Lidy Hot Springs

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Not open to the Public (since 1962)

Lidy Hot Springs General Description

A once thriving hot springs resort that featured a dance hall that superseded the popularity of the hot springs itself. When purchased in 1962, by a family with mining interests, Lidy was sadly converted into a mining material processing plant.

The complete history (w/ photos) of Lidy Hot Springs is available here.

NASA visited Lidy in 2002 to study Archaea microbes; a single-celled bacteria that live in the depths of some hot springs – most prevalent in Idaho hot springs. Archaea microbes are the only form of life on earth that can survive without carbon and sunlight. Then, how pray-tell, do Archaea acquire energy? Hydrogen gas.

View information about the NASA Microbe study was here.

Lidy Hot Springs Facilities

Prior to 1962; resort buildings, dance hall, bar, food services, live music, private soaking pools and a large, covered hot springs swimming pool.


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