Geyers Chapel Spring, Smithville, OH


Posted: January 27, 2010

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E Hutton Rd and Geyers Chapel Road
Smithville, OH 44677
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Semi hidden driveway just before geyers chapel cemetery to left. Strong continuous flow coming from a wooden box flowing through pvc pipe two spouts. Water looks clean tates clean. HAS AN EVER SO SLSIGHT SULFUR SMELL ONCE BOTTLED ITS SO SLIGHT ALMOST AS IF YOUR NOSE IS PLAYING TRICKS ON YOU. When i was there at least three local showed up and filled up numerous containers. My buddy who took me there said its all he used to drink when he was a kid.

Nearest Address

E Hutton Rd and Geyers Chapel Rd.

Directions from Nearest Address

From the center of smithville go north on summit left at hutton take it until you see the driveway on the left.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: N/A
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: 51° F
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Geyers Chapel Spring Map

Submitted by: ben

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  1. Linda Pray says:

    Location is 100 feet east of the Geyers Chapel Cemetary on East Hutton Road on the south side of East Hutton Road. Driveway entrance is a dirt two lane road. Spring is located about 100' into this driveway on the right down a small hill.

    The dual PVC pipes channel the water that flows continuously extremely fast out of the big wooden box is actually tapped directly into the Indian Spring artesian spring that flows deep underground in this area. The small creek next to the spring is actually the run off of the artesian spring water from the surrounding areas to the north. A lot of the surrounding farms tap into this artesian spring as well and enjoy the fast flowing water.

    I met the old geezer (73 years young) who built the wooden box for this artesian spring. He's been drinking this water since the early 1970s and before. He told me that Wayne County comes out once a week and tests this water. He told me that there was once a farmhouse and a barn on this property and that the spring actually went thru the barn itself! The old ladies that owned the property sold it to Wayne County years ago in exchange for lifetime housing in the County Home. The County designated this spring open to the public forever.

    He said that it's the best water he's ever tasted and was talking about a man who had travelled the world and recently tasted the Geyers Chapel Spring water and proclaimed it to be the best he's ever tasted as well.

    This is a very popular spot for filling up water jugs. I've asked folks filling up their water containers how long they've been coming there and I get answers everywhere from 22 years to 30 or more to one year. They told me they'd never think of drinking any other water except this tasty artesian spring water.

    As far as any smell of the water I can't smell anything. This water has no smell as it is artesian water and not stagnant water. The green algae growing on sides of the the run off grates under the PVC outlet pipes attest to the fact it is “live” water.

    When this water is used for coffee or tea I can attest that this water makes great tasting beverages. Also, the water stays colder and hotter than store bought water. The water that comes out of this spring is extremely cold. I'm glad I'm only 2 miles from this excellent source of good, clean, highly drinkable water.

  2. Guest says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe PVC is a food safe vessel. I wouldn’t drink water flowing from PVC plastic.

    • E82278e says:

      You are wrong. The white PVC pipe is perfectly safe for drinking water. What do you think is used in some new homes these days? Same thing. The county would have never used this pipe unless it was perfectly safe.

      • Doug says:

        “The county would have never used this pipe unless it was perfectly safe” ?  Really?  The county also considers fluoride, chlorine, amalgams, emf’s, etc etc ‘safe’.  Either you are part of the scam of ignorant of the scam.  PVC is not ‘safe’.  Glass is the only non leaching container ‘safe’ for water transport.  Check your self Linda.

        • afriend says:

          PVC is really relatively safe when water is flowing through it constantly, like this.  Chemicals more often leach out when water sits stagnant in plastic &/or when the plastics are hot or warm.  The PVC used in rigid pipes for plumbing do not contain BPA or dioxins, which are used to make plastic flexible. 
          I’d say this application should be pretty safe.  Not any worse than keeping the water in a reused milk jug.  Or eating tomatoes, veggies or soup from a can. No need to insult people.  Be nice. 

          • Delecti8517 says:

            cpvc is what is used in plumbing in a house not pvc. pvc is used for drain lines and it’s not actually supposed to be used for water lines. whith everything else out there in this world is killing us who really cares. it is good water and I’ve been drinking at all my life. chemicals farmers use get into the entire aquafire

        • Linda Pray says:

          Sorry Doug I am old and cannot lift glass containers. It’s hard enough for me to lift a gallon jug filled with water.  Now I’m down to 2 qt bottles..  I use the hard clear plastic and not the opaque water bottle variety jugs.

        • Jason says:

          No you check yourself Doug. Your paranoia is showing. Perhaps you need to get a psych eval. In other words go f#@$ yourself.

  3. E82278e says:

    I took the water temperature the last time I was at the spring filling up all my jugs two weeks ago. The water came out of the spring at 51 degrees F.

  4. Bam620 says:

    If one prefers to drink their water at room temperature, would this water be ok to drink once you fill your containers and let them sit. Or, does it have to be kept cold?

  5. Bam620 says:

    If one prefers to drink their water at room temperature, would this water be ok to drink once you fill your containers and let them sit. Or, does it have to be kept cold?

  6. Amanda says:

    I used to drink out of this spring until I thought about all the chemicals being by the near by farms. Honestly I never knew it was an artesian spring and don’t know much about the depth. Is there any chance that it could be contaminated. I know that they regularly check it, but there is no way they can test for the thousands of chemicals being used in these fields. I wish someone could give me some more information to prove that it is safe, because I really miss drinking out of this spring.

    • Linda Pray says:

      This is an artesian spring meaning that it is an underground river.  The county tests this spring at least once per week.  I saw the county guy there one time when I was filling up.  AND I have a PPM parts per million tester that I use.  When I come home with a new batch from the spring I test it and it’s for instance at 350PPM.  Then a month or week later I reest water and it’s still the same.  I have well water where I live and I test it out of the tap and it’s say 250PPM.  A week later the water tests out at 600+PPM. which means that there is bacteria in the tap water.  Since I’ve been drinking this water from Geyer’s Chapel Spring I have not had a cold or the flu…  I would rather buy this mineral spring water if I had to over buying store bought water or drinking tap water.

      Anytime I go there to the spring there is always a line up of cars and people waiting to fill up their jugs.  If they got sick from the water they surely would not be back!!!  You can check with Wayne County Health Dept as they are the ones who check the water weekly for just what they check for.

  7. TM says:

    Today is August 19th. The well is currently not running due to the drought that we have had. 🙁

  8. Rachael says:

    This spring has run dry 🙁 no more water! Heartbreaking. I live in Wooster, and have been going there for about a year now.

  9. Guest says:

    I kept driving past here on my way to work and always saw cars there. Last week I went and discovered the spring for myself and it is running.

  10. LD Troyer says:

    The GPS co-ordinance to use for Google Earth is

    40 52 42.41 N 81 53 50.96 W

    You can copy and paste this in the Google Earth search.You can zoom in but street view will not work on this.

  11. vanessa says:

    The water is running,I just filled up 2week’s ago..My family love’s the spring water…

  12. Mark says:

    Always people here filling up bottles, good clean water. Flow is strong.

  13. Rob Kaiser says:

    As of September 2016, this spring is still operational. Introduced to this spring by a friend who has been gathering water here for years. Great taste and strong, heavy flow.

  14. Karen Smith says:

    We go there quite often, always good water, winter season the flow can periodically slow but for the most part it goes pretty fast. There is almost always someone there getting water, it can be quite busy. There are two side to get water from.

  15. Marci Haley says:

    Fresh, cold, delicious water! I love to take my 4 boys to fill water jugs. Nothing better than spring water from the source. I also like to fed my hanging baskets this water. You’ll love this little hidden gem, driving down the beautiful country road is half the fun!

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