Floyd VA Canning Factory Rd Spring, Floyd, VA


Canning Factory Rd
Floyd, VA
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Travel 221 South from Downtown Floyd, VA.  After 4 miles you will see Canning Factory Rd/807 on your left.  Turn left onto Canning Factory Rd/807 and travel about a mile and you will see Cox Store Rd/716 on the right and an abandoned building on the right.  Just to the left of that abandoned building is a spring.  The spring is on a piece of property that is in a conservation trust of a local family.  They are simply pleased with people bottling up the spring water!  Enjoy…

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  1. Mike Edmonds says:

    Does anyone have recent test results for the spring water?

  2. Kim Plaster says:

    Can anyone confirm this spring is still open to the public? Will be driving by tomorrow.

  3. Kim Plaster says:

    I located this spring on 3/1/2016 and collected water. I also conducted testing before drinking any. My sister was helping and she commented there was a strong manure odor coming from the fenced pasture nearby. I am sad to report I read the 48 hr Coliform Bacteria Test this morning (3/3/2016) and it was positive. I will not be drinking this water.
    All other tests were negative or in range for safe drinking.

  4. A_W says:

    Coliform/E. coli tests performed by Virginia Tech:
    6/29/2016 – Tested postive for Coliform Bacteria (MPN = 26)
    08/03/2016 – Tested positive for Coliform and E. coli bacteria (MPN = 800 and 70 respectively)
    08/05/2016 – Positive Coliforms and E. coli (MPN = 180, 1.5 respectively)
    12/05/2016 – Positive Coliform and E. coli (MPN = 111, 1 respectively)
    07/07/2017 – Positive Coliforms and E. coli (MPN = 30, N/A)
    New tests for Metals upcoming.

  5. Stewart Colley says:

    Hey Arnold,

    Do you still have those results? If so, would you mind sharing them with me?

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