Clare Spring, Clare, Michigan


Posted: May 9, 2010

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Clare Beaverton Road at the intersection with Old U.S. 27
Clare, MI 48617
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Has flowed continuously for more than 70 years (my lifetime). May have its source on private property. Has been maintained for public use as long as I can remember. Located on public roadside with “pullover” space beside the well which is visible from the road. Clare County Road Commission as well as neighbors would presumably have more information.

Nearest Address

Clare Beaverton Road at the intersection with Old U.S. 27

Directions from Nearest Address

Proceed north from Clare on South Clare Ave/Old 27 (or take that exit off I 127) about 2 miles to the intersection of Beaverton Road, turn right (east) and the well is on right, immediately upon turning.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Clare Spring Map

Submitted by: Marilyn Miller

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  1. Chris says:

    I collected water from this spring in BPA-Free plastic jugs and tested it when I got home. TDS: 190.
    After the water sits for a while it becomes cloudy and eventually a yellow, oily sediment settles on the bottom. 
    Should I be nervous about drinking this? 

  2. Beth says:

    I think I may have gone to a different spring. It’s not close (I’m in Rochester), or I’d just flit back up there and see if I can find this one. My laptop is in the shop, or I would have carried it. I had made good notes for a different spring, and while I had read this post carefully (thank you, Marilyn) I forgot to write it down, so I had to rely on my memory, which got me close! I thought I had found this spring. I’m going to post the one I did find. Maybe someone can confirm that there are 2 springs in this area. What I found was a well, by the way: It has a pump, which I think of as different from a spring rising of its own energy from the earth.

  3. John says:

    I found this little spring very rusty. However, iron dioxide is actually a good reason to get to this spring if you need to enhance the ability of your blood to carry oxygen to the rest of your body. I’m not sure of any other issues the water from this spring may have, so I would filter the water to remove any other contaminants. Good luck, happy water drinking!!!

  4. Delicious E says:

    Well, I want to say thanks to all the persons above who contributed here. I am just returning from a 3 hours round trip to this spot. It was easy to find. I had my digital TDS meter, pH test kit and themormeter(
    Kitchen). TDS147; pH5.0; temp 61F. I visited the Alanson spring fountain about two weeks ago but I did not have the testing apparatus so I used the water topically.

  5. Karyn Delier says:

    Yuck. This water was very strong smelling and had a bad metallic taste. Nothing like the spring in Alanson, MI… that is the best water I’ve ever drank and I’m still looking for a spring that compares closer to downstate!!! Anyone have any recommendations??

  6. Deborah Beasley says:

    The Beaverton Rd spring sits just off the corner of Beaverton Rd and old US 27 /Clare Ave. In between Clare and Harrison Mi. It is just a pipe on the right side of the road. It is rusty mineral taste. There are two other springs. The well spoke of above is not a well it was capped many years ago after a blast of a beaverdam up steam destroyed the park that water is better and does have a hand pump. An alternative spring is located on Anthey and Townline Lake Rd in Harrison. Free flowing spring good taste not cloudy

  7. Nancy says:

    As I was filling my jugs at an Artesian well last week, someone told me about the well in Clare at the corner of Old 27 & Beaverton Rd, approximately 2 miles north of Clare. If true, that orange pin is at the wrong location.

  8. It is April 29th, 2018, and we just visited this spring. Go north on Old 27 aka S. Clare Ave (you will pass Colonville and Surrey Roads on your way), and turn left (East) onto E. Beaverton Rd. It is located immediately to your right. It comes out of a small metal pipe about 2 ft above ground, and falls onto 2 or so bricks, and then winds it’s way around to the ditch. It is to the left of a small section of orange snow fencing. We found it to be very metallic tasting. I can drink it, but my husband and kids did not like the smell or the taste.

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