Bonny Doon (Moon Rocks) Spring, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060


Disclaimer: I don’t know if this spring has been piped with a tap to properly collect water from, I’ve personally drank from where the water comes out from the ground and in my opinion it was very pure.)

The trail to the spring is located just off of 850 Martin Rd.  Located on the right side if your coming from Davenport or on the left side if your coming from Ice Cream Grade Rd.

  1. You will see a gated property lined with Eucalyptus trees (usually open; this is the Deerhaven Herb and Flower Farm)
  2.  Enter through the gate and take the trail about 40 feet just to the right
  3. Continue on the trail (Don’t take the trail to the right that goes along the road) headed south for about 5 or so minutes (You will see a building structure about 200 yards to the left if you are on the correct trail)
  4. Along this trail you will find another trail on the right (almost a deer trail)  take it. (To know if this is the correct trail soon after you take it, you will have to climb over a large fallen tree)
  5.   Continue on this trail for a about 15 to 20 minutes, you will then start to notice how the ecosystem changes dramatically from desert like climate into lush forest. This is a exciting sign that you’re nearing to the stream (spring)
  6. Once you are in the midst of the forest you will continue walking until you come up on the stream (there will be a large fallen tree stump just left of the stream)
  7. If you take the deer-trail right, up the small stream, you will find a location where water gradually comes out of the ground, key indicator to look for is bubbles.
  8. Optional: For a nice refresher continue on the main trail and follow the sound of the water until you find a nice spring water concrete bath, embrace the chilling water and take a dip in the hole! Give appreciation to nature and the local Bonny Dooner for making a lovely spring bath.



  1. Drake solely from this spring for about 3 days then got the runs. It’s possible that I got it from something else. The pool where the water comes out, right next to the bubbles, is a bit stagnant. Maybe someone needs to explore further up stream although it’s pretty “bushy” dense vegetation up past the current location
    I’m really sad since I was really enjoying walking to this magical place for hydration…

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