Glacier Way Fountain, Columbia Falls, MT


Posted: February 14, 2010

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Its is located at the very northernmost point of the swan mountain range, right off the main highway on the way to Glacier, A few miles past columbia falls and just past the House Of Mystery.. it flows with beautiful crystal clear essence and gives nourishment to all who drink from it.

Nearest Address

House of Mystery on the way to Glacier National park, about half a mile past it on the right, there is is a very large pullout and it comes gushing out of a pipe.

Directions from Nearest Address


Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Glacier Way Fountain Map

Submitted by: Wes Hays

  1. gee whiz says:

    I grew up going to this spring. Delicious water, beautiful surroundings.

  2. After reading the post below and talking to a local at the site I decided to try the water. I did get sick next day. There is a sign at the site saying they can’t guarantee the water is safe to drink. I talked to other locals. One said it was fine and the other said they always boil it. I didn’t have any containers with me so just used a cup I had with me and that’s all it took. I would not recommend.

  3. Note: This water does have a pvc pipe extender on it but I know I wasn’t reacting to the pipe as I have pvc pipe in my RV.

  4. ACG says:

    I had lived in the area and had seen it and I think stopped at it…but I was talking to a friend who was knowledgeable about the site…He informed me that there was a pond above it and that’s where the water comes from… He mentioned that moose used it as a watering,bathing and bathroom spot….this may be why Jennifer got sick….if you don’t believe me just go look at the google map provided…

  5. Don North says:

    I’ve often stopped and drank from this spring. Never got sick. And I have took a good look on google maps and there is no pond/lake that I can see. This is a very rugged hillside/mountainside, I seriously doubt anyone has climbed it just for the hell of it to find a tiny pond. Lots of deer etc, I’ve never heard of anyone hunting moose around here.

  6. Jessica Weirich says:

    Stopped here on our vacation to grab some drinking water, had to wait in line there were so many locals filling their containers. the water was wonderful.

  7. Teeroy says:

    I stopped at this spring last summer and it tasted great. The original fountain is not operating, but the pipe works fine. Someone told me this once public fountain was decommissioned because of aluminum contamination from mining in the area. Hope someone local could get the straight story to us, or simply test the water, and I’m sure there are plenty more good springs to be found.

  8. Jacob Prestegaard says:

    I have lived in the area my entire life. We used to drink from the spring all the time but a few years ago it was contaminated and people did get sick. They put a sign up since then and i haven’t drank from it since but i do know people that do and haven’t heard of anyone getting sick. I have hiked around above it (there are some cool caves) but i have never seen a pond and am pretty sure the water comes from a spring. And there are definitely moose in the area.

  9. Sabrina Mitchell says:

    I was talking to a woman today at the Whitefish Earth Day festival about water quality in the valley, as she is involved with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

    The conversation turned to this particular spring. She said the water was tested about a year ago and showed that it did contain surface water, which isn’t safe to drink untreated. It was recommended that the spring should be shut down, and it was, for a time, but the public outcry was so strong, the spring was reinstated.

  10. Chloe White says:

    Best water I’ve ever tasted in my life! Grown up around Portland, OR, i visit this and only drink from this while I spend my summers in MT. Lots of locals come, often a line, especially summertime. Never got sick, just constantly experiencing the best water ever. 😉

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