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2802 Carlsbad Blvd
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Since 1882
Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa
A California Historic Site & Monument

2802 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Pure Therapeutic Alkaline Water Made by Nature, Not by Man

Exclusive, therapeutic and hydrating Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ comes from an 1,700-foot-deep aquifer that originates near Palomar Mountain, about 60 miles east from Carlsbad. It takes about 9,500 years for the water to work its way through the substrata to our artesian wells just one block from the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, it is naturally enhanced with minerals that turn the water into a highly alkaline, therapeutic, and healthful water.

Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ is not filtered municipal water. It flows naturally into our artesian wells from the deep aquifer. It is sodium free, noncarbonated, not fluoridated, not chlorinated, highly alkaline (not acidic) and exceeds FDA bottled-water quality standards. It has about pH 8.7 and a TDS 50. Our well and vending machines are licensed by the California Department of Public Health and monitored and tested weekly, as required by FDA and federal, state laws.

Our customers feel the positive health benefits from therapeutic Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ and they drive as much as 80 miles one way. We have many customers from Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Alpine and similarly distant locations who make the trip because they have experienced health benefits from our alkaline water and how soft, smooth, clean, and delicate our water tastes. Thousands of local customers come pick up our alkaline therapeutic water from our convenient vending machines.

Carlsbad Alkaline Water ™ is so unique and therapeutic it has been proclaimed “The Most Healthful Water” by the California State Senate, and our artesian well and location have been designated by the California legislature as both a California Historic Site and a California Historic Monument. The city of Carlsbad has named the Carlsbad Artesian Well a Carlsbad Historic Site. And the “North County Times” newspaper has called our water “Eden in a Glass.”

Nowhere else in the United States can you find so unique natural therapeutic alkaline water with pH 8.7 that tastes so good and has such a positive effect on your health.

In fact, because of our water’s unique alkaline, therapeutic properties, the Physicans Formula Company of City of Industry, Calif., uses Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ in its high-quality facial products, which are available in stores throughout North America.

Delicious Alkaline Water at an Affordable Price – $0.50/Gallon

Many companies use chlorinated municipal water from drug and chemically polluted rivers, pass it through reverse osmosis, then bottle it and sell it as a magic water with endless claims at highly inflated prices. Other companies sell under the sink reverse osmosis or water coolers with built-in reverse osmosis for use in businesses and promoting it as a “Go Green” campaign. All the reverse osmosis machines waste 3 gallons of precious water for each 1 gallon of water produced to drink and the water is highly acidic, unhealthy.
(see on line “Drugs in Municipal Waters”) Cities across the country are implementing water conservation programs while reverse osmosis units and coolers with built-in reverse osmosis negligently waste a tremendous amount of our limited natural resources. You have the peace of mind that our water vending machines and our bottled water use therapeutic Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ from our artesian well and our vending machines are cleaned, inspected, and maintained daily unlike the water vending machines outside of supermarkets and other stores that are cleaned only every two to three weeks. These supermarket vending machines use city water with reverse osmosis that produce unhealthy acidic water.

Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ , healthful, therapeutic, and filtered by Nature, is available at our historic Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa at 2802 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, Calif., for only $0.50 a gallon at our self-serve, stainless steel vending machines. Before each fill you can give your bottle a sanitary ozone rinse for only $0.10.

You may use your own containers or get water – grade containers from us

1-gallon of Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ in our self-serve vending machine only: $0.50
White Water Non-Bacterial Dispenser with Counter Stand: $25
Floor Wooden Stand: $25
3-gallon plastic bottle with built-in handle and reusable screw cap: $12.
5-gallon plastic bottle with built-in handle and reusable screw cap: $15.
3-gallon glass bottle: $45.
5-gallon glass bottle: $50

Bottles with our famous historic label and already filled with Carlsbad mineral water are available at the spa.

For home or office water dispensing, we offer a special non-bacterial White Water dispenser with a counter-top or floor stand. Many people like to use this dispenser because it doesn’t use electricity, so it’s environmentally friendly. Unlike ceramic crocks, this dispenser does not allow the growth of bacteria that can be unhealthy and give water a bad taste.

We guarantee you’ll find our therapeutic Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ unsurpassed by any other. Try it. You will find that it’s the freshest, smoothest, most alkaline, hydrating and therapeutic water you’ve ever had.

Home and Business Delivery Available

We deliver Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ to homes and businesses in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Leucadia Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Del Mar, and Solana Beach for only $8.90 per 5-gallon bottle and $6.90 per 3-gallon Bottle. We don’t require any contracts for our home and for business delivery.

Naturally Carbonated Alkaline Mineral Water Baths & Spa Treatments

At our spa, you can relax in freshly pumped, warm, non-chlorinated Naturally Carbonated Alkaline Mineral Water in any of our three private, beautifully decorated themed rooms (the Caesar, Egyptian Cleopatra, or Exotic Oriental). The water comes from our artesian well. Our Carbonated Alkaline Mineral Water is used only for baths and has superior hydrating properties. Natural minerals in our water will leave your skin softer and fresher, and your whole body will be invigorated.

We also offer affordable massages, slimming wraps, body wraps, salt glows, and facials in a variety of packages. Complete information and photos can be found on our website. You may also call us seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 760-434-1887 or e-mail us and get more information about our historical place at:

Our History

Carlsbad mineral water was discovered in 1882 by Capt. John Frazier, when he drilled a well for his farm just one block from the beach. The water cured a stomach ailment from which Capt. Frazier had suffered for years. Intrigued, he sent samples of the water to two independent testing laboratories in New York and Chicago. The results showed his water was chemically very similar to the therapeutic spring waters found in a famous European spa resort that was at that time called Carlsbad, in the Bohemia, so he named his water Carlsbad Mineral Water. (Today, the city is Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad, Czech Republic, and is still famous for its therapeutic water treatments and spas.

One of California’s real estate booms was happening at the time, and Capt. Frazier plotted his farm for a city that he called Carlsbad after his Carlsbad Mineral Water that he found. He also started bottling his therapeutic water and selling it across the nation as (The American) Carlsbad Mineral Water. He built in 1887 beautiful Victorian hotel and spa beside his artesian well, and his guests who came from all over the world and included at least two U.S. presidents could enjoyed the therapeutic mineral water for drinking and for bathing, just as they would in the European Carlsbad. The Victorian hotel and spa burned down in 1897, but the water was continued to be bottled.

In 1930 luxurious Carlsbad Mineral Spring Hotel was build and the mineral water was pumped to the spa mineral baths. Many famous people and movie stars from Hollywood stayed in the hotel and enjoyed the therapeutic mineral spa. After the Great Depression the wells were abandoned because the owners lacked the funds for the equipment maintenance and the water stop being available. Later the wells were lost until it was rediscovered in 1955 by Kay and “Chris” Christiansen. The Christiansens wanted to restore the wells and revive the water business, but for various reasons and lacked of funds they could not do so.

In 1991, Kay met Ludvik Grigoras, and got him interested in helping her with her dream. Ludvik was very thankful for the once in the life time opportunity to work on this historical project. Ludvik had been born in Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad, when it was in Czechoslovakia and under Communist rule. He escaped in 1968 at the age of 18 and came in 1971 to the United States.

From 1993 to 1995, Ludvik and his wife Veronica worked at restoring and re-drilling the wells. In 1991, Ludvik had been instrumental in forging a sister-city relationship between his birthplace of Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad and Carlsbad, Calif. In late 1995, the mayor and city council of Carlsbad, along with an official delegation and with mayor from Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad, officiated at the formal re-opening of the Carlsbad Mineral Water. In June 1996, Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ finally, after an absence of 60 years, once again became available to the public.

For More Information about Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad Czech Republic

We strongly recommend that you look at the city of Karlovy Vary official website (, written in English, German, Russian and Czech. The website provides priceless important information accumulated over 600 years about the health benefits obtained from using Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad mineral waters.

Nearest Address

2802 Carlsbad Blvd Carlsbad, CA 92008-2942

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Vital Information

  • Fee: 3 Gallon Bottle $6.90 5 Gallon Bottle $8.50 Ceramic Crock and Stand per month $4.00 Electric Cooler – Call for price:
  • Access: Private
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:

Hours: Monday – Sunday 9:00am – 6:00pm Evening hours available by appointment. Open holidays, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Tel: (760) 434-1887 Fax: (760) 434-9192


117 25′ 48″ W 117 23′ 24 ”

Map Link: Carlsbad Mineral Spa Map

Submitted by: William Ferguson

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  1. Water Seeker says:

    the three gallon glass jugs cost $35 at the spa. however, you can bring 1 gallon apple juice bottles which is cheaper. you insert dollar bills into the machine and it pumps it straight from the aquifer. great water. tastes like nothing at all. seems to be great water, I filled up a three gallon jug. I will go back.

  2. John says:

    I love this water! I noticed the difference right away! i just felt like i had more energy and felt more hydrated through my workouts. my kids wont drink bottled water anymore unless its carlsbad water

  3. stacy says:

    my friend turned me on to there vending machine. I was a bit of a skeptic even considering all the great things i have heard about the water. I have drinking the water for two months now and i cant believe i have gone my whole life without it. My husband hated drinking water before and now he actually asks for it! I cook with it and can really feel a difference. i just feel better in general and my skin seems to be clearing up too. Oh and by the way im driving 47 miles each way to get it.

  4. BrianRoot says:

    If Daniel Vitlalis loves it, that’s good enough for me!

  5. Jeff says:

    Water tastes good, almost too clean. I feel like I have to drink allot of it to feel hydrated. From what I have read it, that is a sign of Reverse Osmosis? Not sure how they are filtering the single source mineral water that is 200ppm+ down to the 50ppm claimed in their self serve. Would like to see a posting on how they are filtering their mineral water. From what I have read they have 1 source and three levels of water?
    Do not get me wrong, its good water. I can drink less Crystal Geyser spring water and feel hydrated, but need to drink twice that amount with this water? Not sure why?

  6. Daniel says:

    This is Ionized water, do your research. Spring water is better for you! They promote mercola, watch the video below. He does NOT recommend Alkalined Ionized water!

    • Aaron says:

      This water is naturally alkaline and comes from a spring making it spring water. Not treated.

      • Microking says:

        Aaron, Are you the manager of the store there? I was told the vending water was filtered & Ionized by the young manager there to reduce the TDS to 50? Is the story changing now? How does one source of high mineral TDS water (Which they sell if you go inside the spa, assuming this is the source water they also run their baths with) turn in to three? Yes it is from a high mineral content source under the ground there locally at over 200+ TDS, but there is a process of filtration they are using and it is not naturally alkaline, the Ionization process is what makes it alkaline, I wish it was HONESTLY posted on their website! I actually do not even see the mineral water being advertised on their site anymore? I do not think Mr.Vitalis even knows  the true story over there.

    • Jennings Wilkinson says:

      This water is *Natrually Alkalined* duuh not by a machine as Mercola is talking about. This is water that comes from *A Natural Spring* “natural spring water. It is naturally alkalined. This is research you have over looked.

  7. Astralfish says:

    I went there yesterday afternoon to fill up for the first time. I met the owner Ludvik who was very warm and accommodating. He offered me drinks from 3 of his different wells. The mineral water was delicious! Ludvik explained to me how you can only filter city water so much, and then not only is it completely dead but it still has pharmaceuticals and other crazy things in that are impossible to filter out! At 50 cents per gallon I will support this place as much as I can.

  8. Cutler says:

    This posting is for Daniel. I’m not apposed to people trying to do their own research to try and find out the truth. That is how products are tried and tested. But to take an article that has nothing to do with the alkaline water in concern and say alkaline water (ionized water) is bad for you is a complete manipulation of what the article says. It specifically says “systems” in reference to how ionized water and alkaline water is artificially made. Now by no means am I attacking your claims I just want people to know the facts. Yes the article is right, when it comes to artificially enhanced alkaline water. I’ve done my research and experimentation with the water to prove or disprove claims that you van find on google about alkaline water. One thing I do know is after you work out the reason why your get sore is because your muscles release lactic acids. It’s effect on the fatty tissue membrian that surrounds your muscles( kinda like a check valve), makes it try to contain the acid in your muscles, hence not allowing anything in or out. That includes nutrients. So, therefore by balancing out you acidic levels allowed this fatty tissue to let nutrients pass through and the bad stuff exit your muscles, speeding up the recovery process. So for you fitness junkies out there, alkaline water actually helps the recovery process. Supplement stores will soon be carrying alkaline products to do just this. The only difference is they will be charging you and arm and a leg, or you can spend 50 cents a gallon and get the same benefit at Carlsbad alkaline water vending machines.

  9. Cutler says:

    If you click the link I posted you will notice that this is an extreme form of alkaline they are advising you to take. The mineral water is all natural, pure and a very mild form of alkaline. By mild I mean very easy for your body to absorb and use with no side effects. Therefore providing a safe balanced addition to your diet.
    An interesting thing to try is using the water in your every day cooking. Even where water is not called for, sometimes adding the water into the mix can enhance the flavor of your food tremendously. One morning I threw in a little water with my vegetables that I cook before I throw them in my scrambled eggs and I noticed a big difference in the flavor. After that I have added it to a number of my recipes and am happy with the improvement of the taste. I just don’t know how you guys can sell this water for so cheap. You really do have found the fountain of youth!

  10. Stephaniepauley says:

    My sister is visiting from Colorado.  I purchased a treatment at the Spa.  She is so sad she has to leave Carlsbad, because she won’t have access to this amazing water…She lost several pounds and says she has never had better water.

  11. John says:

    This water is not ionized! It’s naturally alkaline from an artesian well. Highly recommend by hhp and physicians.

  12. Daniel says:

    To the owners, we really want to see an honest clear HD Video made from the owners of this facility put on there website visually showing the actual sources of water, how they get high TDS Mineral water from the source and also a low TDS alkaline water from the same source and if there is filtration / ionization involved at the self serve or whichever location and their operation / processes they are using to get the water. We deserve an honest visual explanatory interview of their operation! The story I was told from the manager over there does not match what I see on their website. Just be honest with us, that is all we ask, it is ok to tell us the truth and let us decide if we are good with whatever process you are using. Thank You!

  13. Svetam7 says:

    I drink this water during two years and it is wonderful!
    The benefits of alkaline water are removing harmful toxins from the body. These toxins and acid wastes are caused by consuming the wrong food, drinks and pollution. By imbibing alkaline rich water, these harmful elements are flushed out, leading to a healthier body. (From the article) 
    I recommended this water to my friends. They were in Chernobyl’ in 1986. After drinking Carlsbad Mineral Water they have found that several symptoms after radiation they got, just disappeared. They drink this amazing water less than one year and they now cannot imagine their life without it. Some examples are: the liver and kidney have no problems. No more allergies on food. The skin is soft and no more rough.
    The owners are very pleasant and always are trying to help me to put my containers in my car. I also took 10 mineral water bathtab. I felt like after visiting Karlovy Vary Resort.
    Thank you very much owners for their great job. I will help them how I can.
    (Native born Americans, please, forgive my grammar; I live in the US little bit more than 10 years)
    Sincerely, with love to USA and its people,

  14. C. V. says:

    Anything naturally well balanced in content and cleanliness is always best. God, does NOT make mistakes!  

  15. verry berry says:

    i went to this “alkalized” water well the other day and bought a 5 gallon container from the guy that was working. i asked him if it was bpa free and the guy said yeah but i wasnt convinced. the bottle looked cheap. there was no bpa free stamp on the bottom and i noticed it was recycle code 7. which i later learned is made of “other” and most likely made from bpa… this slimeball was obviously about a sale and not concerned about the health of his customer. which i assumed a all natural alkalized healing center would do. i could feel the aura of this scum bag when he said “let me cut you a deal” on his bacteria free dispenser. which i was gonna buy anyways cause i didnt have a dispenser. but he told me the caps for the containers were bpa free too and now i cant trust that… im with daniel calling out carlsbad alkaline water to show its processes, cause at this point im not impressed. im really hoping its legit. if your hiring people that lie to the face of customers putting them at risk, your operations are just as slimy. how can you sell bpa bottles and put alkalized water in them? thats like baking a cake then shitting right on top of it… if you dont know about bpa by now your in trouble! get with it

  16. Shelly says:

    My name is Shelly Byrd, and I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  My family and my customers consume the Carlsbad Spring water.  It is so delicious and hydrating.  The taste is so clean that nothing else compares to it.  Everyone wants to keep a good supply, because they never want to run out and resort back to grocery store water.

    I met the owner there, and he is very conscientious about keeping the bottling facility and vending facility extremely clean.  He is so pleasant and helpful, that just seeing him will make your drive worthwhile.

    This water is taken from natural sources, not modified from tap water.  The home bought alkaline-type machines (such as Kangen) start with polluted tap water, and force the water to change at a molecular level.  Over a period of a few days, the water returns back to it’s natural state and it’s original pH.  If you use one of these home systems, try testing the alkalinity of the water after it comes from the machine, and then again in a few days.  You can measure the changes in the water’s pH.  By contrast, if you measure the pH of the Carlsbad Alkaline water, it retains it’s alkalinity, proving that it is from natural springs.

    You can buy prepared 3 or 5 gallon plastic containers of the water there that far exceed the state requirements for purity.  The plastic containers are very hard plastic that does not leach, this is guaranteed for a shelf life 2 years.  At the vending machines, you can fill your containers, or buy high quality glass carboys or hard plastic containers.  It’s best to use one of the containers they recommend to enjoy the best taste of the water.

    There are so many benefits to consuming the Carlsbad alkaline water:
    1. The enjoyable taste promotes a desire to drink more water, this helps every system in our bodies function better.  This helps flush out toxins and waste products in the body, which basically helps us feel great and energized.

    2. Keeping an alkaline state in the body helps reduce your risk for cancer because it’s antioxidant properties affect the harmful free radicals in your body, making oxygen available to cancer cells. It’s known that cancer cells thrive in environments devoid of oxygen.  Eating many alkaline foods is also necessary (basically fruits and veggies).  You can spray your produce with the water to get rid of pesticide residues and extend shelf life.

    3.  An summary from from a book called “The Body’s Many Cries For Water”:
      For the first time in medical history, F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., has identified
    the crisis calls of the body for water –pain, asthma, diabetes, hypertension,
    multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more. He has discovered the
    key to a longer, healthier, and more vigorous life. He shares with you his
    medical breakthrough that many people put their minds and bodies under
    intolerable and unecessary stress and become sick simply because they do not
    drink enough water. Unintentional dehydration leads to illness and painful,
    degenerative diseases that can be prevented, treated, and cure by drinking
    plenty of water.
    You will learn how to use water to:* Prevent and reverse premature
    aging* Eliminate pains including heartburn, back pain, arthritis, colitis
    pain, anginal pain, migraine headaches* Cure asthma in a few days, naturally
    and forever* Cure hypertension without diuretics or other medication*
    Lose weight effortlessly and naturally, without strict dieting
    You will learn how to use water to:* Prevent and reverse premature
    aging* Eliminate pains including heartburn, back pain, arthritis, colitis
    pain, anginal pain, migraine headaches* Cure asthma in a few days, naturally
    and forever* Cure hypertension without diuretics or other medication*
    Lose weight effortlessly and naturally, without strict dieting

  17. Julie Gammon says:

    This website is supposed to be for FREE SPRING WATER sources, not for Trademarked product from vending machines. 

  18. Hawkpacific says:

    Filled a 5 gallon plastic container (bought from them for $15) yesterday. The guy that helped me was real nice. He stated they use carbon filtering and UV rays to filter the water at the self-serve.

    The water is great! Only problem was that the self-serve machine shorted me 1 gallon (I paid for 5 gallons, $2.50). I put in $3 and it only gave me back 45 cents. One of the workers there stated that “They are constantly working on the machines”.

    I will be coming back, but they really need to make sure the self-serve machines are not ripping off people.

  19. vinnie says:

    the first time at carlsbad spa i needed a 5 gallon water container. he told me it was bpa free. letting my guard down thinking these were humbled people i checked when i was home the bottle was code 7 polycarbonate. better plastics used would be 2,4 and 5. or bpa free approved insures minimal plastic leeching to water. this made me very upset because this salesmen showed me he had no concern for his customers leading me to believe everything he stood behind can lead to a scam. i asked how their filtration process worked. he told me it was pumped into a storage tank then ran through one filter to make the water softer. drinking the water i got recently taste like chlorine was added. this guy totally turned me away from their water. ive seen so many people with 10-15 5 gallon containers bought from carlsbad alkaline water, thinking there bpa free. then filling them up with supposed ground water. not telling them its being treated. i call for transparency of the processes for this water. i would love more than anything for this water to be legitimate. just because its so hard to find a good source of ground water in southern cali.

  20. I have used this water for a couple years. I only use glass bottles for drinking water. People complaining about the BPA in bottles should know any plastic bottle is going to leach chemicals. The water is better than most I have used. The people that work there told me the water is filtered because it tastes bad when it is not??? This is not unadulterated spring water straight from the ground, it comes from vending machines so you have to assume it is processed and passes through metal and plastic pipes. The good side is it is convenient and cheap and open 24/7. There is another source nearby, Palomar Spring Water, but they truck there water from Palomar Mt. in steel trucks. I have been using there water for household purposes such as bathing and watering my plants and will experiment with it as drinking water soon.

  21. Sharan says:

    The price has gone up to 70 cents a gallon. Still a bargain as 1 gallon of “spring” water (with no fluoride added) at Walmart is now a dollar.

  22. Sonya Nelson says:

    Has anyone tested this water lately? I just had two friends test pH of this water (both picked up separate days this week) and both reported a pH of 6! Not the natural 8.4 they claim!!

    • Ludvik says:

      Because of the unique minerals in Carlsbad Alkaline Water the ONLY way the pH can be measured is by using a CALIBRATED digital pH meter OR with WIDE SPECTRUM pH DROPS made by General Hydroponics that cover all different minerals in waters. You can buy these drops and pH meter online. We also sell the pH meters and the drops at our facility, but we will gladly test for you our water at no charge, just bring us a closed bottle of our water. We will also gladly test our water for you directly from our self-serve vending machines in Carlsbad and provide you with pH test results from FDA certified labs with pH 8.76 to 9.01 directly from the source. The pH paper strips give a FALSE reading on SOME waters as we and other companies like Essentia Water have this written on our websites because the paper strips are NOT designed to cover all the minerals and the colors that respond to it. It’s like mixing yellow and blue equals green and mixing another color in to it makes a completely different color, same way as the different minerals make different colors. Tap water will read with paper strip about 8-8.5 pH because it’s chlorinated with alkaline chlorine easily detectable by the strips. Bottled alkaline (tap) waters made by other companies add potentially dangerous potassium chloride that is also easily detectable by the paper pH strips. We don’t add ANYTHING to our pure alkaline water and we don’t use an alkaline machine. Every bottle and every drop of our water is naturally alkaline with unique combination of healthy minerals and ONLY for unbelievable low price $0.70/gallon. Our source is 9,500 years old, naturally highly alkaline artesian water, discovered 133 years ago that was declared by the California State Senate as “Most Healthful Water” and as a State of California and City of Carlsbad historic site, as no other water in US history has had this prestigious distinction. City of Carlsbad was renamed from Frazier Station to Carlsbad after our famous Carlsbad Mineral Water! We deliver our water to prestigious companies such as Hilton Hotel, Marriot, Best Western, Grand Pacific Resort, Chamber of Commerce, Taylor Made Golf, Golden Door Resort, Ca-A-Vie Resort, Chopra Center, Costco, Albertsons, Crossfit and hundreds of others. Physicians Formula Company manufactures cosmetics from our unique alkaline water because is naturally highly alkaline and tens of thousands of customers including many famous celebrities and professional athletes drink our water because it’s highly naturally alkaline and pure. Our unique water was on Ellen DeGeneres TV show, ABC, CBC, NBC, KUSI, KPBS, COX, European TV, Japanese TV and in over 160 articles from round the world including LA Times, SD Tribune, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Pilot Getaway Magazine, AAA Magazine a many others and there are many articles on the web about our historical place from independent companies. You can also view this and other information on our website which can help you in choosing your water, the most important part of your diet. Many customers drive from Los Angeles, Nevada and Arizona to fill up their bottles from our vending machines in Carlsbad. Please come and visit our place and you will not believe how incredibly busy it’s around the clock and how periodically people wait in lines to fill up their bottles. We are adding this summer 5 more double vending machines at our historical location in Carlsbad and that will allow customers to fill 24 bottles at the same time. Since we don’t use chlorine in our water it’s very important that you sterilize your bottle before each fill or periodically as our ozone rinse helps just rinse the bottle before the vending fill. Please call Jake Smith our general manager and The World Arm Wrestling Champion at 760-434-1887 or send to us email at so we can help you in any way including testing our water so you have a full confidence and can appriciate our “Most Healtfull Living Water” that will Change Your Life! THANK YOU

    • Gregory See says:

      Those little colored test papers are known to be INACCURATE‼️

  23. keith says:

    I love this water, tested it just now @8.2

  24. lulu says:

    I went there a few days ago and got 3 gallons. It’s a great price But I don’t know of its the fact that they filter it to improve the taste but this is the most dehydrating water that I have ever had. Worse than disani. I was so thirsty after having some and my mouth became dry. It happened to someone else that had the water also.

  25. Lulu says:

    Water is a good price but other people have stated that it is actually acidic when tested with pH papers. They have alkaline water written all over the signs so this seems like fraud. Regardless of that, everytime I have the water it makes me feel extremely dehydrated soon after drinking. I bought 3 gallons but I’m drinking it as I don’t want it to go to waste

  26. Elijah says:

    Hello everyone. I have read all the comments up here and have a tip to give to everyone who is looking for spring water. Note to everyone reverse osmosis water makes you thirsty. I drunk that crap for 7 years and know from experience the difference between spring water and reverse osmosis. It does not satisfy thirst at all. Good luck finding a spring that doesn’t filter their water.

    • Candi says:

      Does anybody know why the Carlsbd ALkaline water place in Carlsbad is down and when is back to business again? i run out of water and keep going each day and no sign of reopening no date, i am starting to look somewhere else other options in case they are close forever, something with the well, concerning, i know and meet people there that come allt he way from los angeles, rancho bernardo, mexico, etc, please give an update. thanks

  27. Matthew says:

    Well is currently closed for drilling. Pipe was busted. It should be back up in 2-4 weeks. They have to drill 500 feet down. I was told the website will be updated.

    It IS the BEST water ever though! I have been drinking it for over a year and have truly seen the benefits!

  28. Matthew says:

    Well is open again and water is clean, delicious, and satisfying! Best Ever!

  29. Edward Rodriguez says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I was under the understanding that listed natural springs. By definition your water is not drawn from or collected from a spring. But it is pumped vertically out of an aquifer well. Also by definition it is not artesian water at all since it is not under internal hydrostatic pressure rising to the surface on it’s own. Please explain. Thanks

  30. Edward Rodriguez says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Echo Hills Springs Drinking Water at 1690 S. State Street in Hemet, CA is a naturally running spring. Look them up on facebook and you will see customer posts with photos showing the Ph similar to your healthful water. And it tastes great too!

  31. brenda says:

    wow i can’t believe all of the negative comments on this. after drinking this i’ve become a bit of a “water snob” it’s deliciously satisfying. anytime i drink anything else, even prestige brand water, it’s off, just not the same.
    undeniably there must be health benefits from something so pure. but also the best thing is no matter how much i drink, i don’t get that bloaty stomachache from chugging too much too quickly.
    highly recommend trying it, i know they sell it in gas n go’s near by.

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Comment:நாங்கள் தற்போது சரிபார்ப்புக்கு சரியான செல்லுபடியாகும் அடையாள அட்டையுடன் 2% வட்டி விகிதத்தில் மிதக்கும் கடன் திட்டத்தை வழங்குகிறோம். உங்களுக்குத் தேவையான எந்தவொரு கடனுக்கும் உங்கள் கடன் கோரிக்கையை அனுப்பலாம். நாங்கள். 5,000.00 அமெரிக்க டாலர் முதல் கடன்களை வழங்குகிறோம். $ 50,000,000.00 அமெரிக்க டாலர். அதிகபட்சம் ஐந்து (5) முதல் ஐம்பது (50) ஆண்டுகள் வரை நீண்ட கால கடன். நாங்கள் பின்வரும் வகை கடனை வழங்குகிறோம்: திட்ட கடன், மறுநிதியளிப்பு கடன், வணிக முதலீட்டு கடன்கள், கார் அல்லது வாகன கடன்கள், மாணவர் கடன், கடன் ஒருங்கிணைப்பு, வீட்டுக் கடன்கள், தனிநபர் கடன்கள், பயண மற்றும் விடுமுறைக் கடன், கிறிஸ்துமஸ் மற்றும் புத்தாண்டு கடன். உங்கள் நாட்டில் எங்கள் நிறுவனத்தின் பிரதிநிதியாக இருக்கக்கூடிய ஒரு நபரும் எங்கள் நிறுவனத்திற்கு தேவை. மின்னஞ்சல் வழியாக எங்கள் CROWN TRUST FINANCIAL LOAN FIRM அலுவலகத்தை தொடர்பு கொள்ளவும்: crowntrustfin எங்கள் நிதி சலுகையில் நீங்கள் ஆர்வமாக இருந்தால், எங்களிடமிருந்து கடனைப் பெற விரும்பினால், எங்களைத் தொடர்புகொண்டு கீழே உள்ள விவரங்களை எங்களுக்குத் தரவும், அது தேவைப்படும் கடன் தொகை விதிமுறைகளையும் நிபந்தனைகளையும் அதற்கேற்ப தொடங்கவும். பெயர்: ___________________________ பெயர்: ____________________________ பாலினம்: _______________________________ திருமண நிலை: _______________________ தொடர்பு முகவரி: ______________________ நகரம் / ஜிப்: ________________________ நாடு: ______________________________ பிறந்த தேதி: ________________________ கடனாக தேவையான தொகை: ________________ கடன் காலம்: ________________________ மாத வருமானம் / ஆண்டு வருமானம்: _________ தொழில்: ___________________________ கடனுக்கான நோக்கம்: _____________________ தொலைபேசி: ________________________________ தொலைநகல்: __________________________________ இந்த விவரங்களை அங்கீகரிக்கும் வகையில் ஒப்பந்தம் உட்பட நன்கு கணக்கிடப்பட்ட விதிமுறைகள் மற்றும் நிபந்தனைகள் அனுப்பப்படும். உங்கள் ஆதரவுக்கு நன்றி! வாழ்த்துக்கள், CROWN TRUST நிதி கடன் நிறுவனம்!

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