Henryton Spring, Marriottsville, Maryland


Posted: May 29, 2010

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8067 Henryton Road
Marriottsville, MD 21104
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This spring’s outlet is right along the road so it is very easy to access and easy to spot from the road. The spring’s outlet is along the side of a hill and the whole area is a forested state park (Patapsco Valley State Park) with no buildings or hardscape in sight so I imagine the quality of this spring’s water to be quite high. There seems to be a long steel metal pipe running from somewhere up the hill, and the last ten feet or so change to a pvc pipe unfortunately. But the spring is running constantly and at a high speed so I think this plastic contact has little effect. Also this spring is nice and cool when I tasted it in May. The water has a nice cool, thirst quenching quality. The spring lies on road that is sometimes frequented by fast moving, sometimes noisy cars, trucks, and motorcycles so beware!

The spring flows at about 1.5 GPM which seems rather fast! It would be best if someone would have the water tested to find out its quality.

Nearest Address

8067 Henryton Road Marriottsville, MD

Directions from Nearest Address

If heading east of west on I 70, exit on route 32 heading north toward Sykesville. Drive north on route 32 for several miles until you reach the Sykesville area. Turn right on Raincliffe Road, then a right on Arrington Road, and then a right on Henryton Road. Follow Henryton Road down the hill for a short distance. When you see the first road which looks like a driveway on the right, pull into this driveway. Then turn around and cross to the other side when the traffic is clear. The spring is here across from the driveway. There is an enlarged shoulder where one can park. Simply unload your bottles and set on the table next to the spring. Fill up as needed! The address I gave above is just down the road a bit where there is a horse camp.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 55
  • Temp: 55.9° F
  • pH: 5-6.8

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Henryton Spring Map

Submitted by: Roland Oehme

  1. eric10star says:

    Saturday, June 26, 2010,

    Went for a ride today to check out some new springs in my area. I checked the TDS and temperature of Henryton Spring. TDS was 55. Temperature was 55.9 degrees fahrenheit, 13.2 degrees celsius. It took about 22 seconds to fill up a gallon jug.

  2. Dawn Fox says:

    I would love to know if anyone has tested this water. I used to use it a lot. My sister and brother in law have a farm very close by, and don’t use the water. They have walked up to find the actual spring, and say that the water flows open through the woods for several hundred feet until going into the pipes that bring it to the street side. There are many deer and other wildlife that roam the forest, and too many possibilities for contamination to be a secure. I was disappointed to hear this.

  3. Liz says:

    I tested the PH of this water with some PH strips when we first filled up here. The PH was 5 but that is better PH than our tap water in MD.

  4. Kaykar02 says:

    2/24/2011 – I tested this water today and the PH was 6.8. I know someone else read it at 5 and that’s not good and very unusual for spring water. I feel better now. We get the water and put it through a Brita filter before drinking. It’s probably not necessary, but makes me feel better. On Sunday, we had to wait in line to get water! A lot of people have been drinking this water for years, and no contamination reported. My daughter tested our city water here for this area, and it was off the chart for chlorine. Now that’s poisonous. I’ll drink spring water over city water any day.

  5. Jane Rohde says:

    7/17/2011 – I tested the pH of the water on the 17th and it was 6+ with strips.  I filled a case of glass liter bottles and have been using it all week.  Terrific water and it stays “fresh”. 
    I noticed in the description above that there was a concern about the PVC pipe distribution.  Because pipe is a “rigid” plastic, it doesn’t have any plasticizers in it.  Basically it is inert, so you don’t have any migration from the pipe to the spring water.  It is actually safer than cast iron, because it doesn’t corrode.

    • Aviador says:

      First ttime Inwent there, today, and the water is great, very refreshing and will continue going every week. I will test it soon as well and will post the results. Biggggg different in taste!

  6. Springeroo says:

    It’s right next to the old abandoned Henryton Sanatorium.  I explored the place after I collected water.  A very strange place indeed.

  7. Watawkichaw says:

    Been drinking this water 2.5 years, cook with it, brew beer with it, its wonderful. Never boiled, never filtered before drinking. 

  8. Oharafamily5 says:

    Wondering if anyone has been to this spring lately? Last post was Feb 24, 2011. Wanted to head up there but before I do I just wanted to make sure you can still use it.

  9. Jami Badr says:

    Did anybody tested the water for lead or asbestos? I read that not far from the bridge over 210 acres were shut down for asbestos. I hope we are doing the right thing to drink this water. It’s been 6 weeks that I’m using it. I like the taste of it but I hope it’s safe.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Chris H local mtb'er says:

    Keep in mind that right on the other side of McKeldin park (about 2 miles downstream) there is an old landfill with a permanent water filtration facility that feeds into a stream with ‘Contaminated Water Avoid Contact’ signs. I worry about it contaminating the local ground water. Go to the end of Furman Lane on Google maps and you’ll see where I’m talking about. It is downstream but no guarantee when it comes to the flow of the underground aquifer.

  11. carrotsandwich says:

    I’ve been drinking this water for over 2 years now. I had it tested, and it’s chlorine, lead, and flouride free. The PH was also consistent with being considered spring water. It’s coming from somewhere cold…deep inside the mountain. It’s cold in 100 degree weather.

  12. Richard says:

    We just tested a sample of Henryton Spring water on 1/5/13 with the Watersafe well-water test kit by Silver Lake Research. Here are the results:

    Contaminant: EPA-recommended levels / Henryton Spring water test sample result

    Bacteria: None / Negative *
    Lead: Below 15 ppb / Negative *
    Pesticides (atrazine): Below 3 ppb / Positive *
    Pesticides (simazine): Below 4 ppb / Positive *
    Total Nitrate/Nitrite: Below 10.0 ppm / 0.6 – 0.7 ppm
    Nitrite: Below 1.0 ppm / 0.080 – 00.10 ppm
    Total Chlorine: Below 4 ppm / 0
    pH: 6.5 to 8.5 / 7.5
    Total Hardness: 50 ppm or less / 120
    Copper: 1.3 ppm / 0
    Iron: 0.3 ppm / 0

    * Bacteria, Lead and Pesticide test results offer no numerical result but
    rather Negative or Positive for contaminants. Negative result = none detected / Positive = potentially harmful/toxic contaminant levels

  13. carlkentfamily says:

    2/9/2013 – Went today to get water. When we left there was a line of people waiting. Filling up took some time (we had 10 five gallon jugs to fill) – it’s a lot slower than at Spouting Spring in Frederick, but a closer drive. Location is further up than the address given, but you can’t miss it. It’s on the right side and there’s a nice table set up there to put you jugs on as you’re filling up.

  14. Piper says:


    Went there for the first time last week. It was a wonderful experience visiting our first spring; very enlightening. Many locals value their springs and you get to hear a lot about its history. It becomes quite evident the sense of community a local spring can bring.

    The water was cool, the taste was lovely, clean and the water flowed fairly fast. Next time we go in we will be testing the water. I’ll share the results.

    I will mention that for the past couple of weeks (according to locals that use it and my own experience) there has been a large trash bag tied to a tree at the spring location, cigarette butts and other trash strewn about the hill. This is harmful to the environment and the wildlife.

    Please try to keep our springs clean!

  15. Bobby says:

    12 Sep 2013.

    Today was my first time to this spring. I was coming from Sykesville, so very easy to find the spring location and less than 6 miles from my house.

    I had two 2.5 gallon containers; but can tell I am going to want to find some decent 5 gallon jugs or larger. The flow was decent and I just enjoyed the location while I waited for the jugs to fill.

    Now sitting at my house, sipping a nice cool glass of water. I am pleasantly surprised at how good it tastes… no aftertastes. I will definitely be going back soon.

    • Yvette says:

      Bobby (and anyone else who can help),

      I tried finding this spring yesterday (11/4/13) along Henryton Road and could not find it! Is it hidden off the road? I saw some type of horseback riding stable but no spring. I actually live about 15 minutes from Sykesville. Would you (or anyone here) be willing to accompany me on a visit to this spring? Would sooo appreciate it.

  16. Miguel says:

    I have been drinking this water on and off since this summer. During the past few months I’ve noticed that for me drinking this water is associated with bouts of diarrhea. Has anyone else experienced diarrhea in association with this water? I have not had it tested. Does anyone know if it has been conclusively tested for safety?

  17. Brian says:

    Hi all, I’ve easily had this water to drink in 2012. There seems to be a trend with bad mouthing the local springs in Maryland for one reason or another – this I do not believe. The water is pretty decent and I had 25 gallons sitting around for a month or so and had no issues. Could someone provide a recent water status?

  18. danny says:

    I found an article from the Sun dating to 2001 that warns of elevated levels of bacteria (coliform) at 75 ppm.


  19. Matt says:

    I will be visiting this spring this coming Saturday. I’ll have a test kit and TDS monitor on hand. I’ll post here after our visit. I grew up pretty close to here and have a few concerns about the above mentioned landfill. It’s a true story. Located close to quarry nearby. I believe this spring is uphill from there though.

  20. Matt says:

    TDS 70ppm
    Hardness- 5.5
    Iron- 0
    PH- 6.5

    Taste is of good quality.
    Area is clean and easily accessible.
    Happy to find this spot with the help of this site. Thanks.

  21. Wasa says:

    Just a thought but does it make sense that water tested in cold months could give better results than the same water tested in summer? If it’s true that “the water flows open through the woods for several hundred feet until going into the pipes” that is a serious red flag. Of course some folks are more sensitive to bacteria than others.

  22. Vic says:

    I was there a few times over the past few months filled up a couple 5 gallon containers. The water tastes great, and keeps well. No issues at all.

  23. Melina says:

    Stopped there today. Everything looks good. Water pH was at 51 TDS when I used my meter and tastes great. Very happy to have found this spring.

  24. Melina says:

    Does anyone know how this spring is doing? Water tasted a little moldy today?

  25. Vic says:

    Melina, I was there Dec. 1st and it seemed good to go. I didn’t run any tests on it though. It’s possible some leaves are decomposing near were the spring exits the hill causing the taste you mentioned. Hopefully that is all it was.

  26. felix says:

    We went here and drank some water today, and brought my TDS tester with us. It clocked in as 51ppm with the tester in the running fountain, the temp was 55; then we tested it still in a glass as 36 ppm. It was good, a bit more minerally tasting than I like though, later we went to Spoutin spring about 40 miles further away… just sayin’! 🙂

  27. debbie amey says:

    went to spring today. water was running fast and was nice and cold. Beautiful area and we met some very nice people getting their jugs filled too. worth the trip

  28. Steve says:

    I went to this spring yesterday and all looked nice. My TDS meter read 65ppm. I did not test anything else. water tasted great and had good flow.

  29. Kasah says:

    Hello All,

    Does anyone have any updates on this spring? Has anyone tested it recently? Thanks in advance for the info.

  30. D says:

    I went there on Sat 8/12/16 to fill up a 3 gallon jug. The pipe is easy to find and there is some parking across the road. I used a kit from Sliver Lake and the results were negative for Iron, Copper, Nitrates, Nitrite, and Lead. The test was inconclusive for pesticides, but my tap water filtered through an Everpure H-300 NXT (which is ANSI/NSF 42, 53 and 401 certified) also tested inconclusive for pesticides. The pH is around 6.5/7 which may be too acidic for me 🙁

    I talked to someone from the League of Maryland Horseman (which is where your GPS will take you if you use 8067 Henryton Road), and she enjoys the water. There was also a car behind me that was going to fill up.

    The pipe is slightly west of 8067 Henryton Road.

  31. Daniel says:

    Visited at 10/28/16 around 9:30 pm.

    As mentioned above, the actual spring is located a little further down where the gps would lead you if you use the address above, not even a minute drive and you’ll hit the spring from said address.

    Filled two 5 gallon jugs, took about 2 minutes to fill each one. I was there by myself and it was super dark and kind of creepy. Thought about slender man coming to get me lol…

    Anyway, I never had “fresh spring water” and was confused on the comments on how amazing and fresh the water tastes. At the time I just thought “it’s just water…”.

    I had a taste and was quite surprised on how refreshing this water was. I guess I understand the enthusiasm now!

    • Jeff says:

      You aren’t kidding. One of my all time favorite things to do is to go to this spring thirsty, and drink until i cant hold my breath any longer. I get such a rush, almost like an inner crust has been cleared from my insides. Spring water is the real deal.

  32. Chantelle says:

    We tried it out this past Friday filled up four gallon jugs of it before I could run it through the process of boiling and filtering my son drank it and he ended up in the emergency care with 102.7 fever so drink at caution and always boil your natural water!!!!

    • Jeffrey Conner says:

      I drank out of this spring for 5 years straight without incident, never boiling or filtering the water. The one thing you DO need to check is the source, to make sure no animals have piddled in there. If it’s murky/weird, may have to stir and let it clear before collecting.

  33. Andriy says:

    Has anybody done recent test for pesticides of water for this spring? Will appreciate sharing results.

    • Yon says:

      I bought the “First Alert WT1 Drinking Water Test Kit” from Amazon. About 3 weeks ago my girlfriend used the bacteria test and it failed. I can only assume she didn’t contaminate the test somehow. Also, the water was also collected in a glass jug with a metal container (not sure on the material) and stored in the fridge for about 2 weeks before the test. So the water may have been contaminated after collection. Just to note, the container fell over and spilled a fair bit in the car and the lid came into contact with my car floor.

    • CB says:

      I have not, but it is on my list. I will post next month at the beginning of Dec.

  34. Roman says:

    Was there about 1m ago, great taste, my 1y old son always drinking raw spring water, and absolutely no problems.

  35. Roy W. says:

    I went to the Spring this morning at 6 degrees yes that is right like 26 degrees below freezing and the water was still flowing and was as good as ever! I love this spring. Truly is a blessing from God.
    There is a true and distinct taste and feel difference between this and tap water.
    Even at this cold I had to wait my time in line for my water. That is awesome.

  36. Rachel B says:

    Just filled up from this Spring, (April 2018)! There were a few other people filling up too who have been drinking here for years without a problem. It was my first time and I did no testing or anything, drank straight from it and twas delicious!!!!

  37. Yvette says:

    Has anyone tested this water recently (April 2018)? Would appreciate sharing results.

  38. Sara says:

    I had this water tested with HRI labs for glyphosate, and there are NO traces of glyphosate or it’s breakdown products. Would like to eventually get the water tested for heavy metals and such!

  39. I'dia Bey says:

    I just left the spring. I store my water in bpa free containers. I do not boil it but I do filter. It taste great! No problems with it being unhealthy to drink so far.

  40. Sandra says:

    Has anyone tested the water recently.

  41. Jennifer says:

    A friend was there last week and saw a sign posted, I cannot seem to upload it. There is evidence of E. coli.

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