Devil’s Elbow Spring, Dawsonville, Georgia 30534


Posted: June 11, 2013

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Sweet Water-Juno and Steele Bridge Road
Dawsonville, GA 30534
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The spring is coming out of the bank on the right side of the dirt road.

Highway 53 going toward Ellijay turn right onto Duck Thurmond Rd. Take a right onto Sweet Water-Juno Rd. Drive until you see Steele Bridge Rd on your left. The spring is on the right before you get to the bridge. If you get to the bridge turn around and drive slowly and look for the pipe coming out of the hill.


  1. Joel Steidle says:

    I went there today and it is a great spring. The TDS is 8 which is pretty much as good as it gets. It is extremely cold as well.

    The directions are a little confusing as for starters when you make the turn off 53 for Duck Thurmond Rd. there is no road sign at all for Duck Thurmond Rd. You either need to know the area or have Google Maps GPS help you. Also, you have to make the left onto Steele Bridge Rd. from Sweetwater Juno Rd and then the spring is down on the right before the bridge.

  2. Laura says:

    Did anyone test this water? I drove up and got some but I’m a little nervous about drinking it before its tested. Thanks!

  3. Brandon says:

    Visited this spring today. Fantastic taste and good steady stream!

  4. Neal says:

    For those interested in visiting this spring the GPS coordinates are as follows: N 34 26.769 W 84 12.433
    Google and Apple maps will accept those coordinates. That will put you right on top of the spring. You can park your car across the gravel road in a small pull off.

    I’ve visited this spring twice now as a result of finding this website. I’ve purchased TDS and pH meters, as well as a small set of various testing strips.

    The water is relatively cold when pulled from the source (approx. 50 degrees Fahrenheit, 90 degree Fahrenheit air temp). The TDS readings were amazing @ 6 ppm. The pH was a bit more acidic than I’d like @ 6.58, but it’s still within the ideal range of 6.5-8.5. Both meters were calibrated just prior to testing. No biological or heavy metal contaminants were found using the testing strips. I will be sending a sample off to an independent lab to confirm my results.

    Overall I’m very happy with this spring and I plan to use it weekly. I’m planning to do some area beautification in the fall when the brush isn’t so thick. I’m thinking of cutting a path or installing some pavers to keep from getting my boots wet. I’d also like to change the large PVC pipe to something copper.

    The pipe is not installed @ the source where the water comes out of the ground. It is about 100 ft from the source in a more convenient location. I’d like to put a pipe in at the source, but that will require extensive digging to allow for a drop in elevation to fill containers.

    The water is clear and delicious. I’ve consumed about 10 gallons and I feel great.

    • Bill and Vivian Maddox says:

      My husband and I have now been to this site four times to collect water. Neal, if you have the results from the lab testing of the sample of this spring we and others would be so appreciative of you posting the results.

      We, too, would like to do a little modification of the site to make it just a little nicer. If you, or any of the other people who are being blessed by this spring, would like to get together to discuss a plan then give us a call at (850)559-4321. We just moved to Gainesville, Georgia from Tallahassee, Florida and are enjoying getting to know this area.

      Bill and Vivian Maddox

  5. JOHN says:

    amazing spot to fish splash in the creek. all that is just past the spring. the water is a clear and cold as it gets.
    i will be trying to capture about 10 gallons a month. gallon filled in about 7 seconds. great flow. about an hour north of 285

  6. Tony says:

    Last weekend, we visited this spring and was hesitant to collect it. My nephew has been drinking the water from this spring and nothing has happen to him. He told me it is drinkable because he read the postings from here and people have been collecting it to drink. Our family collected over 30 gallons of water from this spring. The water tastes fine, and I am hoping Neal could post up the results from this springs.

  7. David says:

    This is such a great idea. Thank you so much to ALL involved.
    Much Love,

  8. Makayla says:

    Hey Friends!

    This is a great spring water tastes great! Just a heads up I went there today to fill up and the road is closed. The sign says that the bridge was broken. I’m not sure how long it will be closed or if there is another way to get there but I just wanted to let everybody know so they don’t drive just to have to turn around! I will keep checking back and update if things have changed.

  9. Vince says:

    I would be interested in seeing the results as well.

  10. Qua says:

    Me and my fiance visited this location last weekend on the way to Mercier Orchards. We went up and down Steele bridge rd. and no pipe with spring water coming our. We asked people fishinng about it and they had no idea. I believe they got rid of it and it is no longer available to the public.

  11. Jeremy says:

    I bought a few 6.5 gallon jugs from the brewery store and headed for this spring for the first time. About 100-125 yards before the bridge, on the right side of the dirt road, there was a little walking path beside a stream. About 35 feet from the road, was a PVC pipe set up in the stream, but I continued walking the trail another 35-45 feet until I came to the source of the spring, where another piece of PVC was set up. There was plenty of overgrowth and poison ivy on the “trail,” and about 8 feet before the spring pool I stepped on a large root and it flexed, and 7-8 yellow jackets came out, and one of them got me on the leg. So step over those roots near the source! The PVC pipe was very dirty on the inside with thick green algae growth, but I filled my 3 jugs up anyway. Next time I will bring a shovel and dig out a larger spot so that it is easier to set the jug down to fill it. I will also be bringing a clean pipe, preferably not PVC, since the whole purpose of me using glass is to avoid plastics (including PVC) as much as possible. The trail was not easy to walk, as I was carrying a 6.5-gallon jug trying to avoid the poison ivy and roots and rocks and ups and downs. I will test this water someday and hopefully post the results, but for now, it tastes great. Can anyone recommend a test kit that is good?

  12. Jeremy says:

    I posted above on June 25, 2016. Update: Last Wednesday I dropped off 2 samples that I collected from this spring (Devil’s Elbow) to the UGA Feed and Environmental Water Lab in Athens, Georgia for bacterial testing. I ordered an Enterococcus test on sample 1, and an E. Coli and Coliform test on sample 2. The next evening I got the results back in my email, and the lab had made an error. They ran the E. Coli/Coliform test on both samples, and are refunding my money for the Enterococcus test, since they did not do it. The results of both of the E.coli/Enterococcus tests agreed with each other, and were that no E.Coli was found in either test, so they passed on that part, but they both failed the Coliform test. The total Coliform results for test #1: Method: APHA 9223 B Results: 165.2 MPN/100-ml. The total Coliform results for test #2: Method: APHA 9223 B Results: >200.5 MPN/100-ml. The total acceptable amount is NONE. Now, the inside of the pvc pipe (which was already set up at the source of the spring), from which I collected the sample, was filled with green algae and probably many other things. However, I did not bring my own clean pipe to get the water into my containers, so I had to use that. Nevertheless, I am VERY UNLIKELY to return to this spring, since I doubt that the algae in the pipe was the cause of the Coliform showing up in the water. However I don’t know for sure. It’s over an hour drive for me, and if both of the bacterial tests had passed, then I’d be likely to bring my own clean pipe (non-plastic and non-pvc) to collect water from this source. However, since the coliform tests failed, then I’m not going to even bother getting the Enterococcus test done. Any ideas or advice?

    • Laura says:

      Jeremy, “Total coliform bacteria are common in the
      environment (soil or vegetation) and are
      generally harmless. If a lab detects only total
      coliform bacteria in drinking water, the source is
      probably environmental and fecal contamination
      is unlikely. However, if environmental
      contamination can enter the system, pathogens
      could get in too. It is important to find and
      resolve the source of the contamination.
      Fecal coliform bacteria are a subgroup of total
      coliform bacteria. They exist in the intestines of people and animals.” Based on this information, I don’t know how concerned we should be about the coliform count. E. coli are the form of the bacteria that are dangerous and your testing shows that the water is safe.

    • Becky says:

      I’m just wondering what type of pipe you would use and how you would insert your own pipe. I haven’t been to this spring, but was considering going. Thank you for having it tested and posting the results.

  13. Trent says:

    Drove here today from Atlanta and there is a large pipe with a very high flow rate, filled a clear plastic bottle several times from that pipe could never get clear water. If you go up from the large pipe there is a smaller one but it feeds from a open pool which in turn feeds from the aquifer in the hillside. Quick test in the sunlight w/ clear bottle didn’t see any visible particulate so proceeded to fill 30 or gallons. When I got home I examined the water closer in a clear glass in bright light. Every sample had particulate and one even had some type of larvae swimming in it.

  14. Bill and Vivian Maddox says:

    Thank you, Jeremy, for taking the time to inform us about the results of your test that you did on the spring. In view of the fact that you are serious about the source of water for your family’s consumption, please let us know if you find another source that we would like to know about.

    My husband and I have been driving from Gainesville once a month to collect 25 gallons of water for drinking and cooking purposes for the past two years. We have thought about making some improvements like putting some pavers in place to make it easier for my husband and others to walk in and out with heavy five gallon water containers and not have to get muddy shoes. We’ve also thought about replacing the PVC pipe with a better option.

    As of right now, here are our thoughts: Until we find another source for our water we are going to continue getting our water from the spring. But, even before reading about your test results, we were heading in the direction of buying a Berkey Water Filter. It is a very efficient, cost effective way to filter water – operates by gravity – no electricity. We would prefer to continue getting spring water and filtering it instead of filtering the city tap water with fluoride and chlorine. So that means we would continue collecting 25 gallons each trip and storing it in a closet and then fill the Berkey filter container in the kitchen three gallons at a time.

    Do you live near Gainesville? If you would like to call us we would like to hear from you: 850-559-4321. Maybe we could get together and work on making some improvements at the spring.

  15. Bill in Forsyth says:

    I’ve gathered nearly 100 gallons from this spring in the past four months. It is cool, clear, and refreshing. I actually drink less of this water, because it is nutrient rich and hydrates the body as it should be. I do filter the water through a carbon filter (Brita) to remove any particulates. I’ve had no ill effects from this water and intend to keep using it for cooking and drinking.

  16. Bill in Forsyth says:

    I had this water tested this week at AmPro Labs in Cumming.

    pH = 5.6 meaning it is an acidic water giving it taste.

    Alkalinity = 7 the reason why the pH is low.

    Coliform = present

    E. Coli = Absent

    I’m not worried about the Coliform as all our bodies have millions of these bacteria and they are necessary to live. It is what makes this a nutrient rich water.

    I intend to continue to gather and drink this water. After 100 of gallons I’ve had no ill effects.

    I do run it through a Brita filter just case some bits of dirt or something make it through.

    • Tami says:

      Bill, are you still drinking from this spring? We have been filling up here for the last few months but haven’t had the water tested for ourselves yet. Just curious if anyone else is currently using this spring.

  17. stephanie d allen says:

    Hi, I visited this spring and got water. I did get sick afterward. I got a free water test done, and things seem fine, but there is an old nuclear test site in the area, so I would not recommend this spring 🙁

  18. Angie says:

    Is this spring still producing? Is it well hidden or visible? I attempted to find it recently and was not successful.

  19. Jeremy says:

    I decided to make a trip to the spring after a few years of procrastinating. The white PVC pipe was gushing water. I took a sip and noticed no foul taste or smell, so I grabbed an empty gallon jug out of my car and filled it up. The water came out crystal clear, so they must have cleaned the algae out of the pipe. It’s been several hours and I’ve yet to notice any adverse effects

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