Fish Hatchery Spring, Bath, New York, 14810

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Just about 100 feet south of public parking lot near entrance of NYS fish hatchery. As you face the parking lot from Fish Hatchery Road, the spring will be to the right of the parking lot.


  1. Visited in October 2020. The coordinates are a little short, you need to continue straight about 1 mile to fish hatchery parking lot. They’ve installed a big sign saying “not a public water source, not routinely tested, not chlorinated” blah blah blah. We just laughed at it, thank god it’s not chlorinated! There were several locals filling up who have been drinking it for years. The water is frigid cold, crystal clear, and gushing straight from a pipe coming out of the ground. Quick and easy fill up! Yum!

  2. Been drinking this water for years and know lots of people that do too. Unfortunately I moved a couple hours away and I miss this freezing cold, crystal clear purportedly artisan well water.

  3. Does anyone know how long the fish hatchery will have this spring closed for?
    Saw a sign 2 weeks ago getting water there that it would be closed for some construction on the path

  4. Your marker on the attached topography is incorrect. The Fish Hatchery parking lot is NE of this marker approx 1 mile. You can locate the hatchery which is NW of the hospital (just down the hill)

  5. This spring was in existance back in the 50’s and 60’s when I was a child. My Grandmother used to come here to fill up water bottles with drinking water. There used to be a large artesian well (w/gyser) to the right of the bridge (across the creek). Last time I was in the area back in ’04 a wooden structure had been built over this well site.

  6. Jennifer where in Clyde Ny do you go ? Do you have address ? That would be much closer for me…thanks

  7. There is a bug wooden sign and the water is down a small path 20 feet from parking lot. It’s right out in the open. Been drinking this water for 20 years. Tastes great.

  8. I have been getting my water here for about 2 months, until I recently found a spring a fraction of the distance from my home, located in Clyde, NY (hopefully the information for this new find will be available on this site soon). Once you realize that the spring is located in the parking lot for the fish hatchery, it is pretty easy to find. The parking lot and fish hatchery are well marked, close to the road, and easy to see. Once you pull into the parking lot, look at the drive way on the right that runs from the parking lot to the fish hatchery building. The spring is located on the right side of this driveway and is easy to see. Everyone in my home drank this water daily for 2 months and seemed to tolerate it fine (1 adult female, 1 adult male, 2 teenaged girls, 1 dog & 1 cat).

    1. Jennifer, are you talking about the spring in Port Byron? I saw it on the map but when I street view the area I have no idea where it is located. Would you be able to explain clearly for me? I’d love to try it as I’m in Auburn. Thanks!

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