Haena Spring, Haena, Kauai, Hawaii


Posted: July 26, 2009

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Has spout, right on the road, left side about a mile before end of road, if active you will see it spilling into the road. Never saw it entirely dry up, but intensity varies. Have to climb the side of the hill and dig under the fauna to get to it.

Nearest Address

Haena, Kauai, Hawaii

Directions from Nearest Address

Just past Haena beach park on the left side of road.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:




Map Link: Haena Spring Map

Submitted by: Molly

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  1. elarael says:

    Many North Shore residents have gotten their water from here exclusively for decades! It's a great spring. It's right on the side of a public road and is always “open”. Be sure to leave an offering of gratitude to the 'aina' (spirit of the land) of a ti leaf wrapped around a nice rock. You'll see ti plants and wrapped rocks all around the spring.

  2. One of the most awesome springs I've ever been to, very healing water. I always feel like a million dollars when I drink this water and I always make sure to visit this spring when ever I am on Kauai.

    • Adobres says:

      There is a short hike up a river in Kapa’a Kauai that leads to an amazing spring, people leave crystals there and different things. Amazing water. Kinda tough to bring a big jug, but you have to hike through a bamboo forest. beautiful. I’ll post this spring when I have the clear directions on getting there.

      • Hulaheart10 says:

        I’d appreciate those directions to the spring in Kapa’a area. With full love and respect for Gia and all her inhabitants and living ‘things’, especially Kaua’i’s aina, I do, & always will, ask and receive permission before using any natural resource – giving mahalo in gratitude.

      • Kristina Leanne says:

        I would be very interested to learn more about the spring in Kapa’a ! Are there any other springs on Kauai?

  3. pililani says:

    this spring is sacred to the Hawaiian people and is not considered open to the general public. Please respect this. The facet is actually on private land – and is not under “fauna” (which are animals) but overgrown with “flora” (which are plants…). Please have a bit more respect for the people that live here! This is on private lands….but is available to Hawaiian cultural practioners, as well as with permission from the landowner family.

    • Loveartmichelle says:

      Dear Pililani….Hi, My name is Michelle…I love to grow organic food and eat very healthy. I will be moving to Kauai next year..I have lived in Hawaii for a total of 20 years so far and consider myself a local. I respect the island and the people. I want to find some spring water to drink because I believe it’s the only water people should drink. I would like to find a way to have permission to use this spring at Haena. Can you help me? Please reply at loveartmichelle@live.com that’s love art michelle @live.com. Thank you.

    • lovinlife says:

      Aloha Pililani, I too live here on Kauai, in Anahola, and I was enjoying this spring before I knew it was on private property- before the signs were up. I would love to continue to experience such a wonderful gift but would only want to with the family’s permission and blessing. Could you help by get me in touch with the owner? I’d even be more than happy to compensate, if necessary, because it’s that important to me. My email address is d_bs24@yahoo.com. Thank you very much.

    • Gman says:

      I have been living on Kauai for 13 years and am investigating raw foodism etc.  I would also like to ask for permission to visit this spring.  Contact grdnhrld@gmail.com  Mahalo

    • Bryce says:

      Aloha Pililani,

      I live in Koloa and wanted to ask permission to access this sacred spring. I would be more happy to follow proper protocol and make an offering if asked. The Hawaiian culture and its people have a special place in my heart and and I understand if this area is kapu. Please let me know if the landowners are still open granting permission to locals.

      Mahalo nui loa, Bryce

  4. Joanna Myers says:

    I live on Oahu and know that there are springs on this island, all over, but do not know where
    they are. Any information would be very helpful!

  5. Azchemist13 says:

    i live on oahu and was looking into your spring. i would like to come visit it sometime and meditate if i could have your approval i would appretiate it very much. please email me @ azchemist13@gmail.com

  6. sefreed says:

    ,,, from Anchorage Alaska and I am going to be visiting Kauai Feb. 2013. I have been known to use the Spring between Anchorage and Girdwood. It’s so cold in the winter time It is kind of an endeavor to gather water. I’d love to fill up a jug or two from Haena Spring. Sounds like a beautiful trek.
    email: susiefried@hotmail.com

  7. Loki says:

    I have searched two different occasions for this gem and came up empty both times. I was searching for water flowing to the ground but could’t find it. Is there something specific to mark where the spout is located? Mahalo

  8. Cindy Harvey says:

    We will be returning to Kauai again in June. We have a great respect for the land, water and nature there. We would like to ask permission to to visit this spring if we could have the families permission and blessing. It would mean so much to us. Thank You. Mahalo contact:cindybriverview@yahoo.com

  9. jakob says:

    I am looking for contact information to ask permission to access the water. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! jjjensen07@gmail.com

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