Floyd VA Canning Factory Rd Spring, Floyd, VA


Posted: May 19, 2014

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Canning Factory Rd
Floyd, VA
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Travel 221 South from Downtown Floyd, VA.  After 4 miles you will see Canning Factory Rd/807 on your left.  Turn left onto Canning Factory Rd/807 and travel about a mile and you will see Cox Store Rd/716 on the right and an abandoned building on the right.  Just to the left of that abandoned building is a spring.  The spring is on a piece of property that is in a conservation trust of a local family.  They are simply pleased with people bottling up the spring water!  Enjoy…

  1. Mike Edmonds says:

    Does anyone have recent test results for the spring water?

  2. Kim Plaster says:

    Can anyone confirm this spring is still open to the public? Will be driving by tomorrow.

  3. Kim Plaster says:

    I located this spring on 3/1/2016 and collected water. I also conducted testing before drinking any. My sister was helping and she commented there was a strong manure odor coming from the fenced pasture nearby. I am sad to report I read the 48 hr Coliform Bacteria Test this morning (3/3/2016) and it was positive. I will not be drinking this water.
    All other tests were negative or in range for safe drinking.

  4. A_W says:

    Coliform/E. coli tests performed by Virginia Tech:
    6/29/2016 – Tested postive for Coliform Bacteria (MPN = 26)
    08/03/2016 – Tested positive for Coliform and E. coli bacteria (MPN = 800 and 70 respectively)
    08/05/2016 – Positive Coliforms and E. coli (MPN = 180, 1.5 respectively)
    12/05/2016 – Positive Coliform and E. coli (MPN = 111, 1 respectively)
    07/07/2017 – Positive Coliforms and E. coli (MPN = 30, N/A)
    New tests for Metals upcoming.

  5. Stewart Colley says:

    Hey Arnold,

    Do you still have those results? If so, would you mind sharing them with me?

    • Suzette says:

      Hello. We spoke with a local resident in regards to the spring. He has results from a test that was done. We are currently awaiting for it to be emailed. At this very moment, we are texting him to follow up on what his results are. We are texting him right now to have a pdf sent. I will post when I receive it. He spoke favorably, along with the people we spoke to in town. I imagine if the report from 2017 still held true, they wouldn’t be drinking it. I posted 2 pictures.

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