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Roadside spring on Hwy 410 between Greenwater and Enumclaw, on route to Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, Chinook Pass and Mt. Rainier National Park.

Just across from milepost 34 – if headed toward Greenwater from Enumclaw, it is on your left directly across from mile marker 34.


    1. There were wild fires near Crystal Mountain in the fall of 2017. Firefighters used massive amounts of flame retardant – sprayed from the air. Ground water quality was impacted and its likely this spring has been impacted with chemicals as surface melt seeps into the ground water. It should be tested and given the “all clear” as a precaution.

  1. Just went to this spring today… Does anyone know for sure that it is actually a spring and not a stream? Also, did anyone take the water and independently test it? Bill Otto did you end up testing the water? Thank you!

  2. I’ve taken water from this spring, filled a 5 gallon container, and drank it without any other purification process. Tastes great and no ill effects at all. Am going there today to get more. Like it says, at milepost 34, on the right side if headed toward Enumclaw/Puyallup/Tacoma. Not easily visible or marked, I drove past it the first time, kinda down below the surface of the road. A small spot to pull off on the spring side of Hwy 410.

  3. Hello everyone! This weekend will be my first time getting spring water, I know its way better for me and my family. I just want to make sure Im going to a good spring and would love anyone’s input

  4. Note that the text description of this spring is accurate – it is directly across HWY 410 from mile marker 34. However, the location shown on the map is wrong – it shows a position several miles closer to Greenwater and on the wrong side of the road. Just look for Mile Marker 34. There’s a space to pull off the road right at the spring, with room for a few cars. Water is definitely Good!

  5. Visited the spring today (Apr 11, 2014) and filled a 5 gallon jug. Will test the quality this weekend. Looks great.

    Easy to find as the directions say – directly across from milepost 34 on Hwy 410 heading to Greenwater.

  6. Head out of Enumclaw on Hwy 410, toward Greenwater/Chinook Pass. Pay attention to mile markers. A few miles before Greenwater, you will see Mile Marker 34 on your right. Directly across the highway from MM 34 (so on your left-hand side), you will see a small gravel parking area on the shoulder. The spring is right there. You will likely need to pass MM 34, turn around so you are heading back toward Enumclaw and park on the spring-side of the hwy.

  7. How do you know where exactly to go? I used to like in Buckley, and also lived in Enumclaw for a bit, but have never heard of this? Can you give me more specific details on where to go? Thanks so much! Eileen Gale

  8. I had tests done on Good Spring.
    Date: 07/06/2017.
    Results for: Water Bacteriological Analysis, methode used: QT.
    3 total coli forms per 100 mls.
    Results for: Inorganic chemicals (IOCS) report,
    Arsenic, 0.001 mg/L 0.01,
    Nitrate-N 1-2 mg/L.

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