Kuhn Lake Well Spring, North Webster, Indiana


Posted: December 19, 2010

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State Road 13 South
North Webster, IN 46555
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Spring has a “wishing well” type structure over it with a a two inch pipe, water continuously flows even in very cold cold weather.

Nearest Address

State Road 13 South

Directions from Nearest Address

On east side of St Rd 13 approximately 3 miles south of North Webster, east of Kuhn Lake.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:


GPS: N 41 17.302′ and W 85 41.119′

Submitted by: David

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  1. Phil brothers says:

    I went here yesterday (3.7.11) The GPS coordinates are N 41 17.302′ and W 85 41.119′

  2. Phil brothers says:

    The water is yellow immediately after coming out of the spring. It has been about two weeks now and there are ‘floaties’ that are separating and sinking to the bottom of my 5 gallon glass jars. When I pour them into smaller containers then the settled particles get mixed into the rest of the water. Does anyone know what that might be and should I filter it out or just get over it and continue to drink the water? The local health dept said they test for contaminants and it is safe to drink, but they also declare tap water in that category as well. I would like to know what these particles are without having to pay 50-100 dollars to have the water tested.

    • Marc says:

      They are just sediments from the ground, spring water is “filtered” from the dirt, rocks, etc underground, sometimes this sediment comes up with the water, these sediments is what filters the water.  The yellowish tinge the water takes on is from the Iron in the water.  These sediments are totally natural for spring water.  And none of the “floaties” nor the iron yellowish tinge in the water is unsafe, but if if makes you feel better, just run the water through a Brita Water Pitcher.

  3. Marc says:

    I have had spring water straight from the tap in Canada, U.P. of Michigan, Minnesota, and this spring located near North Webster is as good if maybe not even better then the spring water I had in some of the these very wild, pristine places.  There is a pull off so that you can park right beside the well and fill up or just have a drink of ice cold spring water.  Have a drink of the best water on Earth the way Mother Earth herself delivers it, straight from the spring!! Enjoy!!

  4. Bart Garver says:

    I would love to stop and fill up my 5 gallon jugs for my water cooler dispenser. But im afraid the iron, calcium etc will cause mineral build up on my dispenser. Anybody know if it will?

  5. babajijr says:

    Go to Pokagon…
    This is very metallic water lots of sediment.

  6. B. Lewis says:

    We filled up 4 gallon containers and each one has rust sediment in the bottom now. very metallic tasting. I’ve had spring water at other locations before, and this has been terrible.

  7. Irena says:

    I stopped there in 12/2004 and got 5 gallon of dark brown water with quite undefined taste. Stay away!

  8. Patti says:

    Can’t miss this spring, it’s marked with a blue highway “Point of Interest” sign, easily visible from highway. We stumbled across it driving. I enjoyed the taste of this spring.

  9. James Stallter says:

    I first stopped by this spring in 1944.. The water was clear then… The last time I stopped by was in the 1960’s and the water was good….
    Heavy rains can cause sediment as well as heavy draw down by farmers irrigation wells…. the structure of the aquifer determines quality and quantity…..

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