Cannavo Spring, Winsted, CT, 06098


This spring listing did not allow for comments so I am making a new listing because I had the spring tested and it came back for coliform bacteria, the level was at 84, the water testing company has zero set for the  safe limit, it means other bacteria could be present, I did not have it tested for other bacteria, drink unboiled at your own risk. I have been drinking this water boiled (for 1-2 min) and it is great .

Many locals drink it unboiled and every time I have visited the spring at least one other person has come to fill up.


  1. We regularly fill jugs from this spring. We use it as is and don’t boil it before drinking it. So far we have not gotten sick at all. It flows rapidly and comes out of a pipe about 1 foot off the ground. Many people use it for drinking in the 40 years I have been living nearby.

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