Hajduk Spring, Minneapolis, MN


Posted: January 5, 2015

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26th Street East at River Parkway West
Minneapolis, MN
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This spring issues from the Platteville Limestone at 10 gallons per minute and has been used as a source of drinking water by local residents for many years. It was named after a Ukrainian immigrant, Harry Hajduk (pronounced “hi duck”), who lived nearby and made a daily trip to the springs. Hajduk was featured in the Minneapolis Tribune for September 16, 1977.

The spring is located on the banks of the Mississippi River just north of the former Milwaukee Road trestle, on the Minneapolis side. The site is steep so be careful, but there is path leading to it, and Harry could easily get there at 82 years old using a walking stick. Signage directing people to the spring comes and goes over the years.

Find more information about this and other Twin Cities springs in this 1997 article in the “Minnesota Ground Water Association Newsletter” (starting on page 1):


  1. Ryan says:

    This spring is not easy to get to to fill up water – I understand why the city would not encourage people to venture to it. With that said, this water is amazing. I literally drink it as is out of the rock. There is nothing to filter out nor any reason to denature it in any way. I was amazed how neutral it tastes – there is no sulfur or iron flavors or aftertastes .

  2. Matt says:

    The orange pin is only approximate. This was a bit of a treasure hunt to find . The path to get there appears to have eroded. Since there is not pipe sticking out of the rock it is not easy to get water from. However there is a rope that you can use to get down the cliff. Not exactly easy to get back up with a gallon of water. I did get a gallon 3/21/15 and would love to get it tested for quality. It runs right out of the rocks which are covered in algae of some sort. I am willing to bring the water somewhere to get tested for quality if anyone knows a good spot.

  3. Alex Essington says:

    I tested this spring for total dissolved solids (TDS) today. I took five readings directly at the mouth of the spring and got the following values: 813; 829; 716; 851; 787 ppm. Average of 799 ppm. For reference, Minneapolis tap water is 175. The EPA recommended maximum for drinking water is 500 ppm. The EPA considers waters with over 1000 ppm of dissolved solids to be unfit for human consumption.

    View video of one of my tests here:

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