Echo Hills Springs Drinking Water (Paid Usage), Hemet, CA 92343

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The Echo Hills Spring is a natural spring that has been used for centuries by man and beast. Located at the base of the Santa Rosa Hills in the Hemet Valley. The Echo Hills Spring Water has been made accessible to the public at our drive up fill station. For your water security the spring source is locked off behind a private access road. For four generations of ownership the Echo Hills Springs is still providing high quality spring water and only treated with sediment filters and ultra violet light so as not to alter the taste of nature. Open 24/7 for your convenience and coin operated on a timing system. As of 3/15/2016 you can fill your containers for a small fee of $2(Quarters only) for 2 minutes. this should allow approximately 8 gallons of water. A real bargain for real water.You can also find us on Facebook under “Echo Hills Springs Drinking Water”


  1. Dear Customers,
    During the hot summer months many of our customers express concerns that the spring water dispensed is warm and not cold. At the Spring source the Echo Hills Spring escapes Mother Earth at 60-62 degrees. We then through a closed distribution system for public safety, pipe the spring water 1600 feet downhill. The distribution line is shallow 8-12 inches below grade and absorbs solar energy. Our Ultraviolet light water treatment system adds more heat to the water between customers. Customers may wish to run the water a minute before filling up their containers during the hot summer months. So a quarter or two extra should be added. Our customers will want to store their containers in a cool dark place at home since there is no Chlorine chemical treatment in the Echo Hills Spring water. No chemicals assure that the Echo Hills Spring Water taste is all natural!

  2. Fee is now 4 dollars for 4 minutes. All in quarters. If you need more time you can add money at 16 seconds for 25 cents, but you have to add them before your 4 minutes are up!

  3. …lived here a year. I just this instant discovered the H2O411 whilst looking at the Echo Hills Tee times! Delightful! I shall be sure to bike down early some morning to get the coolest draft of it.

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