Clearview Springs, Harwinton, CT


Posted: December 6, 2009

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Clearview Ave
Harwinton , CT 06791
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Clearview springs is a continuous flowing spring that offers two fill locations. The water comes down from the hills into metal piping , I’ve been told the fill stations have been there since the 1970’s. There is always someone filling up bottles! This spring is my favorite spring in Northwestern CT without doubt… The area is very lovely!

There are two separate outlets about seventy five feet apart right on the road side. Apparently the spring head is further back on the hillside and outlets at the road.

Nearest Address

Clearview Ave, Harwinton , CT 06791

Directions from Nearest Address

Spring is Located right near Fitzpatrick Rd.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 65
  • Temp: 50° F
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Clearview Springs Map

Submitted by: Kris Naphtali, scott

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  1. Scott says:

    Filled up 20 gallons today. 65 ppm TDS.

  2. Thanks for the TDS reading Scott, Did you enjoy the spring? was this your first visit? will you be coming back? Thanks again.. Kris Naphtali

  3. del says:

    I've visited this spring a few times already. It's nice to see the gray birch trees shifting to white birches as I drive north on Rte. 8. A sign of cooler temperatures and higher elevations. Beautiful rock outcroppings along the highway. Rural setting. There are two places to fill up. Located in a residential area. A popular place for many people. There seems to be always someone driving up soon after I'm finish gathering my supply of water. One of my favorite places to visit. I must still be a newbie because every time I leave I have this sense that I need to turning the water off. 🙂 But water, like life, is meant to flow continuously, isn't it.

  4. dtyler21 says:

    Hey everyone.. is this easy to find?

  5. Richard of Danbury says:

    Went to the Spring today. There are actually two separate outlets about seventy five feet apart right on the road side. Apparently the spring head is further back on the hillside and outlets at the road. The water temp was 53 degrees F.

    I've submitted a sample for ph, hardness, and iron content.

  6. b d s says:

    Just filled up mid august it’s running strong, cold, and clean. Saw quite a few people fill up as well. That made me feel good as it was my first time visiting.

  7. I filled up here in March 2011 and the water was clean, cold, and tasty. I took a video if anyone is interested!

  8. Jeffreycyr says:

    I am the owner of the house with the spring. This spring has been running for almost 65 years now. I have met many old timers that have been getting water here for their whole lives. This water was tested by Torrington health department about 5 years ago. I was told it is very clean and has a high mineral content. I am glad that people are seeing the harm in drinking the fluoride filled public water. As long as I live here I will be sure to leave it running! All I ask is that you respect the property and cleanup any trash that you may see. Thanks!!!


    • Akaace2005 says:

      Jeff, does the spring percolate up to the surface or is it underground?

      • Jeffreycyr says:

         Its underground…. The pipe Is and overflow for my spring fed well. The water is never exposed to open air. …

        • Akaace2005 says:

          So does your well pump the water from 500 feet below the ground and to the street or does the water percolate close to the surface and then you pump it out? I’m trying to understand how much natural ground filtering is done before it comes out at the street?

          • Jeffreycyr says:

             No the well is about 40-50 feet deep. The overflow pipe located about 10 feet from the surface of the ground runs through my basement and to the street. There is no pumping involved in the overflow. My pump line is at the bottom of the well. That is the reason the flow can slow if I am doing laundry or dishes. It is very good water though. I have talked to people that have been drinking it for 40+ years with no issues. 

    • lunatic says:

      hello, i havent made it to the spring yet but planning it very soon as i just found out about it. i want to thank you for sharing this wonderfull natural source of water that flows from your property with the locals. It’s refreshing given the current state of affairs in this world where people are capitalizing on everything and anything and being selfish and greedy. Thanks again 😀

    • Philip McCluskey says:

       Thank you so much Jeff, I have spread the word about your spring all over. I love it, such amazing tasting water!

    • Joanej says:

      Is what “Scrowley111” saying true? Is there radon in the CLEARVIEW Springs water?

      • Mike123 says:

        I was wondering the exact same thing, does this water contain radon as a few have mentioned below?  Also is this considered to be spring water or well water?

        I have been very excited and interested in finding a spring to go but unfortunately I have yet to find one in CT that hasn’t either been closed or contains peoples comments that scare me away.
        One of my favorites is the comment stating that one of the springs is really just a pipe hooked up to a local cow pond! WTF!?

        I haven’t even been able to find any clean or open springs in the surrounding states either, based on this database.

        My goal in doing this is for improved health, as I would imagine is everyone’s reason for doing this, so I would like to know that the water that I am drinking is actually healthy.

        Does anyone know of a spring that is truly clean and safe to drink from around here?

    • Viky says:

      Another comment below said that there was high radon in that water, is that true??

    • anthony says:


      do you know if this spring is still in use?

    • Warren says:


      I’m a distant neighbor on Barton in Torrington, and recently came upon the knowledge of your spring. I think you are doing a beautiful service, and good karma will result. Thank you for your generosity!

  9. Guest says:

    Great to see this discussion and this website.  I plan to drive out to Clearview this weekend and fill my bottles.  Anyone know of any other (free) springs in Connecticut?  I’ve been asking around, but not learning of many others.

  10. Bishop123321 says:

    I grew up down the road from this spring. As a child I would love to ride my bike or jog to the spring for some great refreshing H2O! The families that live in the houses bordering the springs outlets have always welcomed people from all over and for that I thank them, and for everyone that uses the spring please do not litter and respect the people that live in the area!

  11. Heath Duncan says:

    We have been drinking this water for 6 months and love it. (only this water, no tap water, no bottle water, no coffee, tea, soda, etc..) After discovering “Find A Spring”, we asked around our “foodie” friends and low-and-behold a friend has family in the area and has been drinking it for years! Well that was good enough for us. Today we have 8 – 5 gallon jugs that we drive up to fill every 2 weeks from Norwalk, about an hour & 1/2. We enjoy meeting the other water aficionados. There are tons of good & interesting people in this world. One local guy has been drinking there for 40 years.
    The spot is easy to find and plenty of stuff to do not so far away.
    Like go to a movie in the oldest movie house in CT.
    Or buy local maple syrup from
    Or great local organic farm-to-fork pizza at
    Enjoy!! I hope to see one of you there!!

  12. Rushintoad says:

    We came to clearview spring for the first time today (from bristol) and we will definitely be returning soon! The water is cool and delicious, the location very accessible and not hard to find (we saved the address from our gps!) many people from the area seem to come here (3 while we filled up two 5 gals this AM) The flow is very good – many thanks to Jeffery for the use and care of this wonderful natural treasure!

  13. Scrowley111 says:

    This water is NOT spring water at all…..Actually most of the water on clearview ave has very very high levels of radon in the water when tested.  The water is overflow from the property owners well which should go into the drain but back in the flood of 1955 it was put there for residence in need to get water. 

    • water hater says:

      Also for those of you who go to the springs and respect the place that is great but to about 50% of the people who go there and play LOUD music at all hours ,even the middle of the night, yelling, breaking glass, and other obnoxiuos things it is very angering.  Some people have even had the balls to knock on the homeowners door and ask if they could stop using the water so they dont have to wait to fill up their jugs as the water stops when heavy water usage in the homes!! That is crazy!  Maybe back in the day when it was a neighborhood thing it was nice but now seeing cars coming from all over the state for well water is CRAZY to me.  Up to 100 cars a day on the weekend.  That is a lot of people for what is a quiet neighborhhood. 

      • Richard of Danbury says:

         Much of the natural water supply, even wells and springs, in Western CT is filled with radon. Brookfield, CT and surrounding areas. Most people continue to drink it and authorities say it is at safe levels.

  14. anthony says:

    I went there today. This spring is next to someones house with the hose sticking out almost onto the street into the gutter. The water I drank seemed fine and the owner next the house vouches for it. I kind wish it was further from cars, homes, traffic , people etc.

  15. Audrey says:

    I had a sample of this water tested yesterday on march 19th 2016, and have the results already from the lab I use. This is good water. 🙂 The TDS is 60.

  16. Audrey says:

    Sorry, I meant May 19th 2016, not march.

  17. Audrey says:

    I only did a basic test and had them check what the TDS was.

  18. Julianne says:

    I just paid to have a complete profile done on this spring. Basically, everything came out great except radon, which was at 13,272 pCi/L (acceptable limit is 5,000).

    • Julianne says:

      Actually I just spoke with the company that did the testing- they explained that radon in water is only an issue when you are showering or bathing in it. When the radon escapes from the water to the air, it is harmful, and that occurs when it is coming out of the tap at your home. Since we are capturing this water at the spring, bottling it and then bringing it home, most of the radon escapes by the time we get it home. The longer it sits, the less radon. Besides, he explained that there are no scientific studies that indicate that drinking water with radon in it has any negative effect on health- for what it’s worth, some cultures (ancient Greeks for one) actually infused water with radon because they believe it was healthful!

    • crystal says:

      What is the copper level here?

    • Julianne says:

      Date of test- 10/18/16. Absent of coliform, e.coli, chlorine. pH- 7.2. Turbidity- .45. No flouride, chloride, or nitrogen was detected. Sulfate-4, Calcium-8, Mg- 6, hardness- 43 (out of 200), sodium 6.7, and no copper, iron, manganese, cadmium, lead, selenium, sliver, or mercury detected. Chromium- 0.001, barium- 0.002, no arsenic detected

  19. Tony says:

    I just stopped up at the spring today for the first time (about an hour drive from me) and met a nice lady who was filling up a couple gallons there and told me she gets plenty of water from that spring and mentioned how refreshing it was.

    I filled up 3 gallons in the containers I had and one in a stainless steel cup I had so I could try it right at the source.

    It was clean, crisp and super refreshing! In fact I almost felt as if my thirst was quenched quicker drinking a few sips from the fresh spring water as opposed to the bottled stuff and tap water (living in the city you gotta make do with what you have, right? Lol), but since I try to support health and longevity from many different angles here and there, I’m most certain I’ll be back to get some more from time to time.

    Thanks to the owner Jeff for being so kind as to supply this fresh and beneficial water source to the public.

  20. Susan says:

    Can anyone tell me if this water has been tested for parasites?

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