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Crystal Springs is located by the Allenspark business route Highway 7 along Willow Creek and just up the road from the Fawnbrook Inn.

The District provides water from Crystal Springs to all those who come to the Springs and fill their containers. The Spring
water is treated to comply with Colorado Health standards and is
finished off with a carbon filter in order to provide water that is pure
and refreshing.

Volontary fee/donation:
The District spends a significant amount of funds, time, and effort
providing water from Crystal Springs and, therefore, asks that those
obtaining water from the Springs help defray expenses by making a
voluntary contribution. The District provides a container for that
purpose at the Springs.

Public access
continuous flow


  1. That’s not where the access was during my childhood, when we stayed in Allenspark every summer. Back then the public access was on the big U-shaped curve in the middle of Allenspark proper. The curve goes around the Fawnbook Inn, the building with the screaming red roof. The access was on the outside of the curve, right about where the “7” is on the highway, just southwest of the inn. If the access has been moved, probably to accommodate more traffic, and your current location marker is correct, that puts it downstream from the inn. I’d call that “down the road,” not up.

      1. Wrong. It says in the description that it has been “treated”. So, that tube, coming out of the ground, bypassed your bottle, got “treated”, & then came back around through a specially-placed hole in the rock, to make you THINK you were getting pure, unadulterated water. Which you are most definitely not.

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