Fern Spring, Yosemite National Park, CA



Fern Spring


No spout. It is kept very well. It is in yosemite national park in california. Protected land. Covered in shade. There are rocks around the perimeter of the spring to help it maintain it’s structure.

Nearest Address

Yosemite National Park

Directions from Nearest Address

It is a small natural spring in Yosemite Valley near the Pohono Bridge, it flows into the Merced River. After you cross the bridge it is on the right hand side and there is a sign. The spring is such a nugget because I have never seen anybody stop there and when I was there some tourists stopped because they saw me over off the roadway and probably thought I was looking at a deer but when they realized it was a spring they just got back in the car and kept driving. People will like take a picture of it but thats about it very few people understand the value of it. I know it is of good quality because I drank from it all week and all day and felt great. I didn’t get the temperature when I was there but it is really cold. I have glass 5 gal bottles I was filling up and as I was filling it the bottle was fogging up and I had to move my hand off of the spout because my hand was getting frozen. It is ice cold! I did check the tds when i got home and it was like 14 or something really low and i didn’t have a digital ph. teseter but i put a ph strip in there and it looks like it is between 6.5 and 7.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No and Yes
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: around 14
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: between 6.5 and 7

Hours Spring is Open:




Map Link: Fern Spring Map

Submitted by: Ray Demeritt


  1. This spring is MAGICAL! Absolutely magical. Water is extremely cold and tastes very close to distilled. I didn’t have my TDS meter but I’m sure it is quite low in minerals. There is something very special about this spring — it is clear how this was a sacred location for native peoples. My only regret is that I didn’t bring my big glass bottles from home! The geotagged location for the spring is completely off, but the directions given are correct. Heading *into* the park, it is only a small ways up past the Pohono Bridge on the right. There is a pullout and a sign marking the spring and it’s significance. Quite a heavy flow and very easy to fill bottles. Give thanks to this magical spring when you go — the water is BLESSED! <3

  2. Update 4/3/2019
    I tested the water with a TDS Meter (for dissolved solids) and it was a 12 – very clean!
    I am a local and drink from this spring. Yesterday I was there and saw a park visitor pull up and he threw a stick for his dog to fetch inside the spring. I yelled nicely at him to please not let his dog into the pool as it was drinking water. He acted a bit puzzled and questioned me, and I explained to him that it was both drinking water and Sacred. I then left, and I don’t think his dog went in (he stopped it), but, yikes. If you are local, please be aware.

  3. I went today and it’s not running 🙁 It’s stagnant. Kinda strange since we just had a few days of good rain here. I was there in August and it was flowing well. Now it’s barely dripping. Not enough to catch and I was worried about stagnation. With more rain hopefully it will flow again.

  4. My friend and I have each been collecting over 25 gallons of water, once a month from Fern Spring for 2 years and have never gotten sick once from this delicious, cold, fresh water. I have no idea where the pin is situated, looks like it’s way up the mountainside somewhere. But the spring is right on the road, JUST PAST THE BRIDGE on the right hand side as you’re heading into the valley from highway 120 or as you’re heading back around to go toward the village again. It’s very convenient and well worth stopping.

  5. We just brought 20 gallons back from our trip to Yosemite last week. Even with the drought and the snow pack being low this year, the spring was going strong. Nancy, the first time we drank from this spring we had our TDS met and tested it. I do not remember the number, but it was unbelievably low – like in the 10s or something…close to distilled.

  6. There is also an interpretive sign at Fern Spring explaining its spiritual and cultural significance to the indigenous people who lived there.

  7. Went to this spring a few weeks ago, flow rate was amazing, no need for a spout. The google maps pin that is on the find a spring map is somewhat off, took me way up outside the valley, this spring is located in the valley, just drive towards the valley and you will see it on the right hand side, can’t miss it.

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