Church Well,Centerville, Utah, 84014


Posted: August 27, 2014

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200 South, 200 East
Centerville, Utah, 84014
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The “Church Well” as it is known, stands on the corner of 200 South and 200 East in Centerville Utah. This well does not flow naturally so a pump system in housed in the building behind the well access. Controls for the pump system are accessible from the well access. Once the well is primed by the pump, and the pump is turned off, the well will flow for two or three minutes. The well is owned and operated by the LDS church, and stands on church property.

During our short stay at this well we watched several locals stop by and fill large containers with well water. 

The water from this well is fresh and cool, and tastes great! Stop by and fill your canteen some time.

  1. Tracy says:

    This water does contain chemicals put in by the church. It used to be that you could choose if you wanted the chemicals in your water or not. Now it tastes and smells like chemicals.

  2. Jossilyn M says:

    This well is great and easy to find… however it is busy often with locals feeling up jugs of this tasty water- so be prepared to wait for your turn. The pH of the water was a 7 when we tested it about 3 weeks ago with a test strip. My family enjoys this water (also Ogden’s running spring water) and am glad this is around.

  3. Tami Schlappi says:

    Is the water at the church free? Do we need to get permission or pay someone when we fill our containers?

  4. The water at the well is free. You can choose between pure water or water that has residual chlorine. For drinking water we always get the pure water. For emergency water storage we choose the water with residual chlorine.

  5. Austin Hedberg says:

    Does this well operate without electricity and if so would it function during or in the after effects of an earthquake or natural disaster. I’m asking because of my scout project? Wondering if it would be beneficial for Farmington city to have one installed! Is one well really hard to install for the city? Would it be possible to have more around Davis County.

  6. Mindy Campbell says:

    Does anyone know what chemicals they add? Also, does well water still contain minerals? It seems to taste great to me.

    • Tristan says:

      This water is great. They have a Chlorine and Non-Chlorinated option. Best water in the valley and its free. Open 24 hours a day.

    • Robert Gannon says:

      The buttons on the north side control the pump and add fluoride to the water.
      The buttons on the south just pump the water. Most the water in Davis County comes from wells, but Woods Cross is the only city where fluoride is not added.

  7. Robert Gannon says:

    This is well water and not spring
    water. The chlorine added on the north side buttons is strong to me. Taste the water, before you start filling containers to see which you prefer. The knob on the right controls the flow of the water on the water from South side pump.

  8. Terry Gunn says:

    this well is the best one out there maintained excellently. tastes better than city water

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