Lake Hemet Spring, Mountain Center, CA


Posted: October 9, 2009

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On Rt. 74 next to bridge near lake Hemet
Mountain Center, CA 92561
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There are about three bridges on rte.74 that cross over marshy areas as you approach lake hemet from the east. This spring is located on the south side of the road at the first bridge. Just look for a pull-off next to the bridge, it’s the only one. Local peoples are drinking this water, but I opted not to since it had a TDS of 141.

Nearest Address

On Rt. 74 next to bridge near lake Hemet. On the lake side of the road by the bridge over the South Fork San Jacinto River

Directions from Nearest Address


Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 141-174
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 7.4 – 8.1

Hours Spring is Open:



33.664494, -116.668220

Submitted by: Jacob, Raquel

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  1. timothymatz says:

    Me and a few of my Loved Ones have been drinking from this spring for over a month now and Love it. On our last visit we ran into some locals filling up. They have been drinking from this spring for decades and even have had the water tested at a city lab. The individual from the water district said ” where did you get this water. I have not seen water this clean in years!” We love it. The little eco system around this spring is beautiful. Vibrantly green lilly pads. It looks like it is the main source for the lake. A TDS of 141 is great! Home boy is trippin.

  2. Raquel says:

    TDS 174
    PH 7.4 – 8.1

    as of Jan 14, 2010

  3. mikelund says:

    I just visited this spring with my family. A nearby fireman pointed out the overflow which is right next to the first bridge, like the description here says. The water tasted Amazing!! Can't wait to go back

  4. @Inspire2act is this closer to you????

  5. brett says:

    went here today and filled 🙂

  6. timelesseye says:

    I think I saw you there brett, great spring and it is only about an hour from my area. Water taste crisp and clean =]

  7. AndreaCova says:

    Filled up four gallons today! Delicious water – far superior to municipal or bottled. Yum!
    Just to clarify the location, the pushpin/coordinates on the map is the middle of the park at Lake Hemet. The spring GPS coordinates are @33.664494,-116.668220 (on the lake side of the road by the bridge over the South Fork San Jacinto River.)

  8. stratslasher says:

    08/01/2010. Found the spring water source right off the S. Fork San Jacinto River bridge. (Very close to the Lake campgrounds. FYI update, my TomTom GPS showed the location at N33.39860, W-116.40084. When I go back, I'm sending in a test sample of T.D.S. and T.O.C. to a lab for all you skepticals out there. Water is absolutely excellent and was somewhat already prechilled. I'm a RAW vegan and just crave spring water. If you love water, come and fill up on nature's gift of quenching. Cheers!

    • MARC VENZARA says:

      Hey Stratslasher – thanks for your post – I’m not so much a skeptic as I am fond of accurate information….so I wonder if you ever got around to testing this water and if so, would you please share? IF ANYONE ELSE HAS TESTED OBVIOUSLY WE’D ALL LOVE YOU TO SHARE RESULTS – IF NOT, IF ANYONE KNOWS RELIABLE, COST EFFECTIVE TESTING PLEASE SHARE WHERE – WE’LL THEN TEST AND SHARE WHAT WE LEARN. THANKS TO ALL APPRECIATORS OF THE TRUE ‘NECTAR OF THE EARTH’!

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Marc,

        I’m sorry. Last week I went back to the spring again and collected yet another batch. Only I forgot my testing vial. I’m using Ultimate Labs located in san diego to do the testing in Bioburden, TOC, conductivity, etc. Its sort of tricky to do this. Reasons are is because the sample must be ran within 24 hours or the sample can become altered. I plan on using a sterile vial and submit it in. So next time I go, I’m going to have to do it on a Sunday evening and then rush the sample to UL before I get to work. My company has used this vender before. I plan on going back to the spring maybe before Thanksgiving. I’ll make sure to get a sample again.

        Last weeks water was excellent. Very refreshing especially after that super hot following monday where it was 109F here in San Diego. Keep in touch as to let everyone know about this water. When I went last week, I saw another couple filling up BIGTIME!

        See you,

  9. guest says:

    TDS not a big deal… Our average tapwater has the same TDS – and I bet its not organic, beneficial matter like what is in the spring water…

    Ideal Drinking water from reverse osmosis, distillation, deionization, microfiltration, etc..
    0-50 PPM

    Often considered acceptable range for carbon filtration, mountain springs or aquifers.
    50-140 PPM

    Average tap water.
    140-400 PPM

    Hard water.
    170 PPM or above

    Less desirable
    200-300 PPM

    Unpleasant levels from tap water, aquifers or mountain springs.
    300-500 PPM

    The EPA’s maximum contamination level.
    500 PPM


  10. Debbie says:

    Hi Folks!
    You now can get SPRING water coming out of your TAP WATER!!! For real!! Please watch this movie on water!!
    Please watch as soon as possible because this is at least the 2nd time they’ve taken it out! Don’t know how much longer it’ll be there! It is just on water!! Not put out by any company selling anything. It’s a documentary on WATER and its many properties: such as memory and biophotonic energy! Our units have all the properties of spring water and its energy! Even more energy! It is 10 parts long…this is just part 1!

    Water has to have HIGH ENERGETICS! Spring water does, but you can now get it out of your TAP! NO MOVING PARTS! No magnets! Designed by a phycisist that worked for the Military working on Cloaking technology!! LIFETIME WARRANTY! IT MIMICs 10-15 miles of running stream water going over rocks creating 1000’s of vortices! For more info email me!! Tigger_eyes_here and I use yahoo. so tigger_eyes_here {at}yahoo{dot}com. YOU SHOULD SEE OUR GARDEN!! ANIMALS will choose this water although I would love to do a test between this spring water and our water!! So someone w/a dog please email me with this spring water and let’s do a test!!!

    BTW David Wolfe is getting a DVD about this soon. HIs secretary AVOCADESS is excited about it because it will save her lots of gas and lots of $$!!!!

    The owner of this company was at the LONGEVITY conference and he met up w/the LIVER DR and they did a DARK FIELD BLOOD analysis. I have before and after photos from just 10 minutes after drinking this water!!

    YOU CAN SEE THE WHITE SCALE come out of your pipes when you first install it sometimes! THAT MEANS it’s working! Also it will do that TO YOUR BODY…it can remove EXCESS BAD CALCIIUM, etc!!!


  11. brandon says:

    Hey guys, does anyone know of a spring closer to San Diego?? Thanks

  12. brandon says:

    A friend and I dove to this great spring today and got to taste our first spring water ever, had no trouble finding the pipe. We will definitely be coming back. Water quality tasted much better than we expected.

  13. Eagleheartsong says:

    here is a video of our visit to this spring…

  14. Ryan says:

    Does anyone have history on this location? Where is the water source coming from? Why was it put near the road like this and who did it?

    Also anyone do any further testing?

    Looks like a real awesome location! 🙂

    Thank You!!


    I must say, this was by far the best water I have had. I drove up from hemet today and was shocked how clear and crisp it tastes. I bottled up aa glass pickle jar full today but ill b back 4 more. I think I was the only black guy for miles 🙂

  16. Justin says:

    Just picked up a 6 gallon bottle from and filled up on our way back from Palm Springs. 

    It was super easy to find and nobody was there. The outside temp today was 42 and the water felt about that temp. I didn’t do any testing on it but it tasted amazing.

    I plan on getting about 6 six gallon bottles and visiting every few months for our water needs. 

    Next time I go I’ll send some water to be tested at and let you know what results I get.

  17. Kingarts1 says:

    I have filled 6 5 gallon bottles from this spring 3 times, and the water tastes excellent. Unfortunately, on my 4th time, one of my filling containers dropped into the pond and I stupidly kept using it to fill the remaining bottles. The result was my family and I got a mild parasite infestation in our bodies. Now we’re taking wormwood tea, fresh ground cloves and black walnut tincture. Alas. 

  18. Justin says:

    I went to the spring today and met some cool people filling their glass containers. A ranger was nearby and said he’d been drinking the water for 30 years, which was cool to hear. He said he sees people there all the time. We also met some other people there who had been drinking it for the past 2 years. 

    I guess don’t drink if your bottle falls into the water below. Hope you feel better Kingsarts!

  19. James says:

    Incredible luscious water. Definitely a pure source of liquid crystal.

  20. Ciaotine says:

    Just found the spring love the photos, and all of the descriptions,  really helped me find it. The water tastes great, but I’m a little hesitant giving it to my young children. has anyone tested the water since the last posting a month ago?

  21. Kevin Healy says:

    This is the first spring I’ve visited!  Very convenient pull over place.  Water is unreal compared to what I’ve been drinking.  I’m hooked.

  22. Eagleheartsong says:

    We have been drinking nothing but the water from this spring for the last 3 years, it is amazing, and worth the 2 hour drive!

  23. Margo says:

    We always go to this spring every two weeks, love the water.  Last week the water was flowing very very slow!  Took 8 minutes to fill up a 3 gallon bottle.  Needless to say we were there over an hour to gather our water.  I have a new appreciation for the water since it took so long to gather it.

  24. Thirsty says:

    Spring is still running if not slowly be prepared to take a while to fil your containers. No worries as it is a nice setting to spend some time in! Cool fresh water!

  25. Kevin Healy says:

    Just went to fill up today and found out it is no longer flowing. Seriously bummed. Does anyone know why? If it is a spring then it shouldn’t matter if it is summer or not right? Is there something wrong with the pipe?

    • Nick J says:

      I am shocked to hear this. I was there on September 22nd and the flow was okay. Not the best but not bad. Timed my 5 gallon containers to about 7 min each as it took just over an hour to fill 9. I think that the pipe is deteriorating, and people mess with it to improve flow (I’m guilty myself). Each time its messed with it probably leaks a little more. We may need to completely replace the pipe. I’m not positive what the best way to do this woudl be.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would love to have this fixed. Does anyone have any ideas? I would be willing to put some money toward a plumber to fix it. I am going up there tonight to see what is going on. Otherwise I might have to go to Marion Mountain to get water.

        • Kevin Healy says:

          You know, I was reading about how to tap a spring to figure out what might have gone wrong. It’s possible that nothing has. It could just be a “wet weather” spring. Here’s a forum about it.

          • Anonymous says:

            My son and I went on Friday night and the spring was flowing. Took 9 minutes to fill a 5 gallon bottle. We did not move the pipe, we found last time when we moved the pipe it started flowing slower. You can see air bubbles coming from the bottom of the pipe making us think that perhaps the pipe has some holes in it. A friend of ours went Saturday night and said that it took 7 minutes to fill his 5 gallong bottles. Thanks for the info on Homesteadingtoday. Awesome, awesome information on springs!!

          • Kevin Healy says:

            Hooray, I went today based on this news. It is flowing the fastest I’ve seen in months. Was in and out of there very quickly. So happy to be drinking pure water again.

          • Anonymous says:

            Looks like someone may have worked on the pipe, we went Saturday and it took us a little over an hour to fill all our bottles, which were quite a few. I so love that spring and appreciate more now that it is working.

          • Kevin Healy says:

            Yeah I think so. I got the feeling that someone worked on it when I was there. Thank you to whoever it was!

  26. Naz says:

    I just went here to get some water. Flow is good. If you are coming from the
    South side it is after the store.

  27. Naz says:

    Does anyone know the source of this water?

  28. LupB says:

    Just visited this spring last week. Water was flowing pretty fast. Filled 5 gallons in about 3-4 min. Water was nice and cold. Very tasty.

  29. Margo says:

    Went to the spring on Saturday. Flowing really, really slow. It took 14 minutes to fill up a 3 gallon bottle. Also heard a rattle snake had been spotted by the wood decking, next to the bushes. Please everyone be careful.

  30. Timelesseye says:

    I stopped by the spring yesterday and the water is flowing strongly. It was a hot day yet the water, as always, is cool and crisp!

  31. does anyone know if the recent fire in this area effected this spring?

  32. Sonya says:

    Hi. I am VERY interesting in getting some of this water to try. I am having a hard time finding directions online even when I click the Get Directions link. It brings me to a Target store! I live in Temecula, have disabling chronic illness and I’m thinking my body could use the energy from a natural spring! I used Google Maps and put in the coordinates but it says not found. Thank you!

    • Deleted User says:

      Hi Sonya,
      I just checked the spring ‘get directions’ link and it seems to be working fine. Once I clicked on it, it brought be right to google maps. Perhaps there was a glitch when you tried to use it. Hopefully if you click on it again it will work, also, you can try changing the browser you are using. Please let me know if I can be of further help, Happy Spring Water collecting to you! -Ashley Knight and the Find A Spring Crew

  33. Tyler says:

    This water tastes amazing…TDS is wonderful at 140-160…
    Looks Good | Feels Good | Tastes Good | Tests Good!

  34. Lina says:

    Wow! I am so excited to try this out! I have just relocated to Los Angeles from Oregon and with out McKenzie Mist water I find I am having a really hard time actually getting hydrated, regardless of how much water I drink.

    Its my birthday next week and my boyfriend is taking me to Joshua Tree. We are going to stop here along the way to fill up!

    Does anyone have a video of getting to this spring from the highway?

    Furthermore, do you guys know of any hotsprings in the area that we could go to?

    Thanks so much for your shared pursuit of clean and pure drinking water!

    Bless up yall!

  35. Jessica says:

    There’s a pretty big historical landmark sign at the turn off.
    It’s about .4 miles from the store by Lake Hemet if you’re heading East on 74 and about 8 miles from the 371 intersection if you’re heading west on 74.

  36. Annie says:

    Just filled my jugs this past week and tested for pH which came out as 7.0 rather than the alkaline posted in a previous comment. The water tastes great and the drive out is gorgeous!

  37. I went out there with my GF in February and we filled 100 gallons of jugs and bottles. we are down to our last 20 and its getting dry. Been using it for smoothies and cat and food. Love it, even my garden loves it. Going for another 100 gallons here soon.

  38. Margo says:

    We went there yesterday and the spring was barely flowing. 20 minutes to fill up a 5 gallon bottle. The pipe is very loose and looks like it is ready to break.

    • wendy says:

      any news on the lake Hemet spring the last time I was there it was not working PVC pipe wrigged up and no flowing water. Very sad any info would be appreciated

  39. wendy says:

    Sent a email on June 24th no replies I would really love to go up to this wonderful spring this weekend if anyone has been or has repaired the pipe please let me know I would appreciate any replies if we need to get supplies to fix the pipe I would be willing to contribute.

    • Deleted User says:

      Hi Wendy, If you sent an email to us, sorry that we have not responded. We do not know the condition of this spring. Sorry we could not be more help. -Ashley and The Find a Spring Team

  40. Abdul Ahmad says:

    Went to the spring today, it’s was plugged with a PVC cap no water flowing. I noticed that the galvanize steel pipe was replaced with a new copper pipe that is less than half the lenght as the old pipe. Will be looking for a new spring, this one looks like it’s out of business.

  41. Milo says:

    Here at spring water is barely trickling out , its taking about 25 min ti fill up five gallons. … this stinks

  42. Margo says:

    Very sad to hear the spring has no water. We have been going to Palomar but I don’t like the water as much. It is not ice cold like this spring. I hope this is just temporary and that it runs again.

  43. Symara says:

    Love This Spring……but went up there yesterday with bottles to fill and there is no water running out of it. So Depressing. If anyone has any info on this let me know…in the meantime does anyone have knowledge of another great spring nearby?

  44. Kate says:

    The waterflow is down to just droplets currently. A couple of months ago, I replaced the metal pipe with a shorter plastic piece because the pipe was loosely fitted and the pressure was too low to push the water up through it. The pressure has gone down considerably since then.

    By the way, if the water returns, watch out for snakes at the spring. I have seen them very close to the pipe a couple of times this summer.

  45. wendy says:

    Dear Kate, I have the same question has this happened before? also thank you so much for your information. I have seen water striped water snakes around the pipe also. They were pretty brave. hopefully the pipe will be fixed I wish I know the answer to this and could fix it

  46. Kate says:

    Hi Symara and Wendy. Sorry I don’t know whether this has happened before; I’ve been going to the spring for only a year and a half, and it wasn’t this bad last summer. I’m not sure whether it’s because of the drought or if there is a leak in a pipe somewhere below.

    However, I went back on August 4 (a few days after a rainstorm) and the waterflow had actually increased a little bit. It was still very slow, though; there was a guy filling up and I think he said it was taking 15-20 minutes per 3 gallon container.

    As far as other nearby springs, I read that Mt. Palomar’s spring is dried up, so I have been going to Carlsbad as of late (both of these springs are listed on this site). They charge 70 cents per gallon and I have heard a couple of people mention the water does not taste quite as good as the water from the Lake Hemet spring. However, it does taste very clean, and the water-filling kiosks in Carlsbad are convenient and time-saving (although very strange for anyone used to a normal natural spring).

    • Margo says:

      The best water is from this spring! I have been going to Palomar, but the water is not the same. I prefer Hemet Spring. Is it running slow because of the pipe? I know before you could see air bubbles coming from the bottom of the pipe.

  47. Kate says:

    I went back on August 18 and someone had installed a taller pipe (over a foot tall) at the output of the spring, which makes it impossible for any water to come out because there is so little water pressure. I plan to keep checking periodically, but until someone removes the new pipe (I was unable to do so) I doubt there will be any waterflow.

  48. Nick J says:

    I ran into a local who had been going to this spring for over 30 years. He said that it tends to stop flowing for a few weeks each year in September. I’m sure the severe drought is to blame for the longer no-flow time. I would anticipate the flow to return in October.

  49. Eagleheartsong says:

    Sad to say the spring was vandalized. When we arrived at the Hemet Lake Spring last weekend, all the pipe had been torn out and thrown on the ground, and boards were everywhere covering what little water remained. Anybody know how we can get this spring back up and running? Let’s see if we can all pull together and get this sacred place restored! Thanks

  50. Jeremy says:

    Don’t bother, it’s been shut down for apparently 8-9 months due to drought!

  51. Katie says:

    Just updating in case anyone is checking in – I went by the spring today and no one has fixed it. There is still no pipe above water, so the waterflow is inaccessible.

  52. Sonya Nelson says:

    I hope people are able to get this spring running again. I have yet to try it. For now I will stick with the Carlsbad water, however, I am concerned they may be filtering it!

  53. Jen says:

    Just went today, so sad to see only a puddle of green water where this great spring used to be. I’d Love to have this spring restored. Pray the waters returning!

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