Bottoms Spring


Posted: April 27, 2015

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670 West Gorham Rd.
Gorham Illinois, 62940
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This spring has hydrated the people that have lived in ‘The Bottoms” for hundreds of years. The bottoms is a nature enthused environment that lies right net to the Mississippi river and only have about 200 people living here. Right off of a main highway that runs into Missouri, Kentucky and even Kansas, there is a natural spring that people have been using as far as I can remember. My grandmother used to send my dad to have him fill up gallons upon gallons of this water because she refused to use anything else. My family uses it to this day as much as we can and I would like to get this spring on the map. Thanks

  1. Corrin says:

    Hi, I went to this address today, and there was no spring. Is there any way that the submitter could be a little more specific about how to get to this spring and maybe provide a picture, so if I tried to go back I could identify that I was in the right place?

  2. Corrin says:

    There is nothing at the coordinates, the middle of a cornfield by train tracks. Can the person who submitted this spring give some more specific directions?

  3. Corrin says:

    It would be so cool if the submitter would give more specific directions! I would love to go visit this spring! There is absolutely no water at the location that the directions indicate. Who can I ask for more info?

  4. Corrin says:

    OK! I finally found it! I tried to post pics, but the findaspring server keeps having problems.

    Directions: If coming from the north, like say from Carbondale, or Murphysboro, get onto Highway 3 going South, I used 20th street (left at the Huck’s in Murphysboro) to run into Town Creek Road, and then left onto highway 3… pass the exit that will be on your right for Gorham rd… continue on Highway 3 for 1.4 miles and on your right will be a spring, with the tiniest turnout, just enough for one car, and you will see a little flower garden next to the spring in honor of the spring’s stewards. Great spring!

  5. Diana says:

    How is the water? Do you think it has been kept pure or is there ag around?

  6. Diana says:

    Ok, I found the spring and there was a sign by the Jackson County Health department saying it had been tested and found to be unsafe for drinking. Someone scratched UN off of the unsafe so I called the health dept and they told me that it had been tested for Coliform bacteria and was not safe to drink. Also the locals drink this water all the time and no one seems to care about the sign. Not sure if you boil the water if it takes away the good qualities or not.

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