever is interested to have it tested at  Their rates seem pretty reasonable, and even the $80 test tests for Mercury and the bacteria.

  22. Neck says:

    Well I like it and if it results in my demise I will advise..

  23. Ray Bonnell says:

    I grew up drinking water from this spring.  From about 1955 to 1970 it was our only source for drinking water. I’m 60 years old now and still as spry as my 10-year-old grandson. (Well…maybe not that spry.) We also used to pick water cress from the small stream behind the spring.

  24. Tb says:

    dee dee dumb, here ya come! has anyone of you contacted the Environmental Health Agency? You know the sign that’s clearly posted here? The many years that they’ve tested, there has been large amounts of animal fecal matter in this water. Wonder if it has to do with all of the cattle ranches in the area, ya think?

  25. Kdavy04 says:

    Just went yesterday and filled all our jugs.  Beautiful clean, cold water!  So happy to have this available!

  26. Sasquatron says:

    Has anyone had a metals test done on this water? There’s a local place that does testing, cranmerengineeringinc, but it’s 320 bucks for the metals panel. I had the thought that someone may have already had it done and could save myself the $. I love the taste of this water and have been drinking it for years…and then it occurred to me, after a friend heard something about potential high levels of arsenic, that I should get it tested. Arsenic can really screw up your day 🙁 . If I don’t hear from anyone, I’ll be testing and posting the results on here. If anyone wants to pitch in for the test, my email is luckyyakleg[at]

  27. Newtown neighbor says:

    Mercury was used extensively in this region, however it is not really a water quality issue, nor is it a ground water issue. 99% of all the Mercury here is bound to sediment (not dissolved in the water) and only becomes bioavailable to humans when they eat fish caught from the reservoirs. Arsenic however, is naturally occurring throughout the Sierra and is found in ground water. I suggest contacting the Environmental Health Dept to find out their test results for arsenic and bacteria

  28. Alexander Maksimishin says:

    I am looking for history of that spring, please help

  29. Anna says:

    Hi there,
    My husband and I love this water but we think it could be making both of us have the runs. We got some for the first time last week and since then both of us have been having diarrhea. Has anyone tested this water recently?

    • Kaiti says:

      Im so glad someone said this….i thought i was going crazy!!
      Love this water but i think ive gotten the runs both times from this spring now and getting migranes….it sucks and im pretty sure its from tbitney because two days ago i was fine drank about a gallon of it so far and have sulfur runs now…and throbbing head

    • Jeff says:

      People saying that this water gave them health issues are full of it. Stop eating unhealthy food maybe? Don’t blame this water when it’s a thousand times healthier than tap.maybe if you got diareah it’s because this water is helping you get negative build up out of your body. If you don’t like this spring, then go away. And do not ever come back.

  30. Justin says:

    Drink up! My family has been driving from Sacramento to this spring for over 30 years. We usually bottle it a truckload at a time at sunrise. The water sits in5 gallon jugs for a few months at a time until it is consumed,no problems. We keep the one we are drinking on a alhambra chilled water dispenser. I’m 31 and was raised on this water since 1year old. Never had any problems. Never had it tested and wouldn’t worry about it. If you’re worried, go away and don’t involve Environmental Health. The Government should keep its nose out of this.

  31. Nevada County 15 years says:

    Been drinking it for 15 years now as my primary source of water. My family is healthy but I would love more info on the heavy metal content. Wondering if I should be concerned? If you are drinking NID sink water (not well water), you are drinking reclaimed sewage water–yuck!!!

  32. Kelly says:

    This spring is fantastic! Went there for the first time 11/29/17. The water tastes great, similar to Red Rock Beach which is my usual go to spring however inaccessible @ the moment due to road work for a few months. Met several people that had been drinking it for years. So far no adverse reactions 🙂

  33. Dozer says:

    Tested Bitney Spring water on 4/6/2017 for Aluminum, Arsenic, Iron, Mercury, and Zinc. None of the metals were detected. Used FGL for analysis and collected/preserved samples accordingly (I collect and analyze storm/waste/surface water in my line of work so I did this as a side project). Been drinking this water almost daily since we moved here over 3 years ago and it is glorious. I’ll conduct an E-coli/fecal coliform test this spring and let you know how it turns out.

  34. Franz&Renate says:

    We coming cince offer 10 years to Nevada City, never have a problem with this water. But all the time is good, when there is a public control off the Water and the resalts can be publicized there.

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