Howel Mountain Spring, Angwin, CA


Posted: October 18, 2009

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1416 Howell Mountain Road
Angwin, CA 94508
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There is a pipe coming out of the right side of the road just before you see the mailbox with the address above. If your coming from St. Helena this water source is a little closer than Rattlesnake Spring and chances are the wait will also be less since it does not get as much traffic. The water is very clean and good tasting. I haven’t been to Rattlesnake Spring but someone who I talked with who has been to both said they taste similar. I have not tested the water but would like to do that in the future.

Nearest Address

1416 Howell Mountain Road

Directions from Nearest Address

If you are coming from 29/Sonoma Calistoga you want to pass downtown Angwin. You want to go a couple of miles and look to your right to find the pipe coming out of the side of the road with a wood plank on the ground. You’ve just passed it if you see the mailboxes on your left starting with the address 1435. You can see the pipes and wood plank if you view Google street view very carefully.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 39
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:

There are no hours of operation.


Submitted by: Ron Kline

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  1. Name says:

    The water from this spring is delicious, I didn't measure the temperature but it seemed a bit cooler than the rattlesnake spring. Only thing is it's not very convenient to get water from since there's no shoulder on the road but hey, that pretty much ensures no waiting time!

  2. Name says:

    The water from this spring is delicious, I didn't measure the temperature but it seemed a bit cooler than the rattlesnake spring. Only thing is it's not very convenient to get water from since there's no shoulder on the road but hey, that pretty much ensures no waiting time!

  3. Mike says:

    I like this spring a lot. I have been here 3 times and there has never been a wait. In fact i have never seen anyone else at the spring. I'm not here for long though. I usually fill up 15 – 20 gallons or so and am back on the road in 15 minutes. The water here is very fast flowing. A 5 gallon jug will fill in less than 5 minutes. The one time I was at rattlesnake, just filling a 5 gallon jug took over 30 minutes!! There is a shoulder area where you can park about 100 feet or so up the hill. So you will need to park there and walk down the hill. The listing has a typo. The name of the town is actually Angwin.

  4. charles says:

    Great spring. The water tested a TDS at 39. The collection process is somewhat unfortunate as it is some distance from where you can safely park a car and the traffic near the spring can be dangerous. Be alert during the harvesting process. Located in a gorgeous area though!

  5. Redtail_turtle says:

    I went to this spring from Napa last week and filled-up two five gallon containers in about 10 min.. A little tricky carrying them up the road about 100' to my car, but doable if you're in decent shape, i.e. carrying 40 lbs. this distance. The water tasted great and my whole family has been enjoying it. Beats Napa's nasty tasting tap water by a mile. Takes about 40 min. from Napa to get there on way. Looks like the water should be safe to drink, since a forest sits on top of the hill and a few houses near by are hooked up to the spring, but I don't know if they filter it first.

  6. Max says:

    Despite it being a walking distance from a good parking space, once you reach this spring you are safely on the side of the road. I drank nothing but this water for two weeks and felt great! This water tastes amazing and fills up very quickly.

  7. Dave says:

    Hey. So I finally made it here today. Just to clarify for folks who are from out of town. There is no such thing as “Anders, CA.' The town is called “Angwin.” Maybe there's a local diminutive or something, but Angwin is what you get on a map. Also, the directions from Google brought me to Anderson Road somewhere out there. . .not helpful. I took Dry Creek til it turned into Howell Mountain Road then past the stop sign at the Chevron station (just past the college) the road climbs, and after it crests you start to descend a mile or two, and it's between 1400 & 1435. Pretty easy to spot on the right going down the mountain, but yes, a good turn-off is a little bit of a walk. . .

    The water tasted good to me, but I'm not so sure about the metal grate that is almost entirely rusted away. It's not mine to remove, but I can't imagine it adds much to the water. I filled my jug from the upper pipe as much as I could and just topped it off from the bottom one. Dunno, but looking forward to gulping this stuff down.

    Really fun being a water tourist!


  8. Debbie says:

    Hi Folks!
    You now can get SPRING water coming out of your TAP WATER!!! For real!! Please watch this movie on water!!
    Please watch as soon as possible because this is at least the 2nd time they’ve taken it out! Don’t know how much longer it’ll be there! It is just on water!! Not put out by any company selling anything. It’s a documentary on WATER and its many properties: such as memory and biophotonic energy! Our units have all the properties of spring water and its energy! Even more energy! It is 10 parts long…this is just part 1!

    Water has to have HIGH ENERGETICS! Spring water does, but you can now get it out of your TAP! NO MOVING PARTS! No magnets! Designed by a phycisist that worked for the Military working on Cloaking technology!! LIFETIME WARRANTY! IT MIMICs 10-15 miles of running stream water going over rocks creating 1000’s of vortices! For more info email me!! Tigger_eyes_here and I use yahoo. so tigger_eyes_here {at}yahoo{dot}com. YOU SHOULD SEE OUR GARDEN!! ANIMALS will choose this water although I would love to do a test between this spring water and our water!! So someone w/a dog please email me with this spring water and let’s do a test!!!

    BTW David Wolfe is getting a DVD about this soon. HIs secretary AVOCADESS is excited about it because it will save her lots of gas and lots of $$!!!!

    The owner of this company was at the LONGEVITY conference and he met up w/the LIVER DR and they did a DARK FIELD BLOOD analysis. I have before and after photos from just 10 minutes after drinking this water!!

    YOU CAN SEE THE WHITE SCALE come out of your pipes when you first install it sometimes! THAT MEANS it’s working! Also it will do that TO YOUR BODY…it can remove EXCESS BAD CALCIIUM, etc!!!


  9. Feralkevin says:

    Went there 10/11/10. Flow rate wasn’t gushing like a Mt Shasta, but was more than adequate. Water tasted really good, but not amazing. Temperature not that cold. There is a larger pipe where the water first emerges and that’s where I filled my 1 gallon bottles up at. Looking down into the the basin not only was there a rusted grate, but lots of other rusted debris. So I did not get water from the lower pipe (only the upper), so beware of this if you bring very large bottles. As even my 1 gallon bottle (which worked great) I had to tilt it in order to fill it on the upper pipe.

  10. Hoi Sauce says:

    went to this spring 12/15/10. The water tasted good but when you look inside the pipe, you see rust and crud. When I filled my jug, I could see bits of debris in the water.Aren’t people worried about drinking that? Tested 31ppm.

    I bet you the water would be good if you went directly to the fissure. Anyone know where that may be and how to identify it?

  11. name says:

    Drove up from Berkeley to the spring today, got 22 gallons in less than 20 minutes. This was my first trip. The water tastes delicious and is cold. There was some debris in basin which leads to the lower spout. Going to bring a copper pipe to bypass the lower spout and fill up that way.

    The directions written by Dave below are very helpful.

  12. crowe1 says:

    went up to howell today and found that the water had a transparent cloudy white hue, I have been before and found great clear water but today I left without collecting. It was a little too odd. Maybe just a lot of minerals. Please post if you notice this

  13. My son and I went to this spring on the day before Easter. It’s easy to find. Only 2 cars passed us while we were there. The water is delicious…and slightly sweet. The water was very, very clear (no cloudiness as mentioned in the comment below). RE: cloudy/milky looking water – I did notice that the above ground surface stream water in the Santa Rosa area this winter had a milky appearance. The only other time I’ve seen water like that was at the glaciers in New Zealand. I really don’t know what is causing it in Sonoma.

  14. Jennifer says:

    My daughter and I found this spring the beginning of October, 2011. Seems fast-flowing, clear and cold. I’ve been drinking this water for about 3 weeks now, and feel great. The pipe does look rusted, though, I wonder if that affects the water quality. I can’t tell by the taste, it is delicious to me.

  15. Jennifer says:

    One year later and this is my primary water source.

  16. Spring is amazing. Drinking only this water for 9 months now and love it. Fill up from the top spout as you’ll get a little debris filling from the bottom… And if you haver extra time, check out Linda Falls on the way back down into the valley. Park right near the sign of Caioca Pass right after the college and before the road goes up the hill. You’ll see a paved trail, follow that, go over a bridge and keep an eye out for some old hay bails on the left. Turn off the paved trail there and follow the path down until you hear the falls. Stay right at the first fork and then keep walking and you’ll find it no problem. (my prof pic is the falls, its amazing 🙂

  17. Mari says:

    I went to this spring yesterday and let me just say not only was it a great experience/adventure going to find the spring but it was so amazing to be in this place with beautiful redwoods and natural spring water coming out of the mountain.

    We got lost going there. I used my iPhone as our form of GPS and apparently there is another 1416 Howell Mountain Rd. that is about 10 miles away in St. Helena. For some reason it does not recognize the address in Angwin but MapQuest will. We drove around in circles trying to find it but it was fun to see the beautiful wine country and enjoy the sun. Thankfully my Dad brought his GPS and it gave us different directions. We thought, we might as well try it and see where it takes us and sure enough his GPS was correct. If you are coming from the East Bay area you would go 80 North, exit 33 CA-37 towards Napa and then take exit 19 to CA-29 and turn right onto Sonoma Blvd, stay on 29 for a while, pass through the downtown area and then turn right on Deer Creek Rd. Take that all the way until it becomes Howell Mt. Rd. You will pass a sign that says Angwin letting you know you know that you are now in that city. A few miles after that sign you will see the beautiful trees and curvy rds. There will be a large area on the right (enough for 3 to 4 cars) stop there and about 50 feet from that area is the spring. Be careful cars come flying by and because it is right off of the side of the road there isn’t much room to walk without going into the road.

    I met a lady there who has been drinking the water for 3.5 years now. It tastes wonderful, its super clear and it is located in a beautiful place. From this point forward this will be me and my families main drinking source.

  18. Zac says:

    Was there 3 days ago and the water is wonderfull!

    I live near Sacramento and if anyone is going out towards this spring I will pay to come along.

    Hit me up!

  19. Muriel says:

    I first went to this spring 4 years ago. I went there today (midweek) and there were quite a few cars and trucks passing by on this winding narrow road. Be prepared. I wish I had brought a hose to attach to the pipe. It would have been easier to fill the bottle. The water tastes good. I was able to fill a gallon in less than 1 minute.

  20. Liu Kang says:

    here is a google link to the exact location on google maps. hit street view and you will see the tap station in its entirety

  21. Zac says:

    Have been drinking this water for over a year. Today while investigating where it originates from, we found a piece of plastic and wood about 8 feet uphill from the pipe. When I opened it there was a black salamander bigger than my face chillin in the water. I doubt it hurts anything but it made me question the overall quality of the water. What does this being eat? We believe this mystical creature lives purely off the magic of the spring, and excretes only love and wellbeing into the water. And maybe colon bacilli. who knows.

    This is not my favorite spring anymore. Going to check out rattlesnake springs.

    • Betty says:

      There are fairy rings all around this place the water if left in a jug too long starts to green the bottle .. But it has never made us sick and i dont like water but i can drink this water its good

    • Sam says:

      His name is Thomas. He is a pretty docile salamander leaving there for years (as far as I remember). When Thomas gets sick we can very much tell the water tastes different.

  22. Emily says:

    Love this spring! Cloudy sometimes but always gentle on my body, and usually to my taste buds. Last couple weeks I have tasted a trace of gasoline. Has this happened to anyone else?

  23. CMV says:

    I filled up several bottles a few days ago. The spring was flowing nicely, cool, not cold, bottles filled quickly, the water was clear, odorless and tasted great.

    I did not test because a friend fills up there weekly with no issues and all good here, too.

    Used only the upper pipe.

  24. CV says:

    Spring tasted a bit off when we tried last week. Stomach upset as well. Wonder if there’s an issue since we’ve had so much rain??

  25. Wayne says:

    Water tasted like sulfur and stank like it too.

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