Frankfort Memorial Park Spring, Frankfort, NY


Posted: October 28, 2010

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Litchfield St.
Frankfort, NY 13340
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Spring may be from a natural Artesian well. The spring was diverted from nearby hillside to its present location in 2006. Water is tested monthly by local authorities for bacteria only. Natural salts are not tested.

Nearest Address

Litchfield Street

Directions from Nearest Address

From Main Street, proceed south on Litchfield Str.forapprox 1/2 mile, just past the Police and Volunteer Fire Station. Turn right into the Memorial Park and cross a small 1 lane bridge an immediately turn left into the park. Spring is clearly visible.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:

The park is open from sunrise to sunset or 9 pm in the summer months.


Map Link: Frankfort Memorial Park Spring Map

Submitted by: L.M. Cohen

  1. Braveheartlion says:

    This spring is fast flowing, and taste great. Thank you so much for this information.

  2. Mark Squire says:

    We checked out this spring this weekend, and it was a little strange.  It was in a park, and the water was flowing from a monument-type thing.  I don’t know how far away from the source it was, but the water was pretty darn cold, which is a good sign.  The water didn’t taste very good.  I forgot my TDS meter, but I’d say the TDS was quite high.  Not the best spring I’ve seen, both taste-wise, and nature-wise.  There was no nature at all, in fact.  You were about 100 feet away from a series of Little League baseball fields.

    • Samuel says:

      “The water didn’t taste very good.” Are you kidding? This spring water taste absolutely awesome to me and many others. I find it odd that you don’t think it taste good. I personally think this spring water taste as good as that Mountain Valley Bottled Glass Spring Water. It sure as hell is far better than Poland Spring or any other bottled water you will get. There was no nature?.. What do you expect? A spring in the center of Alaska? Lol! Nothing strange at all about this spring. Folks this guy is talking through his rear end. There is all kinds of nature in Frankfurt,NY. Nature is all around us. Be thankful you even have access to a spring. You sound so ungrateful. Now I will go enjoy my natural spring water with ACV and Raw Local Honey.

    • Amy says:

      This spring is currently closed. Not sure if the closure is permanent.

  3. Julymoon3 says:

    Bottled 2 gallons today and brought it home. Drank a juice glass full and within 30 minutes, I had to run to the toilet. Tried it again hours later and within a short time, my stomach began feeling sick. I am disappointed. I was hoping that I found a place for good quality spring water. 

    • Samuel says:

      Thats odd that you felt sick because I know people that have drinked from this spring for a very long time and never have had problems like this. I drink it and have never had any bad problems. This is the one of the best tasting spring water I have ever had. In my opinion this spring water taste even better than Mountain Valley Bottled Spring water that cost like $1.70 per glass bottle.

    • Martin says:

      This water is tested monthly. Can’t be the water….maybe should see a G.I. doc in your area.

  4. Samuel says:

    Very good tasting spring water! Spring has been around for quite a long time. Have talked to people that have drank from this spring for a long time and it is excellent. It taste alive and fresh compared to any bottled spring water you will buy.

  5. Sailor66 says:

    I had this water tested. It does contain EColi. And also other things. For people with compromised immune systems , I wouldn’t drink it. Sorry

  6. Malissa says:

    I’ve been drinking the spring water for three years and it is excellent it’s alive water it’s not chlorinated doesn’t have any fluoride in it it’s the best !!

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