Carson City Hot Springs, Carson City , NV 89706


Posted: April 28, 2014

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1500 Old Hot Springs Rd.
Carson City , NV 89706
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Relaxed, laid back location. The Washoe People originally were already enjoying the benefts of the spring that comes up from approx. 35,000 ft down. It is estimated that it takes 10,000 plus years for the water to reach the surface from the lake Tahoe area. Has a place to fill your water jugs @ .35 cents a gal. Historical site. Once bottled back in the day, called Tahoe Mist. The large pool has no chlorine added to it so its an alive water experience . Pool is drained every night and re-filled. I felt like I was re-connected when I laid in the water during a very clear sky night, it was beautiful.

  1. Caren says:

    This is no longer available. Somebody complained about the way they were selling it: CHEAP! Someone bought the rights and say they’re going to bottle it eventually… sad. I learned this about 3 mos. ago. It’s 10-12-16 today

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow thats messed up… I lived by one my whole life within 10 MI or less and I never used it a lot and I just expected that it would always be there and I figured they had them everywhere but now I see don’t. It’s sad that people are just so greedy and nobody can enjoy what the world has to offer without someone trying to make a profit off of that. Plus I’ve just try to get some good water the one that I used before was in Lynnwood Washington off of 164th Street and yeah it was really good water. Also the water that’s there is free so there’s no charge at all sometimes you might have to wait in line but that’s about it

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