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There is a spring that is well known to cyclists who are riding up CA 39 up towards Crystal Lake/Angelus Crest Highway. The spring  spills from the mountainside into a road-side ditch. The spring is around the 4000 foot sign near a switchback turn.  See coordinates below. This is a popular spot for cyclists who are riding up the mountain to refill their water bottles.



      1. My father spent his teenage years at Falling Springs in the late 1940’s as it was owned by his father. He still remembers the natural and historical features quite well.

      2. do you know anything about the source of the spring and if that spot it flows out from truly is the first spot it touches air at, meaning there’s no other spots beforehand it could be contaminated with something? im just really wary these days of trusting anything. how would anyone truly 100percent know where the water comes from and its path along the way?!

  1. The road was closed the few times I went up earlier this year due to a mud slide. But I was finally able to make it up a few days ago. You can hear the water before you see it. There is room for a car or two just across the road. I was able to fill a quart jar in seconds. Not sure about the legality of collecting here so I didn’t stay for too long. Tested it when I got home with a kit I got from Home Depot, all the levels came in at normal ranges, and the tests came back negative. Water tasted great was nice and cold. Unable to tell if the water is coming from the ground at the collecting point, or if it is exposed further up. There are cabins near by. Ultimately based on the tests I took and the history of people drinking from here I would accept it as safe. However the drive is long and the collecting location is exposed to passing cars. Not sure this will be a regular source for me.

  2. made it to the spring this evening, road was reopened and the natural mountain spring water is the best in CA/the world #h2o 😉 enjoi

  3. I went today, the road is currently down for construction. Let me know when u able to get the water again.

  4. I went here yesterday and I was very happy with my findings! First, let me say that this spring is ON mile marker 35.50. I had mistakenly stopped early because I heard water rushing near the point that the GPS coordinates brought me to; which was a mile or two before the point where you should actually be collecting water from. Just look at the mile markers and if you’re heading up the canyon, the spring will be on your left side, just after turning right around a hairpin turn. On your right side there’s a small gravel space to park. If you’re looking at the spring, to the right of it, higher up on the rocks there sits an old (seemingly abandoned) cabin. Also, if you have a large 5 gallon jug like I did, I would advise bringing a smaller container, maybe a 1 gallon jug along, as it would make the filling process go by much quicker. Good luck and as long as you look for the mile marker, you will be good!

  5. I went up to this spring the other day and got 10 gallons of the water. I just followed the directions that other people put up here and it was pretty easy to find but it can be easily missed so pay attention. Been drinking the water for a few days now and it is the best water ever. There’s just something about it. This is absolutely going to be where I get my water from now. Plus, It’s free. If you’re willing to make the trip and the effort to collect it, you won’t regret it. (Note the pin on the map is slightly off. Spring is at the TOP of that hairpin bend) And finally, after you have gotten your water, don’t forget to go up a little further to the lookout point. Beautiful view.

  6. Update+Location+Experience
    I copy paste Matt coordination from above to my car navigation and start driving from LA. Navigation stop right before some type of valley with greenery. I read about sound of water. Yes, if you drive slow you will hear. Basically it is literally flow of water. You can access it from both side of the road. I just went ahead and exploring this “river”. I am very rustic, so even people I meet there never try this water, I just drank from one of the little pools. It taste fine, I went up across road, walk little higher and with my big jar collect water right from the “river”.
    I decide drive up higher just for fun and I saw right immediately small spring inside greenery but it seems no “comfy” accces there, so I move on. After 2-3 min up road, it is there exactly like in the description water spring very very close to the road on the left side. Easy to miss it. I tasted the water and it taste much more like super clean spring water, so I let go previous water out and collect this one. I was all alone on the side of the road, I wash my face, wet hair, pour over my legs and my arms. I did and did again, so amazing if you believe in natural energy. I was wet like a fish, but happy like budda! If you have big jar, bring something smaller like glass bottle, it will fill very fast few times. Be careful, choose time to go there when you think it will be less cars, side road is very tiny! How to look for this spot: Right after the turn on the right side small “parking” and on the left this little water spring. And if you raise your eyes you will see away some type of wooden little house on the left side up road. Water spring just before house.

    1. I went the other day and the water is great! This is the 2nd time I have gone and will definitely be going again. I’m in 90020 and would love to hook up w/ others in the area, too, and share in the collection. 🙂 I also found a second site just a bit further down the mountain from the coordinates described above, which I took water from the 1st time I went. I think it may be a different water source, because the water tastes even clearer here! Maybe it has just gotten more filtered by the time it gets to the pool, idk. This other area is just a few bends in the road before you reach the 35.50 marker, and the area described in this thread, as you are going uphill. You can collect on either side of the road, I found it easier to go on the right as you are heading up the hill. At any rate both places for collection are awesome, imo, and definitely worth going for!

  7. Peace Jamie and Robin!

    I live in the area too. Got a small group of us who have been traveling to Carlsbad, and originally Hemet for water, but going to head out here today. Lets organize! Hit me at chrisdevcich@gmail.com. Thanks!

  8. Just went today and it was great! Thanks for the mile marker number. It was so easy to find and the water tasted amazing. We will be going back soon. What a great resource.

  9. If anyone is based in or around the 90027 area and wants to take turns at collecting spring water from this location, let me know.
    Otherwise we will probably make the trip approx once a month.
    Would be great to share the millage.

  10. Went today and it was awesome! The water was absolutely refreshing and tasted so good! I was able to fill my tin can in about 10 seconds. Definitely coming back here again!

  11. Hello. Thank you for reading this. Anyone been there and know how many gallons per minute or cups per minute ? If I go, I would bring containers to fill and want to see how long I will be there. Thank you.

    1. I went twice, the first time I did not travel nearly far enough up highway 39 and gave up too early. Travelling up 39, when you get to mile marker 35.05, it’s right around the corner. (Past the 3000ft elevation sign by a ways, and I never saw the 4000ft elevation sign but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there or maybe it was past the spring). I went at night, and it was very dark but it almost looked like the road narrowed and you curved around to the right and it was immediately around the curve. Basically roll down your windows at mile marker 35.05 and you will hear the crashing water. The water is seeping out of the rocks, there isn’t a pipe. Thank God someone happened to be parked there or I might have driven past it in the dark. Park on the right with room for 2 cars though a tight squeeze and carefully cross to fill up. Be careful not to get hit by an oncoming car, there isn’t a ton of standing room between you and the road and you kind of have to balance on some rocks. The guy who helped me filled up my 5 gallon jug within a few minutes. Been drinking this water since late saturday evening, and it’s really really yummy. Of the three springs I’ve visited it’s my favorite so far. Good luck!

    1. This spring is mis-marked on this map. It’s actually across the street from the parking area on the upper hump of the hairpin turn near the house there.

    2. The spring is easy to miss, but i have found it. it’s running off rocks off the side of the moutain. The area is called Falling Springs and its on some maps. There are deserted cabins there. As you drive up, the spring is on the left side and again, running off a rock. Plus lots of vegetation where the water runs off. I found it somewhat easily because i had my windows rolled down and heard all the water when i drove by 🙂 the water is cold and tastes good, however, the TDS value was 220- not sure if that is bad?? I’ve filled up from here a few times.

  12. Hey Kevin! The water is safe, yes! I have been drinking the water from this spring and the one in Springville up north for probably almost 5 years if not longer! I never catch the illnesses that go around each year that most people seem to get; that should say something! Please try it out! You will find the experience very rewarding! It will probably ease your mind too to know that last time I filled up here about a week ago there were two other people filling up as well and I have met someone in the past who has also been drinking it for years! Go have a blast!

  13. Just went here for the first time. Tasted great. Would be awesome if someone shared pics of any test results.

    Hope this stays as is forever, as scary times ahead for water. #waterrights Be cautious, be vigilant, demand more, be water wise, your 70% water.

  14. My Family used to go to Falling Springs Resort Years ago( early 60s). We stayed in several cabins and had meals at the restaurant. It was great! Sorry to hear it is a Ghost town, essentially.

  15. I finally made it to the spring, but sadly won’t be regularly drinking the water. I really like the idea of natural spring water, benefits of soil based organisms etc., but I did not feel good after drinking the water. It should be noted I have a lot of sensitivities to foods and chemicals so my reactions aren’t the norm. It actually tasted really great, but made me feel tired and weak. Anyone else have a weird reaction like this?

  16. We drive up from Glendora to fill up weekly. If anyone wants us to fill for them, we do this for several families at a small fee per 5 gallon bottle. Best water!

    1. Just went up today! Water was gushing pretty strong! It was soooo refreshing and cold!!! I’m in love!

      It’s so thirst quenching! I filled up a 6 gallon glass carboy and multiple other glass bottles. If you’re filling up a carboy sized jug, you definitely need a gallon or half gallon size to collect and pour into the big boy.

      I tested it when I got home. 7.46 PH and 261 PPM TDS. It was raining earlier this week, not sure if that makes a difference. Going again next week, I’ll update PPM if it changes.

      Praise God for fresh clean water!!

        1. Hi how much do you charge and how would one go about obtaining the water from you? I would go myself but im a bit afraid of possible steep car climbs and step declines.

          1. I meant to write, “Hi Summer”, not April. Anyway, please message me is you are still collecting water. : )

        2. Hi Summer,
          Do you still fill for other people? Or, can you tell me exactly how to get there myself? Please email me… ambrosiart@aol.com and put SPRING WATER in the subject line. Thanks so much!

        3. Hi Summer! I think it’s great that you & others have discovered this wonderful spring! I would love to go there myself to see what it’s like & to try the water. This web site says that the spring is located somewhere near the 4,000 foot mark?? Is there an actual sign? Is the spring mini waterfall visible from the road? I’m so confused & I don’t want to get lost so any directions &/or feedback from you (or anyone reading this) would be much appreciated! Thank you!

        4. Hello Summer,

          I just moved to the area and have been looking for a good spring.

          Unfortunately during my drive up falling springs, I failed to locate the source.

          If it’s not to much to ask, the next time you’re up. Would you mind pinning the coordinates? Thank you!

  17. Hi there, I went up to the spring yesterday the water seems really clean. I was curious if anyone knows if you should boil it or filter it before drinking. Or if it’s safe tonjust drink. Also I took photos but I’m not sure where to add them to this site.

    1. I have collected and drank this spring water several times this year. No issues. I drink it raw and not boiled. My meter shows around 140 ppm. Not bad. Haven’t had it tested. PH was a bit high though.

    2. i also drink it daily as my only water source/cook with it, have been doing so for a few months and no issues. i dont filter/boil/treat at all. but this honestly means nothing because i dont know 100percent what possible contaminates it could have.

    3. Always best to put in jug then filter it using a santevia water pitcher. natural springs contains some sediment that our body cant process. spring houses will use sediment filters for this reason.

  18. Just went here yesterday for the second time. Parked at the lot across from the abandoned-looking house, and walked across to the spring right behind the 35.50 mile marker.
    A man come out from the house and asked if we were there for water, because the better water is 30 feet down the road. The one we were at, he said, is clean enough but the lower one is better.

    So we walked a little down the road on the same side, and there is another spring very, very close to the road. This water did seem colder!
    Another man came from the house and said to us that he’s been drinking the water for 20 years!
    It’s smooth tasting, strangely has a nice mouth feel. (We tested the first, higher up spring at 211ppm. We also tested for contaminants and it came back negative. The lower, better spring is 258ppm.)

    Here’s a picture link to the lower, better spring.

    Our personal suggestion is to get a 5-foot PVC pipe, funnel, and elbow connector piece. The elbow piece makes it easy to put the funnel in and still have the pipe horizontal, right into your 5-gallon bottle!

    Enjoy the water! <3

  19. Since this is the closet spring to two other possible springs, I will post some information about them. The first one is a historical area that was the main water source for Native Americans in that area. This place had a lot of running water back in 1982 when they were tearing up the hills for housing construction. However, at least one topographical map showed several springs that are still there. The area is called Powder Canyon and it’s surrounded by Rowland Heights, La Habra and City of Industry. It’s a park mainly used for mountain biking and hiking. The other place still has springs flowing from the hills and this is off Carbon Canyon Road in Brea. This was the site of a famous resort and hot springs called La Vida. It was there for over 100 years as a developed resort but it was one of the main hot springs for Native Americans over 100 years ago. I was there about a month ago but it was late in the afternoon and I didn’t want to venture further in because I was alone. I have seen a large springs flowing with water on another occasion about year ago. There are about two YouTube videos posted about this area. For those of you that like to explore new possibilities for water sources, you might find something worth tasting!

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